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  1. MAS gets a makeover!

    Making assumptions here but from what I've seen, photos get uploaded to an album, & then we link to the photo in order to display it in a forum section...Is this correct..?
  2. MAS gets a makeover!

    Skin 1 works for me.
  3. MAS gets a makeover!

    I appreciate the work gone into the makeover but like Ken, I'm also finding it unnecessarily complicated. After saying that, it'll just take some time to work everything out. Nice work guys.
  4. Atlas EQ-G

    Here's a couple. The optics themselves are out of a Skywatcher 14" collapsible Synscan GOTO Dob I purchased recently. The drive system on the DOB wasn't as good as I'd hoped; It couldn't keep a planet on the chip for very long so I had to devise a plan so I could get these optics riding the EQ6. The mirror is conical, so as well as the bonus of not as weighty as a full thickness mirror, cooldown times are less as well. Edit: Trying to figure out how to upload photo's since the forum change. It's going to be easier to direct you to a link instead.. http://scp3.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=87fc807e209a2359f09f364000cc2d2b&topic=16816.0
  5. Atlas EQ-G

    Hi guys. I have a 14" F4.5 newt riding my EQ6 now. Admittedly I have made a new lightweight OTA for it though coming in at a tad over 15KG. Doing it easy.
  6. Well, bit of a story here. Setup at dusk like usual. By 11:30PM a low alt. wind started up plus a few wispy clouds started to make their presence felt & all I could think was, yeah typical Once I got Saturn on screen I could tell straight away it was really good (7.5/10) seeing. Unfortunately every time I went for a capture I got clouded out, or the wind rocked the telescope too much & I was beginning to pull my hair out in frustration. I got rid of the dew shield & erected a quick wind screen/barrier. Then after 1.5hrs of this, the wind died out to what I would call mild gusts, the cloud dispersed & it went straight to a 8.5/10 average. I was seeing 10/10 at least 20% of the time. One of the rare occasions where the low alt. winds actually made the seeing great. Pretty happy with this despite the relatively small scale (F22). This was captured at 15 FPS & 1/23rd sec. exp. which is a far cry from normal for me. It just looked best on screen, so I went for it.
  7. Yeah - I've done all my 'theorizing' on breaking the LS, time travel, UFO's, blah blah blah on the internet that I'm going to be doing I think. I won't be participated in discussions of this nature. Have fun.
  8. Not wrong there:smiley-laughing021:
  9. Saturn 31st Jan 2011

    Nice job Clayton. It's a real rarity to get good seeing these days by the look of it. Your time will come. And yes you have won as far as length of time between images:biggrin:
  10. Hi all. It's a long time between images where I am! One with the one shot DBK & the mono from the DMK. Cheers. C11
  11. Saturn in clean air 15th Jan...

    Looks like I missed this one. Bloody nice! The first one is the best one to my eyes +new lappy. Right up there with the best to come out of AU this apparition so far Darryl.
  12. Saturn 28th Jan.

    Thanks Darryl. Even after a few years of doing this, it's still a learning curve. Mind you, the day I stop learning about planet imaging is the day I quit. It's the learning & the yearning to 'know it all' that keeps it exciting & challenging for me, less so about the 'pretty pictures'. May the day when 'I know it all' never come! It's only in the last couple of years that I've taken a blind bit of notice about histograms. So I'm tending to agree that you don't need a full histo to get successful images. I think the full histo rule seems to apply to Jupiter for some reason - I tend to get onion ringing without being mindful of that..Seems to be a different kettle of fish for Saturn though. Hey, hope you get better soon mate.
  13. Seeing was not good once again, so I'm surprised I got this. C11/DBK
  14. Saturn 26th Jan.

    Thanks guys. Yeah it's dark because at this image scale (F33-34) I was getting less than 1/2 a histogram. It was just an experiment & for this reason I'll have to drop back on scale to get it brighter. As we all know, stretching the stacked image after the fact will not help, it just lets you see the grain & noise more.
  15. Had a reasonable run of good seeing this morning. I may have better than this but I've not had a go at the rest of the AVI's yet. C11/DBK