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  1. It depends how you think about it, ..usually in visual terms some might like to think of the barlow as 'halving' the Fl of the EP.. but for timing exposures it's better to think of it as 'doubling' the scope's Fl.. cheers
  2. insights on the cosmos

    'Time" is a conceptual function of memory.. "History" is the transmission of memory from generation to generation via recorded language.. (being the definition which demarcates it from oral traditions, .. 'professional history' depends on the ability to consult original sources directly ) Our obsession with observing the effects of 'time', beyond our individual demise, has historically lead some of us to contribute to the store of knowledge which benefited those who came after.... A Pharoah might leave a mound of stone in epitath to himself and his delusions of immortal worth... but a poet might leave impressions of life expressed to touch the mind of another like mind millennia after he is dust .. and many described the small things they observed, that lead to bread and wine and metals and steam-power and all the rest ..... Most humans toiled away unaware and ended their days unrewarded, like animals, but enslaved to the various 'çivilisations' óf their repective times.. ignorant and exploited. Many still do today. But it's a petulant thing to bemoan one's own mortality in this priveleged epoch for us in ''the fírst world'' today. Yes, every few years brings so much that I might envy the "young'úns", but so do they lose so much that was.. ...nothing exists unless there's an " iPhone-app' " for it :smiley-laughing021: Time is space.. space is time... it takes time to go from here to there.. if you were there and here too, then there'd be none of either..... it's all part of living in a matter-ial world... (and hasn't Madonna turned into a muscular but sinewy and veinous old girl!! erk!! ) For we mortals it is not time itself that is the 'enemy', but entropy in our biology that allows us not enough of 'time' just when we're beginning to profit from the 'time' we spent getting to where we are when we feel it running out !
  3. insights on the cosmos

    Hi again Matt, ...you say, ""If the expansion was driven by the heat, then the expansion of our universe would most likely not be accelerating. It would be more likely that the expansion would slow down and then reverse into the "big crunch." " the evidence we observe now, is that it is accelerating. we can assume from that , that the energy has not depleted to the point of total entropy and that all potential is not annihilated yet.. at this 'moment' from which we observe. "heat" is one form of energy. we know of several others.. but p'haps do not know all there are to be known.... "Expansion" might be driven by more than you can imagine... by other than you have names to call it, Matt.... To pontificate on whether there would still be expansion now, as we observe it, driven by 'heat', and whether it would be accelerating or not... is a big call for you to claim Matt... has "GOD" told you how much energy there was ? how rapidly it is or has dissipated into expanding space, and at what rate over what time period, so that you can now proclaim it exhausted beyond any potential for accelerated expansion ???? "" It would be more likely that the expansion would slow down and then reverse into the "big crunch " .....yes Matt, that comes later.... or, it would, if the residual gravity effects remain as coherent and intrinsic to the space-time continuum of a hyper-extended energy annihilation entropy scenario as was evident to the bowl of petunia's when it exclaimed "Oh no! not again" In 1969, when my grade 8/9 science teacher told us of the expanding universe, I interrupted to pose the five theories that immediately sprung to pester my inquisitive mind... was it the donut? ..the empty centre left behind? was it perpetual creation filling the vacated space? was it cyclical and reciprocal beyond our scale of observation, set to return direct from thence it went, aeons hence ? was it cyclical and circulatory beyond our scale to observe or comprehend, likewise to return, but circuitously, from whence it went beyond our ken, aeons hence ? ..the fifth and most eloquent escapes me now, in my dotage.. but another, since entertained/entertaining.. is that the universe does not expand, but that we shrink. :smiley-laughing021: Gravity is so weak that you can rise above it.. yet it draws vast galaxies into collisions! The reason we can see so far back in time is that the intervening obstacles of dust and gas have parted by dispersion..... (or/and by aglommeration -the expansion concurrently occurs with 'condensation' !) These factors tell me of the immensity of the 'past' space, renders beyond what might future-be an "empty nothing". Beyond what is left observable in the conglomeration of our milkyway and Andromeda that results before then.......as the chill descends to 0°K.... and the "Island Universes" slip beyond each other's gravitational reach.. thus fade and die.... like so many sunsets, or dawns... in the life of one man,..... Will they become the matter-mining deposits to space-concentrator-contractors energy-moghuls of the day? like mineral-sands, the history of life on earth like a grain of sand on the beach of time that formed the solar-system, and it a speck in the formation of the galaxy... etc.. etc.. etc.....time will tell ? but right now I need to urinate... and that reminds me of another brick in the wall.. http://www.overclockers.com.au/image.php?pic=images/newspics/29apr11/13.jpg
  4. Ahahhhh... mention of a new website... long overdue! There's undoubtedly vast effort to be spent in creating and maintaining a 'web-presence', if you do it yourself.. and many dedicated sharers of their joy, be it astronomy or whatever, do put in that effort! Ignoring the 'Paris Hilton's of amateur "World Class planetary-imager" and "Astrophotographer of Excellence" websites, there's ample room for some genuine achievers to document their experiences and results, and I can think of none better than you and yours Daz. ... off to SGL fer a good look!
  5. insights on the cosmos

    Hi Matt, "Mass is also nothing but a form of energy and it has the ability to warp the fabric of space-time. " Indeed! ...I would even extrapolate that Matter and space-time are the necessary equivalent of energy in 'symbiosis', that is, that energy converted to mass necessarily invokes the existence of space-time... energy can exist in/within 'a singularity', but matter cannot exist without space-time....... hence, the 'big bang' and 'expansion'...... energy converting into matter, thus creating space-time...... matter is, after all, tiny bits of energy interacting in spaces that dwarf interstellar distances... (but which seem solid to us on our scales of perception..) Ultimately the size of the universe will be that at which all the energy of the singularity has 'spread' until it reaches a uniform temperature of 0°Kelvin. Matter, by analogy, is like condensed water vapour that forms droplets from the gaseous state of water vapour... except that the 'water vapour' stage of energy can exist in vast quantity without the need of space-time..... Like a 'seed' entering a super-saturated solution, something initiated a crystallisation of space-time from an unimaginable 'temperature' of energy... or call it 'Potential' p'haps... that once commenced, 'created' all the dimensions we understand.... for we are merely the evolutionary products of those dimensions as they have expressed on the 'matter' that co-formed necessarily with them.... no space, no matter... no matter no space.... all energy with no form... a lonely "God" ...let there be light.. and let the 'potential' flow.. One "Big Bang"... billions of blackholes.... 'in' and 'out' ? ..fractional distillation ? :smiley-laughing021::woot: ...it's fun being the flea trying to describe the dog, its owner, ..and the house they live in , and the polity of the municipal council which levies the rates on the landlord for the property that the tennant dog-owner inhabits..... or am I just a microbe that the flea carries ? :smiley-sw003:
  6. insights on the cosmos

    when frogs croaking it's raining...therefore it is croaking frogs that bringing rain... when gasses expanding is cold...therefore cold is expanding universe.. armchair physics-sophillifosterist Confusious fax wif frictions! "" our universe started out with an intense amount of energy and heat. This expansion is just naturally occurring due to the cooling of our universe. Temperature determines the distance of space-time. "" if you accept that the universe was immediately infinitessimally small at the beginning...and "started out with an intense amount of energy and heat." it would seem to imply that the pursuant expansion was driven by the heat/energy. and that " This expansion is just naturally occurring due to the cooling of our universe." ...is in fact, that the cooling is the result of the expanding.... but, as you say, "Temperature determines the distance of space-time." ..in the sense that what pushed the expansion negates itself (ie 'cools' as it expands) and thus the expansion would be limited by the proportion of energy driving the expansion to the point of the energies' exhaustion, vis reaching an ineffectual energy/per volume of space. Interestingly, physics to date 'proves' that there is an "absolute" zero, but an unlimited maximum temperature possible.. ie, concentration of heat/energy in a given volume of space....... it is conceivable,therefore, that the initial heat/energy concentration within an infinitessimal volume of space might well have been enough to maintain expansionary influence way beyond the scope of human endeavour to quantify on any relative scale to human imagining..... ...and now, ...to slap that "heat and energy" sillyness.. heat is a form of energy... not other than energy.... any form of energy can be transformed into another form of energy... (or into matter.. and vice versa) ......hence the vaguery of "dark energy", ...energy not identified... but, perhaps, the vestige of some of that immeasurable primordial energy, a 'legacy' if its might, still expanding our universe. time and space dwarf anything and everything we can imagine. yet we can imagine. ...both the infinitely small and the infinitely large... the incredibly ancient.. and the day after tomorrow ;p
  7. naw fookin jawkin lud, Greg.. oy rekkin yer krakt er laff tare! gewd n proppa! summit tay warmy gigglebones n jiggle me giblets roit arty sun immar a gewd lud how broyunn, boots ..hupfra bitta pisstook roitnuff ;p lor blessim nancy lil git! hehe he he hee
  8. Amen to that Dazza! :smiley-laughing021: ..and mmmmm, Ray could only see M83's fuzzy core with a C14... well that 3hrs I spent looking for it and not finding it that night with my 8" Dob wasn't just my bad star-hopping then :noob::smiley-dance018:
  9. ....9:42pm EST here in Briz.... utter 1000% steady unblinking stars!! transparency a bit 'fogged' ..but the sheer density of the atmosphere must be homogenous from ground to ionoshere! :woot: GO TO IT YOU PLANETARY GUYS! (HOPE BUNDY IS THE SAME ESPECIALLY FOR YOU ASI' ) ....wishin' I was operational to take advantage of it
  10. "Also I don't know whats happening with the Webmaster on this site, who has been very quite of late" the poor chaps been very busy sorting and deleting bogus new members!! also, there's been a bunch of drivel posted of late which might have quelled any genuinely interested posting... but it will pick up again soon! :thumbsupmate: I forecast some firstlight reports and planetary images in the not too distant future
  11. Space travel theory

    hi kymah, think of it this way.. the line of gravity must be a straight line from your head to your feet ...the forces you use to generate this artificial gravity having any other directional component will be unworkable.
  12. Wellcome to the "140 mob"....!

    ... I'd suspect a preliminary setup for creating a 'botnet'... or some such nefarious activity... a case for applying :admin: :nospamhere: :nicethread: :smiley-laughing021:
  13. First light 72 Mergrez on Rita Eta

    :welldone: noice.. stars a bit square/pixel-ish.. what causes that ?
  14. Jupiter 5th Nov.

    very nice job for 'ordinary' seeing John !