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  1. Space Station

    Looks great Ray.:bow: Not an easy object to catch ,it's a fast bugger!! Hope to see more soon. Brian
  2. Hi Perth, Are you going to the Astrofest at Curtin University Saturday 28th November? It should be a great show ,plenty of scopes and some very impressive guest speakers.I will be there:eartoear:. Just wonder how many folks from this forum might come along . It would be nice to meet a few there. Clear skies to all Brian
  3. Electricity

    :smile:Cool video .Great to see nutters at play. Thanks Patrick Cheers Brian
  4. Sunspot 1029

    Hi astrohil I also had a good look at 1029 today. It's great to see some activity again. Cheers Brian
  5. Astronomical Almanac 2010

    Thank you ricci:thumbsupmate: Brian
  6. Rosette Nebula with SN10 & QHY8

    Very Very nice Brent:thumbsupmate: Thanks for sharing Brian
  7. Ethos 13mm - Unexpected and Free

    You Lucky,Lucky,Lucky Bugger!:welldone: Enjoy Ray. All you need now is some clear dark skies. Cheers brian
  8. EQ5 for sale - SOLD

    Hi Kon Where is mount located re:local pick up ? Cheers Brian
  9. ISS Great view

    Just had an awesome view of the ISS pass over Perth Sunday night. It keeps looking better/brighter each time. Would love a seat on the porch when they add it.:smile:Good detail to be seen if you can catch it with a scope.I had a 10" newt on dob mount view,as I said if you can keep up with it.Did anyone get a peek? Thanks to Heavens above for ISS pass info :thumbsupmate:
  10. Quick and dirty Omega Centauri

    Very very nice Steve. Quick and Dirty????? I think not:bow: Cheers Brian
  11. Maxima lunar librations

    Thanks for the Lunar Librations list Ricci. Very helpful i have marked this years dates on my calender. Ceers Brian
  12. Orion Nebula

    :thumbsupmate:Nice pic Saj.Look forward to seeing more! Clear skies Mate Brian
  13. Moon with 80mm F11,4

    Very nice mate:thumbsupmate: Moon shots are great!!
  14. Venus dusky markings

    Hi Steve I was having a look last night and forgot just how bright Venus is,blinded for a few seconds. I added some filters and yeah I agree with your comment. I thought my filters were dodgy (not cleaned properly) will have another look tonight. The seeing in Perth was 4/5 hoping for same or better. CHEERS BRIAN
  15. The full Moon at Perigee

    :thumbsupmate::thumbsupmate::thumbsupmate:Very nice ! Brian