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  1. Orion's Belt 200mm

    Great shot! Love the bright and background plus millions of pinpoint stars. Good job
  2. tony

  3. Eclipse 2017 (today)

    Nice going Tim! I saw it in Stanley Idaho
  4. 32-Cygni region

  5. M33 composite

    Terrific as always! wonderful shot of one of my favorite objects!!
  6. Better be seated for this one :)

    Superb image Greg!!!!!
  7. Horsehead Nebula

    Another winner Ray! I envy the view you get with that 14 SCT! beautiful on that galaxy last time, picked up lots of inner details, dust lanes etc. nice work. we have clouds and a new visitor to my observatory in my back yard... a mountain lion! I'll be doing imaging from my family room suing remote feed from my laptop and WIFI to the scope to control things. just about have it set up so when the couds clear I'll be back on line.
  8. Mars 3 Saturn 2

    Beautiful Saturn !' impressive c-14 view
  9. Very nice Ray! Image scale is great and shows dust lanes too!
  10. Nice image, I am interested in PI but agree the learning curve is steep! Articles in Sky and Telescope outline how to get started.
  11. The whole Heart

    Most excellent image as always!!'
  12. Big news

    Welcome to a great new chapter in your life. At about age 3 I showed my grandson a picture I'd taken of Jupiter. He said " Ball" so I took him outside and pointed out Jupiter in the sky. He didn't quite get the connection so I set up my Meade ETX 125 and let him look though it. He got it that the ball was that bright spot in the sky. He's been hooked ever since. At 8 now he has his own 4" reflector in Albuquerque New Mexico. Dark skies! Loves Jupiter, Saturn, Pliadies, all kind of stuff!
  13. Face On Galaxy M83

    Wonderful subject Ray! Could you move it about 20 degrees north so we northern hemisphere guys could have a go at it?
  14. M27 from July 3rd 2016

    Man I hate it when you have a moth in your camera! Wing dust!!! Not that must have been fun to clean out. This hobby has its multiple challenges. Persistence pays off! Good shot
  15. NGC 4038

    Still an impressive shot! Keep on truckin!