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  1. Hi Sergey The sizes are. 1610mm round and 785mm long Hope that helps Cheers Anthony
  2. Hi Sergey Sorry for not getting back to you. I have been away fishing. I will have those sizes for you tomorrow Anthony
  3. Hi Sergey I still have the light shroud if you are interested It is in perfect condition and still sitting in the box I brought it in. I can not see any problems with the fit on that scope. The outer corner on the tube slides look to be no different to the turn bolts on my GSO to pull the draw strings over. That scope should be a sweet bit of gear with goto on it. I wish mine had it. Cheers Anthony
  4. Doraminder If you go back to the first page you will see a responce by Ian on this subject. He has a attachment for the the three photo's with all the camera information that may give you some insight on what it may or may not be.
  5. Sure sounds like it will be one hell of a set up once completed. If it tracks accurate enough you should be able to get some excellent deep sky photos with the beast. I will look forward to seeing the pic's of the finished product.
  6. They are launching again from Cape Canaveral in late september and on the 19th of october. If the are a US morning launch there is a chance that they may be visible again to the west for us at night here, fingers crossed. I wish I did capture it on camera but the Olympus camera I own isn't very suitable for faint objects or general star photos. May be time to upgrade ? Kokatha man how is your GSO upgrade going ? I'm loving mine as it has the extra trusses, a shroud and a light shroud. Next on my plate is to flock the tube. An Argo Narvis is on the cards to.
  7. I did some rearch into what rocket it my have been and came across this. An Atlas 5 rocket lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 7:07 a.m. EDT (1107 GMT) Saturday with the first Advanced Extremely High Frequency communications satellite for the U.S. Air Force. This is the web page I got the information. It seems to fit the time frame. http://www.spaceflightnow.com/atlas/av019/press/ This would had put it over Australia around the time (10pm EST) that I had seen it. It will have to be something to keep track of in the future as it will be a nice little add on to a nights observing.
  8. Having spent last night viewing with my 16 inch dobie in the back yard, I gave tonight a rest but it didn't stop me from walking out onto my back deck for a quick gander at the sky. Almost immediatly I couldn't help but notice a rather large fuzzy blob in the Scorpius constellation around 10.15pm. I was thinking how if it was a comet why didn't I spot it last night. I ducked back in side and opened up Starry Night Pro to see if it was a comet. No comet was located in that area of the sky let alone a magnitude to have it easily visible naked eye. I convinced my wife to come out and have a look which was an achievment in it's self as she is ready to give birth any day now to our second child. I crabbed the binoes out of the kitcken pantry and we went out onto the back deck of our house. I thought I was imagining things as I couldn't see it. After 30 seconds I spotted it quite some distance from where I first seen it but it had dropped in brightness. Through the bonoculars it resembled a comet in shape with a pointy end and a funneling tail behind it. I figured I would get a better look at it so I went to the shed and got my 16 inch dobie and wheeled it to the garage door. This gives me a full view of the western sky. I placed a 30mm eye piece in it. I located the object in the view finder and focused the eyepiece which revelled a small star just in front of a comet like tail ejecta out behind it. As the object moved as did the tail with it. I bumbed up the mags using my 9mm Nagler and you could watch as it moved pass stars as I tracked it across the sky. It's speed in the sky was nothing like that of a satellite but more like when you watch a star move out of the field of view of a eyepiece in your telescope which is'nt guided by a motor, if that makes any sense to you. My first thought was this has to be a rocket similar to the one seen a month or two ago launched by the Red Bull millionare from South Africa but on a smaller scale and different shape. My wife and myself track this assumed rocket for some twenty more minutes as it crossed the Milky Way Belt to which then I packed up and jumped on the computer to google for any details for this current event. None found so it see's me here writing to you all on the forum about it. I first spotted it between the stars Nu Scorpii and Han at the head of the scorpian constellation. It passed near 20 Ophiuchi and passed Zeta Serpentis and up to Delta Aquilae to which I came back in side to find info on what we had seen. General direction it was heading was starting out in the south west and travelled up in a north easterly direction. Did any body else see it or have found any info on it. It's the first time I have seen anything of it's like but with the prospect of high orbital commersial travel now becoming a race in it's self I can see more of these sightings becoming more of the norm as the years go by.
  9. I am selling a brand new Astrozap 16 inch light shroud that will suit 16 inch GSO and Lightbridge trussed dobsonians. This shroud comes with two stiffening bands and draw strings at each end built in. The shroud has never been used in the field. It has been on my scope inside my shed just to see how it fitted. The reason for selling is that due to a truss modification I had done it no longer fits the diameter of the tube assembly. Here is the Astrozap link showing the cost in US for the shroud and picture of what I have for sale. http://astrozap.com/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=251 Asking price AUD $110 this includes postage with-in Australia only.
  10. After a long think on how I could make extra trusses for my scope I settled on making them out of 25mm diameter alloy tubing held in place with 25mm hydraulic hose clamps. I drilled a hole large enough to suite the stainless screws in the back of the clamp housing then re-attached the the clamp body. I marked and drilled all the holes for the clamps in the scopes upper and lower tube assembly. On the back of the clamp housing I stuck foam on the back to give it a secure fit and placed it on and fastened it down witha stainless nilock nut and washer. I cut the tubes to lenght and painted them with flat black spray paint. Put them into place after they had dried and presto, three extra trusses for my 16 inch GSO dobsonian. The only downside to it all is that my new Astrozap light shroud that I brought and haven't even used yet no longer fits. I'll have to make a custom one for it but thats no big problem. I included a few pics of the finished product. The clamps are blue as there were now black ones in the size I needed but when I make the new shroud you woun't even see them. Duffy
  11. Thanks guys for all your efforts to work out what was taken by my parents. It was a interesting photo that my folks had no answer for as to what it was so any help was appreciated. Ian...............If the flash has gone off like you said than it would be a fair chance of a insect of some type being lit up in the shot. That time of the day there would be hundreds of them flying around just befor dark. It makes sence to me that one got his mug shot on camera. Cheers again Duffy
  12. Asimov Mate from memory my mum had it on auto just point and shoot as it is just a basic camera. The exposures would be no more than half to a full second. I would have to get the memory card off them to check. She may have had it running on one of the functions that the camera has built in to it. The shot times on my computer say they were at 6.23pm, 6.24pm (object captured), 6.38pm for the last. The reason why there is a 14 minute gap to the last is because they were trying to work out what had just been photographed. There is one more photo at 6.20pm when she started and seven more taken after up till 7.01pm. Radar It may be a satellite not naked eye but the image to me looked closer than out of atmosphere. I know I have no idea what it is but it doesn't rule out the fact that it could be just a satellite.
  13. I hope that I'm not getting off the track of astronamy but this happened while my folks were star gazing. I recieved some pictures from my parents in Inverell NSW some time back when the moon, Venus and Jupiter were close. My mum had set up her Olympas camera on a tripod to take some shots of the spectical. Pressing the shutter button and viewing the pictures on the back of the camera she noticed a extra star in one of the shots. She wasn't to sure what to make of it as no planes or satellites were visiable at the time. I have had a bit of a play with the picture and can not work out what it is. Maybe some of you blokes with better editing software could have a play with it and see what you recon it is. I'm not going to jump on the band wagon and call it the U word but from what I make of it I could see a disk shape. You will notice the object above the two planetson the upper left that I'm talking about. There are out of focus dust marks on the photo but these have no bearing on the image. I have included before and after shots. Thought it might have been worth a look.
  14. 16" GSO upgrade advise

    Secondary mirror cover I stumbled across on the net of a great idea that another Aussie came up with and that was a secondary mirror cover. I thought I would have to make one for my scope as well so it would keep any dust of it when in storage or transit. I had worked out what length and circumference that I would need to totally cover the secondary mirror and spider plus collimating nobs. So a trip to Woolworths and I had my container. A two litre container 240mm long and 400mm in cirumeference. I had looked at a 100 DVD+R pack container that I had but they fall short in length so the Woolies container was a obvious chioce at $4.75. Double checking to make sure that there was l room at either end of the container so the mirror was clear from touching the end. Also making sure there was enough thread sticking out to screw the lid back on to make it a sealed unit I started marking it out. Screwing the lid off I held and centered the container over the secondry mirror and with a marker pen transfered the spider vanes points to the rim of the container. I then measured the depth of the spider vanes which was 15mm. So with this I had to cut 15mm below the tread of the lid so it would screw on and clear the spider vanes. With the marks in place I used my angle grinder with a waifer blade to cut the slots for the spider into the container. I cleaned the cutted area's and slid it onto my scopes secondary. Making sure all was well I screwed on the lid which held the now mirror cover and there you have it, one secondary mirror cover for under five bucks. I have added pictures to show what I was doing.
  15. 16" GSO upgrade advise

    Thanks for the heads up Kokatha man on Kev's dobbie. I found the tread you mentioned in IIS. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=38034&highlight=makeover The extra trusses are far more heavy duty than I had imagined. This has my brain in overdrive with ideas now for mine now. Love the upgraded base with the extra supports on the side. The Argo will be a defenite and on to mine in the near future. Thanks again for your help.