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  1. Meade DSI-3 color camera for sale

    It's tough to compare a color camera to a monochrome camera, they're really two different animals. I'd suspect the biggest difference is the larger chip used in the II series, and of course it's color versus monochrome. Pixel for pixel I the Pro II is probably sharper, but you can compensate for that a bit with the larger chip of the III. One thign you can't get around is the fact that monochrome camera's typically run about 2-3 times as sensitive as a color camera. So it's a bit os an apple'n oranges comparison; the simplcity of a color camera versus the capability of a monochrome. As for your Pro II you might eventually find RGB imaging (and better yet LRGB imaging) to be simple than you expect. I've found Autostar Imaging Processing (ASIP) does a great job assembling RGBs and the latest version of ASIP added a coiple of new functions (RGB align and RGB Gray Ballance) that makes it even easier. Personally, if it were me (and it's not) I'd look at a DSLR as an economical large format color camera and keep my Pro II as a very capable monochrome camera. That's basically what I do now and as a future upgrade I'm looking at getting a Pro III. -------------------- - Matt