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  1. :bow: Universe Creation For Dummies FROM: Chemir Biaz TO: The science community DATE: November 10, 2009 SUBJECT: How our universe came to be ABSTRAT To those who might take the time to read this paper on how the universe might have begun you are in for a treat. This is not your traditional theories on how the universe was created. No, this is a whole new way of looking at the universe. All you need is a little imagination and you will see what I see. There is more to the universe than we can imagine. This paper will introduce the read to equations that relate to universe creation as well as the true roll of black holes in our universe. This paper will also discuss dark matter creation, how parallel universe are created, and how a singularity became the Big Bang that started our universe. I am making the claim that I have the answer to our universe and all the universes that will ever exist. I am also making the claim that there are things that are allot older than our universe that exist in other dimensions. I guaranteed that if a scientist plug in the mathematical symbols into the equations given in this paper they will come to the same conclusion as I. I dare you to do it if you are not afraid of the true. Universe Creation For Dummies This paper explores how the universe was created behind the point of the Big Bang. The Big Bang theory always bothered me when scientist would say that, “the universe was created by a singularity but they could not explain how the singularity which created the Big Bang was created. In essence they did not know what was the nature of the universe before the Big Bang. Scientist would just say, “Somehow everything that existed in the universe before the Big Bang came together into a single singularity to cause the Big Bang”. The universe is so huge that the, “somehow everything that existed before the Big Bang just came together theory” has to be wrong. The fundamental question that needs to be answered is, “Where did the stuff that made up the singularity come from”? Think about it, the singularity exist in a huge vacuum. You cannot get something from a void. A void by its very nature is emptiness. The fact that everything that exist in the universe exist in a void tells us that there must have been some other mechanism that caused the singularity, and the Big Bang. I believe that the singularity, and everything we know about how the universe was created, was caused by the death of a more ancient black hole that was connected to an even older universe. That’s right, mankind and everything that exist in the universe, exist inside of a black hole that was sealed off from a universe that was dying. All the theories that mankind has come up with about the universe leads me to this conclusion. The singularity, the vacuum that our universe exists in, String Theory, M theory, Dark Matter, the function of Black Holes, the 11th dimension, anti matter, multiple universes is all because of a Black Hole that was sealed off when, what I like to call the “Mother Universe” died. This theory is called the Mother Universe theory. The equation for Mother Universe Theory is MU+BHC/BH*CFBHs+T. In other words Our universe equals Mother Universe plus Black Holes Consumed divided by Black Hole times Consummation of Black Holes Squared plus Time. The Mother Universe Theory came to me when I saw a show on how the universe will die. The show discussed how Black Holes die at the end of a universes life. This piece of information was the final piece of the puzzle that convince me that everything I have written so far has a ring of truth to it without proof. For example, I asked myself what is Dark Matter? There was only one conclusion to the above question. Dark Matter is what you get when a star Implodes. The equation is DM= MOSMS + I+BH. In other words Dark Matter equals Mass of Super Massive Sun plus implosion plus Black Hole. It is the left over stuff from that implosion. The matter that made up the star that created a Black Hole also creates Dark Matter. I am certain that when man encounters Dark Matter they will be surprised that it is the oldest thing in the universe, and that it is extremely dense. Dark Matter is even older than the singularity that created the universe. This leads to the question, “what is the function of a Black Hole”? Let’s look at what man knows about Black Holes so far. We know that Black Holes are the most destructive force in the universe. We also know how Black Holes are formed when a massive sun implodes a Black Hole is formed. Man knows that Black Holes serves as the galactic center of every galaxy in the known universe. Without Black Holes galaxies would just fall apart. Besides the before mention facts, Blacks Holes are the consummation beast of the universe. Anything that is caught in a Black Hole is consumed. When it was discovered that Black Holes really existed, I still did not realize their importance to universe creation. My theory would not start to form until it was discovered that there where super massive Black Holes in the center of every galaxy in the universe. Even then I thought that anything consumed by a Black Hole just cease to exist. Then I heard about String Theory and I knew a new function for Black Holes. Black Holes convert everything it consumes back into its most basic form. That basic form is string which forms everything in our universe. S=SMBH*C. In other words Singularity equals Super Massive Black Hole times Consummation. This even includes the singularity that caused the Big Bang in our universe. String is what Big Bang singularities are made of. The strings of string theory are one-dimensional oscillating lines. String theory is the theory of everything which includes Superstrings, Bosonic string, M-theory, Heterotic string, string field, and Holographic principle. Only inside of a Black Hole does M-Theory makes since. M-Theory attempts to unify the five string theories by examining certain identifications & dualities. The reason I came to the conclusion that string forms the singularity in any universe is the way that a Black Hole operates. When something is drawn into a Black Hole it is stretched and torn to the point where the only thing left is string. Black Holes even stretches and tears atoms to the point that even they are turned into string. Nothing that enters a Black Hole can remain in its original form. So with that said, lets exam the evidence so far. Dark Matter is formed from the left over stuff from a implosion which causes a black hole which converts everything it consumes into string which produces a singularity. With all that said, there is still a problem that needs to be addressed. How are multiple universes created from a single singularity? Mathematics tells us that it is impossible to get infinite from one. The only conclusion that I can come up with is that the Black Hole that created our universe was the type that we would call a galactic Black Hole that consumed other galaxies and their Black Holes. I am assuming that a Black Holes cannot be destroyed, only changed once it is consumed by a larger, more powerful Black Hole. Just imagine two galaxies colluding. The bigger and more powerful galactic black hole consumes the weaker less powerful galactic black hole and all the black holes that existed in the weaker galaxy. The black holes that are consumed by the more powerful black hole distorts time & space of the more powerful black hole to the point where the consumed black holes singularities become merged into singularities that exist in the same space and time but in different dimensions. Thus, you get a countless number of dimensions inside of a single black hole. MU=SMBH*BHC or Multiple Universes equals Super Massive Black Hole times Black Holes Consumed. This brings me to the point where I can now describe what a Black Hole must look like in relationship with the membrane of our universe. Imagine if you can a ball with an infinite number of prickly points. These points represent the ends of Black Holes. The best visual example I can give comes from the Sweet Gum Tree. The Sweet Gum Tree Ball looks almost what the membrane of our universe most look like. In closing, this paper has discussed how our universe came into existence. It also examined how Dark Matter was formed as well as how a singularity came to be. It has also explored the true nature of a Black Hole and the part it plays in Universe Creation. This paper also explains how parallel universes might have come into being. Finally, the equations given in this paper for how our universe came to be can be applied for every Mother Universe in existence depending what a Black Hole consumes. If a Black Hole consumes another black hole you get a universe like ours. If a black hole does not consume another black hole you get a universe without parallel universes. In conclusion, I know that it hard for people to change the way they think about the universe. But I believe that this paper explains why our universe exist in a vacuum. It also explains how the singularity that created our universe came to be.