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    Not enough! Only a 4 1/2in reflector.
  1. meade ls200gps

    Oops I don't know why I thought you were in Adelaide! No problem though. Do you know how old it is? Why did the previous owner sell it? So everything that I would need for it is included? ie an eyepiece, cables etc.. How would you rate it against your other 12in? The same or slightly inferior perhaps? Just trying to guage what it's like! And lastly how much do you want for it? If you prefer please email me direct: powerii@hotmail.com Cheers, Wayne
  2. meade ls200gps

    Thanks for the info Vincent. I'm still interested - what's 2in anyway! haha. Just wanted to inquire on the condition of the scope, what extras (if any) it comes with, what type of mount it has (alt-az or wedge or equ.). And why are you selling it now? Are you really after a 14in plus one?? I wouldn't mind inspecting it sometime too, if that's convenient with you. Thanks, Wayne
  3. meade ls200gps

    Hi. Is the scope still for sale? I live in Adelaide too and very interested if still available. Cheers.