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  1. Hi everyone, Enjoy this poem, it really sounds cool: Today I Got a Valentine from everyone but Kay. But that's alright... I never liked her that much anyway. She never trades her Oreos. She isn't good at catch. She doesn't like my favorite bands. Her socks don't often match. She doesn't play computer games. She wears her hair in braids. She's something of a teacher's pet and always gets good grades. She dots her i's with little hearts. She's always reading books. Whenever I'm around, she gives me such confusing looks. But, oh my goodness, here comes Kay, and what is this I see? It seems she has an extra special Valentine for me. It's big and red has the words "Will you be mine today?" I always said there's no one else I like as much as Kay.
  2. Every February we celebrate Valentine's Day by giving flowers, candy and cards to those we love. We do this in honor of Saint Valentine. You may be wondering, "Who is St. Valentine"? Time to brush up on your Valentine's history! Legend has it that Valentine was a priest who served during third century Rome. There was an Emperor at that time by the name of Claudius II. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those that were married. With this thought in mind he outlawed marriage for young men in hopes of building a stronger military base. Supposedly, Valentine, decided this decree just wasn't fair and chose to marry young couples secretly. When Emperor Claudius II found out about Valentine's actions he had him put to death. Another legend has it that Valentine was an imprisoned man who fell in love with his jailor's daughter. Before he was put to death he sent the first 'valentine' himself when he wrote her a letter and signed it 'Your Valentine', words still used on cards today. "Love is blind but after experiencing it for a long time you should become familiar with some particular spots." Happy Valentine's Day to all of you
  3. My first post Hi everyone , This is Jerome. I am professionally a Web-designer. At present, I am staying in Miami currently. I find forum discussion, a very interesting stuff to do. I used to hang out with these forums during my spare time. Many topics have got a healthy discussion over here. I think it would be most enjoyable while doing discussions in this forums.And pleased to meet all the other members of this site.