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  1. Heliophysicist Alex Young explains why we won't need to worry about killer solar storms.
  2. M42 1/12/07

    Nice photo mate. Is it standard to take dark frames with DSLR's?
  3. Pic of the week congrats

    Your mars shots were good mate. I have only just realised that mars is close again.
  4. Decided to share this clip I saw earlier tonight. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/876063/hilarious_mirror_prank/
  5. sounds like a handy little tool. thanks for the info Oomaroo :thumbsupmate: Reg
  6. how kool :thumbsupmate: that is a good grouping mate. well done. Reg
  7. a few new pics

    Good effort mate. Wish I could take these types of photos. Must be very rewarding. Reg
  8. Kool, that is interesting. didn't think it had audio, and all of a sudden I had some lady telling me about what's what. i'm glued to it. cheers guys. Reg
  9. Olbers Paradox

    :duh: That is one heavy discussion mate. Way over my head unfortunately.
  10. DSLR is definitely the way I'd go if getting into this hobby. Much cheaper in the long run, no hassles with developing. Site is coming along nicely Ray. :thumbsupmate:
  11. Jupiter 17th August

    Great picture of the Jovian kingdom mate :thumbsupmate:
  12. if it was a sewer pipe it could have been a methane explosion. but like Tim said, why would there be sewer pipes out there in the middle of nowhere. :hmm:
  13. This thread does loops, twists and backflips. Where is the doozie?:pipethinker:
  14. Summer Storms

    lol :yesplease: Looking at those images, the lightening seems to be above the photographer and not on the horizon. That is a dangerous storm to be photographing for sure. Stunning images though guys.