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  1. What is the ultimate eyepiece?

    Phil I would have to say the 31mm nag. Wow what a eyepiece. Nothing in my mind comes close for wield field eyepieces. Phil
  2. Phil Hi Radar love to get my hands on this when it comes out. Can you keep me posted on the release. Phil.H
  3. Phil Ray i wish i had that view. I had to drive about 5mins to get the shot. Thanks for the reply Radar. Phil
  4. There are alot of fire around Rocky today. So went and took some photos of the sun setting. This one reminds me of jupiter. Phil
  5. NGC2070 N/Band

    Phil Hi Radar big differance between the two camera is the weight and of corse the pixls are alot less in the ST2000 instead of processing 60mb im now processing 11mb. Phil.
  6. NGC2070 N/Band

    Phil Hi guys thanks for the replys the filter where S11 20mins / HA 20mins / O111 20mins The filters where the Orions narrow band set. These are sold as parfocual which they are not. Phil
  7. NGC2070 N/Band

    Shot with ST-2000 on G11 mount with a NP101mm F/5.5. Has been croped. 20mins each channel. Enjoy Phil
  8. Canon IS Binoculars

    For sale cannon IS 18x50 bin. In as new condition Selling to fund a bigger pair of these as they are great. $950. PM me. photo are of the smaller pair i have. 18x50 are still up for sale
  9. solarmax 60mm with BF15

    Hi everyone have this great filter for sale solarmax 60mm with t-max turner and BF15 diagonal. Also comes with a 80mm adapter to suit 80mm telescope. Very nice filter and great for photo work or just looking at the sun. I am selling to fund a telescope. This filter comes in a case and is in mint condition. Asking price of $3650. New payed over $5500 PM if interested.
  10. Solar activity 25 April 2008

    Phil Wow Matt nice shots. Looks like just what i saw the other day. Phil
  11. Lots of activity

    Phil Stunning shot Paul well done i had a look at the sun the other day with my salormax 60 with BF15 attached to my Orion 80mm. Like you say lots of stuff going on. I think i will have to start imaging the sun. Phil
  12. Antares Area STL-11000M

    Phil Thanks again guys Radar the camera is the best mate love it. I can ran the camera at -25 to -30 in winter without water cooling but in summer the temp up hear is so hot i can only get the camera to about-5 to -10 i could go colder but it means running the camera at about 90 to 100%. But i don't do this because it is not good for the camera. Also darks and flats are a must. Saying that there was no flats with this photo just darks. Phil
  13. Antares Area STL-11000M

    Phil Thanks guys for the nice replys this area off sky is so stunning in photographs with all the colour. Bit tricky to process but. Phil
  14. Antares Area STL-11000M

    Shot with STL-11000M and 70-200mm cannon lens F/4 on G11 mount 20min each RGB. Sorry about the compression. Phil
  15. Two new light boxes Well after seeing Braz making his light box gave me the idear of replacing my light box. The problem with my other light box it was a bit heavy. So i made two one for the NP101mm refractor and one for my Cannon 70-200mm lens. Very happy with the way they turn out. Much much lighter then the other one i had. These ones are made from form board. Phil