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  1. NGC 6888 "Crescent nebula" in two flavours

    :bow::bow::bow::bow: wow!
  2. I think with snow to contend with that you should be aiming for a dome shaped roof. Snow becomes very heavy and could damage a flat roll off roof design. The dome could be placed onto a concrete platform about 1 metre high to raise it off the ground. this could help with your ground fog problem maybe. Tom
  3. Those telescopes are so powerful. Would be amazing to use them for visual.
  4. East coast ISS

    It's always worth a look. I always try and glimpse it.
  5. 2nd light 450d

    I think that is a good effort mate. I also enjoyed reading this thread. Some good info.
  6. Wow, great job. :bow::bow::bow:
  7. I didn't realise ROR's could be so big. looks automated to.
  8. very neat looking observatory. if i ever got an obs, I would like something compact like that. Tom
  9. Space "Ships"

    I thought that this article was interesting (and ironic) http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/smallsats/nanosail_feature.html text from nasa -> Picture it -- a sail boat floating across the starry sky. Well, it's not exactly what you'll see, but it is the idea behind NASA's newest experimental mission. Later this summer NASA will attempt to deploy and operate the first spacecraft in low Earth orbit propelled only by the power of sunlight. Solar sail propulsion uses sunlight to propel vehicles through space, much the way the wind pushes a sailboat through water. The technology requires intercepting the constantly streaming solar energy, called photons, with giant, reflective sails of lightweight material. Over time, the continuous pressure of the sun's light provides sufficient thrust for a small spacecraft to travel in space and alter its orbit.
  10. I think i'll try the star trail category for this comp. This other stuff is way too hard.
  11. Tips and Tricks for Imaging Spacecraft

    I think i'll try the star trail category for this comp. This other stuff is way too hard.
  12. help with autoguiding an EQ6

    i can't offer any help with this, but this would be totally frustrating. i hope you get it fixed.
  13. NGC 7635 "Bubble Nebula" + companions in Ha

    that is an amazing section of sky. so much to see in there. geat photo mate.
  14. That is amazing. How did they take a 3d photo? I had to install a flash thingy, but still amazing.
  15. Dodgy scopes

    200 dollars? someone is driving around in a nice car. it certainly isn't me
  16. Phoenix Strikes Gold

    Wow! certainly opens up a can of terraforming worms.
  17. The ever so popular Jupiter...

    some great images there mate. :bow::bow::bow:
  18. It would be amazing if Hubble did another ultra deep field, but this time went for much longer.
  19. Sh2-142 "The Wizard" and NGC 7380 in Ha

    very cool photo mate. :bow::bow:
  20. Dodgy scopes

    we ended up with something like this a few years back, it was very frustrating.
  21. Ngc7000

  22. Back in Business

    i had nothing to lurk on at work last night.:crazy:
  23. Cooling my C11 SCT

    very cool, (pun intended)
  24. Mars Lander - Ice

    This is an interesting article. When the lander touched down, it's boosters blew away from red sand leaving this white patch which is beleived to be ice. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/7431264.stm
  25. Barn Yard Stars

    Interesting shot mate. Nice framing with the foreground. Is that Northern Hemisphere?