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  1. Arrived today (23 April 20) 1 new SW BD 120/1000 Refractor. with Finderscope and 10mm and 25mm plossls. Nice piece of equipment. Driving it around the backyard terrestrially looks good and focuses nicely As you can see from the photo. we have 100% cloud cover with occasional dribbles of rain. Photo taken with my little Canon A520 Shows the 120/1000 on a recently obtained EQ3-2 (I am waiting for 2 axis motor system to arrive) Background is my EQ6Pro with my home brew 8"dob. Dave
  2. 1st Images from my new 450d

    Nice collection of images with the 450. The Canon range of cameras lend themselves very suitable to AP -- Well done Dave.
  3. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Will look forward to your photos. Very quiet here. my Cancer treatment went off the rails and PSA shot up from 0.3 to 27. Over ther past 2 months been on "Liquid Chemo" and different injections for bone repair. Has knocked me around a bit. Current waxing Moon has been clear over in the West here. but just have no enthusiasm to get out there ATM. Antiquity is also taking over. Cheers Dave. Parkwood.
  4. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Gotcha, no prolems Daryl. You need a hoist like they have on hospital beds. Ha ha.. Dave
  5. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Thanks for response. Last year was very quiet and ended on a bit of a sour note. Here in the West been inundated with with high humidity and cloud coming down from the Tropics has made Astro just about a non event. You just had to be out there at the right time at the right place, such opportunities were rare. Ha I just paid a handy Man 250 bux to clean up my block, at 85+ my back will just not hack it. He filled his trailer and 3 wheelie bin of rubbish. !! Will drop you a personal note of interest. Dave
  6. Crikey..!!! - over one year later!!!

    Incredible images, all of them. Such skill and beautiful presentation. Dave.
  7. Pelican

    That is very nice. Dave.
  8. With severe Tropical Cyclone Marcus coming down the West Coast, it could become a bit breezy in local back yards. Fortunately this one is well out to sea and should not affect Perth Metro too much. Cyclones this late in the season have the propensity to come south down the coast. Picture from WA BOM Met. Dave
  9. Moon

    Found an SD card with a few shots from the 10" / EOS 500D. And went thru them in PS. I think this one is worthy of pasting here. A rare occasion where the focus is reasonable and terminator clean. Currently its very hit and miss to find a break in the perishing cloud over W.A. Plus the temperature is not conducive to elevating myself off the electric blanket ! Cheers Dave.
  10. Moon

    Its the only heating in the house as the gas heater has quit and no one wants to fix it. Only warmth is Heidi the cat and the lecky throw blanket. Have completed the. Mods to the 120/1000 refrac and the EQ3-2. Looks good, need to create a cloud dispersal App next ! Will post more pics soon. Dave
  11. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Noted Ken, I have a number of Canon Cameras, including film versions plus the last one made by Canon H1n film cam. I have used the range from 350D to the 7D. At Present I have the EOS 500d 750d and 7d. Each have their pros and cons. Basically I judge their performance on the results I get and and personally not particularly interested in what some of the "Rivet Counters" think -- Also there is a lot of bias between brands, each one trying to outdo the other. Over the years I have handled Pentax and Canon film and Canon Digital. I cannot speak of Nikon as I have never used one. but there are two very divided schools between Canon and Nikon. The later model I have of the 7d, I use mainly for Terrestrial use and birdwatching. having a very wide range of EF lens also keeps me to the Canon brand
  12. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    I did a quick browse around Perth district Camera outlets and noted a Canon EOS 750D available at Morley Cash Converters with 70/300mm EF lens etc for $520, So that does appear to be around lower prices they are available.
  13. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    No problems Ray. When (?) things return to normal will be good to catch up and have an eyeball. Meantime will keep in touch with news and interest. Keep Safe and Clear Skies. That goes to all our members and visitors. Dave
  14. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Hi, Thanks for comment. The recent moon shots are without filters WYSIWYG. Yeah Ray and I have spoken about filters I have a full set of 1.25" and 2" coloured filters plus moonglow. I have modified my eyepiece adapters and fitted with 1.25 and 2" threaded barrels as all my AP is in prime focus. I have yet to try the filters. Mainly due very poor skies. Had an occasional break where I was able to try out the 2 new scopes. I certainly agree about the Synscan WiFi dongle. Esp after tearing my hair out with Serial/RJ45 cables etc. I am motorising an EQ3 Mount/tripod I picked up ex Shop Demo so there will be more posts coming up shortly. Dave.
  15. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    With a programmable timer anything is possible. Maybe we should get together soon and I can give you all the pros and cons. I have an EOS 500d which I could loan you and familiarize with using a DSLR before buying. I have spare adapters for interface plus timers/release cables. Dave The price is very varied from $450 for body and grip up to $1200 with lens and accessory package. The 750d is a 24mpx and much sought after. I picked mine up from Cash Converters with lens and charger for just over $520. (On line shop) I also have the 500d and the 7d. The Eos 750d is excellent for prime AP. As you see has HDMI port for external monitor plus computer software. If you buy make sure low shutter count and comes with CD handbook & charger/batteries. Buying just the body is a good option. Lens can be found on EBAY. But ensure NO fungal contamination. !!!. Dave From my Tablet.
  16. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    The price is very varied from $450 for body and grip up to $1200 with lens and accessory package. The 750d is a 24mpx and much sought after. I picked mine up from Cash Converters with lens and charger for just over $520. (On line shop) I also have the 500d and the 7d. The Eos 750d is excellent for prime AP. As you see has HDMI port for external monitor plus computer software. If you buy make sure low shutter count and comes with CD handbook & charger/batteries. Buying just the body is a good option. Lens can be found on EBAY. But ensure NO fungal contamination. !!!. Dave From my Tablet.
  17. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    I have that covered Ray, 1. The EOS 750D has a marvellous screen which is on a multi way hinge system so with the view finder aimed at the ground in "live mode" you can have the screen pointing upwards. 2. I have jury rigged the 10" monitor to show the "live screen" on the monitor It gives an excellent enlarged view for positioning and focusing - Its connected via the HDMI cable mini plug to camera, regular plug to the Monitor. After taking, It will show the image taken. We think it 'mazing!! I also have brackets to hold the Monitor. Probby go to Op Shop to buy a small card type table to set up either indoors or out. I have an extension HDMI cable on order to operate from in the kitchen. The Scope Power Supply box, which also has 5V and 12V outlets for fans, lights and accessories runs off a SLA battery charged by an AC source. Seeing for this week is forecast as a big fat ZERO!!! Dave
  18. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Yes I agree with your comments Ray, the less intermediate surfaces that appear between the primary source and the Sensor, so much the better. I have good selection of 2" and 1.25" spacers, extenders and adapters, some are threaded to take filters of which I also have in both diameters. With the extenders I can increase/decrease the focal length. Give me chance to go through all my gear and sort it out and catalogue it all. Dave
  19. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Thanks Ray. One thing I noticed that one has to remove the angle mirror adapter otherwise the focal length is a mismatch with the Canon DSLR sensor and cannot focus. Placing it direct into the tube with or without a single 2" spacer in Prime Focus mode is good. I had the same issue with the 8" and 10" Reflectors and had to raise the main mirrors slightly, when using a plossl this was compensated by addition of a short eyepiece extension tube. Focusing is a bit tricky using the camera LCD. Certainly will setup a 10" HDMI monitor I have, to focus easier in 'Live' mode. Love that SW WiFi module. Setting up the EQ6 date/time/location etc is all automatically entered. Running the software is a breeze. Looks like we have at least a weeek of rain and cloud coming up. So time to bring everything back inside. :((( Dave
  20. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    In between the clouds rolling in this evening I set the 120/1000 up on the EQ6Pro and plugged in the 750D in prime focus and took a number of pictures. Focusing was not easy with my eyes and the small screen in 'live' mode. Next time I will interface a 10" HDMI monitor I have. But this single frame is the best of the bunch. Pretty close I guess. 1/800 at ISO 1600. I was also guiding the EQ6Pro with the new Synscan WiFi dongle from my tablet. Using the Synscan app. Great ! Dave
  21. M51 from last night

    Great work and well presented. So good to see images like these. Dave
  22. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    01/05. Postie delivered the Skywatcher Synscan WiFi module today. Already had downloaded the app for my Redmi Tablet. Instructions where somewhat limited, but eventually configured it and added the device to the WiFi list of accessible devices. Selecting the WiFi dongle I was able to connect to the scope, using the RJ45 cable that connects the Synscan Handpiece. It comes up with the usual warning about the sun and auto configures the location/time/date from the Tablet GPS. Opening the menu page and selecting the planets. I selected the moon and hit "GoTo" and yep, it did. As I had not changed anything from my manual test the other day the moon appeared just on the edge of the eyepiece 25mm Angel Eyes 2" plossl. I temporarily removed the plossl and manually adjusted the moon into the centre and replaced and focused the 120/1000 Refractor. Spot on. Again I left it tracking for 2 1/2 hours and no visible movement in the viewfinder. This makes connecting and operating the EQ6Pro so easy and simple without all the hassles of using a computer and serial cables etc etc. So easy I could operate the device from laying on my bed in the house. All I need now is a monitor and link to a camera and operate the beast from inside the house - I think this is best 80 bux I have spent for a long time. Screen shot of the Synscan App actually tracking the moon. Dave Note: Bottom Left arrows button = Remove Pad -- Bottom Right Button = Menu Select Panels. This main Panel appears after the Tracking Panel confirms "On Target" and prompts for any minor manual adjustment to centre object using the key pad. I now need to refine the positioning of the mount/tripod. The tracking is very good. Getting the unit to land exactly on target is couple of degrees off.
  23. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Tried it again on the EQ6Pro Mount. - From the Park position landed with the moon just into the eyepiece. Refined the tuning and monitored the tracking and it remained inside the eyepiece (25mm) for 2 1/2 hours with only a slight touch to centre it. Also tried an 10mm plossl. Brilliant. Detail splendiferous. Plus the scope solid as a rock, no wobblies at all. This is a nice piece of equipment. Did something right for a change Dave
  24. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    28/04 Had a bit of clear sky to the West on sunset. Nice view of the Waxing Moon and nearer the horizon Venus. I think I need to motorise the focuser if I use the EQ3. Or use the EQ6Pro which is solid as a rock. Its tad on the heavy side for the EQ3, it can handle it but a bit wobbly when manually focusing. May go the whole hog and upgrade to a motorised 2 speed Crawford with an Orion motor drive. I have that setup on my 8" Dob. Works brilliantly. Was using my variable eyepiece 25 to 10mm. Very clear and detailed terminator. Not sure what phase Venus was in but looked closely to a first quarter view. Dave
  25. Hi All. Have just ordered a Skywatcher Black Diamond 90X900mm Refractor Telescope from Greg at NVT My local Astro store. Having been in Non-spending mode for quite a long time, had accumulated a few pennies and decided to grab this unit. A tad over $400 with postage and a manual Alt/Az mount. These mounts lend themselves to being motorised very simply by obtained geared 9Volt control boxes replacing the hand control knobs. I have done this with an earlier manual mount. which I have for my MAK90. This and the MAK90 can easily be tossed into the car and drive to a dark paddock and without busting my back with my larger DOBS, Now all we need now is for this cloud to pack up and disappear and the postie deliver to get on board with a bit more activity.. Cheers Dave.