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  1. Smoky moon

    For the fist time in yonks, the skies have been clear today until some idiot decided to start a bush fire. Moon came up almost full looking very bilious in the face. Probby dept doing a burn off. Anyway, I had made an adapter V Bar to fit the Mak90 scope I have and mounted it on the EQ6. Somewhat overkill but far more stable that the rickety EQ1 that came with it. Whacked the old Canon 350D on in prime focus and banged off a few shots. Not the best due the smoke etc, but the first time I been able to anything much for over a year. Tidied it up in "Paint dot net" (sort of a lightweight clone of Photoshop. Free & and has some nice features) At least managed to do something. Hopefully more as weather starts to warm N-Joy Dave
  2. NGC7209

    Great capture ! Dave
  3. (September) Just a quick note: It has been confirmed that my PSA is now 3.9 which below the median of 6.0 for males of my age. The Cancer is considered "on hold" no increase nor spreading. The result of the re-scan of my heart relating to the Cardiomyopathy Dilation issue in 2012, is that the heart has recovered and functioning normally, there are a couple of small issues, but these have been classed as minimal and of no present concern. The bottom line is to keep doing all the right things with diet and exercise and return for a follow up scan in 3 to 5 years. I like that sort of diagnosis ! Dave
  4. As you may know, I have since last year been under sufferance of issues with a spine that has been ravaged by the years of misuse, overloading and other un-nice occurrences. This resulted recently in further scans of the lower Lumbar region. L4, L5, S1 were found to have severe impingement upon the spinal nerve column by displaced intervertable disks. However, a very observant Radiologist also noticed that there were other alien substances visible and recommended further dedicated Autrasound, Bone and CT Scans with disclosing, also accompanied by a PSA test. The result is to put it very basically and bluntly is, I have several lesion (non malignant) on my right kidney and a mass located as the seat of the prostatectomy operation performed in 2000 together with other points of interest on my Pelvic Bone and Spine which are described as being in keeping with multiple sites of prostatic metasis. Prostate Cancer has returned , as such it is not curable and can only be treated to control its further spread. It is terminal, maybe 5, 10 or 15 years. Its the luck of the draw. I have been referred to 2 Specialist at the Fiona Stanley Hospital Cancer Clinic and have an appointment with an Oncologist on 22nd June and later an Urologist. I 've let Valentina know in Russia, still not sure when she will be returning after her eye surgery, for which she is still being treated. Dave
  5. Smoky moon

    Yeah true Ray. If the latest report from BofM is right, looks like during September & November we are going to see clear skies, but at the cost of an 80% above average temperatures. A very long hot spring/summer. BTW that moon shot was also made up of 11 images in Registax. Thought I would just keep my hand in. Probably would have been better with the 10", but the EQ6Pro really makes it great to get the pointy end of the scope in the right direction. Could be an update next week on the medical situation. Been for further tests. Dave
  6. Not often I have some good news to post but this just has to be the exception: Last week had Pathology after the first 2 months of medication and saw my Oncologist on Friday 10 Aug. The results were quite remarkable. PSA originally 107 was 70 in June and now down to 9! My Testosterone levels are now <0.03nmol/L which accounts for the dramatic PSA fall. Dr Ferguson tells me that now the Cancer cells will lie dormant and not spread nor become agressive as they are now starved of nourishment. He wants to see me again in December when most probably they will rescan the kidney. He and the Urologist cannot see any cancer ATM, so will keep a close watch. It appears the cells I do have are very slow growing. Needless to say there are side effects from this treatment but a small price to pay for the excellent results. Cheers Dave.
  7. 4 Planets 2 Nights

    Despite the afluence of incahol some nice shots. But far too cold to venture out in the small hours for this ole timer. Maybe I should try a dose of Cabinet Survignon occasionally But I did end up on my roof fixing a couple of solar panels! Mark assisting Cheers Dave
  8. Three in one night!

    Very nice. But am puzzled with the top picture. What is that blue stuff? We do not seem to have that in the West Dave
  9. Update August 01: The Zoladex injected SR tablet appears to have kicked in and in general side effects have not been too bad. Biggest issue is coping with the cold weather, seems June and July were the coldest months for some 16 years. On August 10 I return to see the Oncologist at the hospital clinic following pathology 5 days prior. Be interesting to see what the results will be. Dave
  10. Another ISS pass and Summer sky

    Would love to see a sky like that. In fact I would just like to see a sky without 100% cloud ! But it is winter here I guess. Snow forecast on Bluff Knoll in the Stirling Ranges today. Dave
  11. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Found this in my Archives. I think this was taken shortly after I made the cradle for the EQ6Pro Tripod Mount. Note the right angled eyepiece on the spotter scope and the modified Orion focuser remote motor control. I also made a cradle for the home brew 8" DOB. They were highly successful, with quick release case fasteners. Lost a bit of weight since then Dave
  12. 10" Skywatcher and me.

    Hi Ray, Yes. I still have all of my Astro equipment, I did at one stage think of putting it up for sale, but there is over $K5 invested in that to replace it, including accessories, plossls etc. I still have the original wooden DOB mount and they are all in mint condx. Plus my camera adapters both commercial and custom made. The EQ6Pro by Sky Watcher is great mount. But I do not think there are as many serious Amateur Astronomers as of yesteryear these days. The very few supporting Astro Forums and sites has declined considerable over the years. I have resolved the lifting problem. I found a long length of thick wall 2" thick wall (1/4") Aluminium Mast pipe. I am going to mount it on one of the beams of the back patio roof, with a block and tackle to lift the 10" onto the EQ6. Will get my son to assist me next time he is in Perth. Dave
  13. Over the years when I have been involved with medical issues, especially those of a serious nature, I have often turned to throwing a bit of paint at a canvas. It is a very relaxing hobby. but also at the same time a big challenge, one of the hardest things about oil painting, or in any other medium come to that, is the blank white space staring at you from the easel. I have rarely painted using photos or pictures and never copy other artist's work. In general I sit gazing at the blank canvas and mentally imagine a scene, describing the scene to myself. -- It also helps to be slightly mad to achieve this ! Here are a couple of my renditions. Not worth a lot ATM, but probably millions when I am dead. .....N-Joy I will soon be adding an Art page to my Website with more of my works. Dave. #1. Meadow Falls Oil on canvas 36" x 48" (The remotes are not part of the picture! Should have removed them off the cupboard!) #2. Mountain Fall Oil on canvas 24" x 20"
  14. Moon

    With the latest medical issues I almost forgot I had that new Dell laptop! Fired it up today and found a dozen moon shots taken with that little Scope cam. Installed Registax and processed them, they were not the best as seeing was very bad when taken, but Registax has produced this "reasonable" photo. N-Joy Dave Huge magnification! Stand back 6ft to view it
  15. So much has happened and so much time has slipped by. But here is a quick update. My Oncologist at Fiona Stanley Hospital has decided on hormone treatment due to my age and some minor heart issues. Been on pill for a week now and in another week will change to a slow release subcutineous micro pill injection. That will last 12 weeks and I will return et seq every 12 weeks for replacement. Periodic Pathology will be called for to monitor my PSA and other indexes. So far very little side effects, just battling these freezing nights here in the West !
  16. Everything has been arranged with Hospital and Silver Chain Nursing Care services. So now it is a case of waiting another week B4 I get some sort of prognosis. Must say this latest episode has really tried my stamina and mental ability. But many friends have rallied around me with support. Val now fully aware of the situation and supporting me daily in her prayers. I have beaten it before. I guess I can do it again. Thanks ... There is now a greater meaning in looking up into the heavens... Will update next week. Dave
  17. Thanks Shane. Yeah, poo happens, just as I thought things had settled down. Will post updates as and when My next goal is to get that telegram in October 2034 from whom ever is King or Queen. But again, we may be a Republic by then! Dave
  18. Been doing that for quite a long time Ray. But looks like a dormant cell has been laying there for a very long time (some 18 years). Yeah I have the appointment on Friday 22nd June. (2nd June above is in error) Will update after I have had that visit and know a bit more. Meanwhile I will endeavour to soldier on. Been there, done that before Dave
  19. Its really magic what one can do with digital cameras. However in bygone years many fine close up photos where captured of the insect world on film. It just was not quite so easy to do back then. Yeah great shot. !!
  20. Another ISS pass

    Somewhere in a large bag of old B&W antique photos I am sure I have a photo of the "Sputnick I" will have to see if I can find it. That would be around 1957 if my memory serves me right I had just been posted to North Walsham in Norfolk after joining the Norfolk County Police, having completed my training at Eynsham Police College. . The camera was an Agfa Isolette, I bought when I was in the Navy.
  21. Another ISS pass

    Great Dave
  22. NGC 1365

    Where not to set up your scope in WA Perth Metro and Southwest. Image processed in "Paint.net" Tammin is where ASWA has its DEEP SKY observing paddock I believe. Along the Great Eastern Highway about 100km from Perth https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=7&lat=-3843553&lon=12990439&layers=B0FFFFTFFFF Dave
  23. Prism 10

    Hi Shane: Got a bit of a shock this morning: Dr told me the latest Scan also showed a "lesion" on my right kidney. So have Injections for spine this Weds and then an Ultrasound on the 17th. Here's hoping its benign !! Fingers X'd. Yeah single airfare from St P to Perth is $1250AU Dave
  24. Prism 10

    I also checked out SkyXPro. Like other programs of the same ilk, I found that a lot of its features are sold as add-ons etc. so you often end up paying well over $500US. Some of the software is being priced way beyond the average guy's purse these days. I have settled down on Stellarium, a quite old but still reliable bit of free software and of course the price is right Dave
  25. Prism 10

    Interesting, but the local State Government deleted that interest by sending me a renewal Bill for my car rego of $550 (and that's concession rate) plus Valentina needs a return air fare from RU back to AU in the no so distant future. So its "Non Spending Mode" for quite some time yet. ! Have also had another load of back issues again and limited to my bifocals to observe the Heavens. Dave