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    My web pages tell it all --- The good, the bad and the ugly..... But basically I have spent nigh on 65 years in radio communications, operating, designing and building, servicing etc from very high power industrial transmitters to mini micro devices. I have held a ham licence G3UJS / VK6DX for almost 50 years, since June 1964. Became interested in Astronomy at the turn of the century and plunged in head first and built my first DOB, an 8", using a storm drain pipe for the tube and a couple of 2nd hand mirrors.
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    Parkwood 6147 WA
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    Just about everything
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    Life of leisure
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    8" home brew Dob 10" Dob
    EQ6Pro asstd Binos/scopes.
    Canon 350D, A520. Var film.

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  1. The T-Bar and the basic fittings are extremely solid and serviceable. The central mount (red knobs) is very useful, you can just about fit anything on it and adjust it finely, again a solid well made QR mount. Dave
  2. Received the 210mm Dovetail plates. I ordered two of them they are always useful. and mounted the 8" rings. Works great solid as a rock unless you give it a belt. So the Long Dovetail is now back on the 10" rings. I will now make an adapter so I can put the 90X1250 Mak on the EQ 6 as well. Really enjoy using that little scope its size belies its ability. The EQ1 with the motor is OK but leaves the stability a bit to be desired. OK for Mooning I recently picked up a T Bar to which you can add various mounts etc. For photographic purposes I have set it up on one of my Tripods. I will make an adaptor with a 3/8" UNC fitting to the spare dovetail I have so I can use it on the EQ6Pro mount. Pics below show the individual mounts The Right one is the Manfrotto 14RC head I picked up for $7 on Ebay and rebuilt. Dave Camera Canon Powershot 520A
  3. https://www.dpreview.com/news/6846393455/mathematician-turns-juno-images-into-stunning-jupiter-flyby-video?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2017-june-07&ref_=pe_1822230_241488590_dpr_nl_263_25 N-Joy Dave
  4. Spot on ! (no pun intended) Very nice. Dave
  5. I was checking out my main computer, I think there is a small excuse that am entitled to an upgrade Dave
  6. Valentina and I send our deepest sympathy. The Lord will give you strength. Dave & Valentina
  7. I do not have any 10" FDs now, but a heap of 5" and 3.5". Plus the original placky box for 10 X 10" disks Dave
  8. I think it will be a long time before the Iridium "plated" satellites will disappear. Looking at Stellarium app there appears to be hundreds of them fighting for space up there. With world production of iridium only around 7 tonnes a year, its a much demanded commodity, used to be used for plating fountain pen nib tips, spark plugs etc, but other plating materials are replacing Iridium. Totally off subject; the MP3 has died -- long live the mpegH (AAC) The creators of the MP3 have "Officially" totally closed down all support and continuation of the media. Now where did I put those 10" floppy disks for My WANG processor. Dave Hey Dad, what's a floppy disk? B4 your time son! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPEG-H_3D_Audio
  9. Poste scriptus: I have been in touch with the Nissin Manufacturing office and have been advised they have no record of the Flash Gun in their archives. They are still in business in Japan and Hong Kong and do a complete range of Flash Guns from Amateur to Full professional units, mid priced to ouch !! Dave
  10. As you are aware I sold my Canon EOS 350D to a friend at ASWA and she has been very busy chasing Iridium flares. I actually spotted one when I looked up the data, but the eyes are not particularly brilliant for seeing and tracking them, But Kerryn is a very talented person and is noted for her running of the "Lunatiks" at the local venues in Perth. This is her latest capture of Iridium 97 using the EOS 350D I really like her composition, shows a lot of thought and talent. Kerryn has given me permission to post this photo on MASA Dave
  11. Yes Tim. In fact I have the following EOS film 300 500 1000 1nHS EOS digital 500d 750d PS A75 and A520 I recently sold my 350d Also in the bag Olympus OM1n Pentax sp500 and PZ film Last but not least Kodak Box Brownie 120 Dave From my Kobo tablet:
  12. Braved the evening chill and set up the SW MAK 90x1250 and plugged in the EOS 750D in prime focus using 1.25" adapter. Quite a bit of juggling to get the Moon into frame the the EQ was not "set up" and tracking not engaged. The original shot was 6000px wide and 48MB in size Manual settings on the camera in "live" mode. First time I have tried the 750D for Astro shots. This picture is drastically reduced to 31K !
  13. Nice one ! I have been watching them getting closer, but timing was all wrong at night so missed out. Nights getting cooler here and not conducive to crawled out of the sack !! Dave
  14. They are still holding their price and used by the media and professionals. A good "Mint" second hand unit to a boxed "New Old stock" package can vary between $AU400 and $AU1000. Most of these are only available in Japan plus accessories and spare parts can also be found in JA. Dave
  15. Know the routine, I was only 54 when I was put on Disability Pension. I almost put myself back into hospital in trying to get back into the work force, but one lives according to one's means, I often wanted one of those big shiny boxes for Ham Radio, but always out of my reach and I used what I affectionately called "OPJ Mk1" etc ( Other people's junk which I rebuilt and restored.) However I achieved a number of awards using home made gear like DXCC (Worked over 100 different countries) WAS (Worked all States in the USA) and endorsed as a single mode CW (Morse code only) I still only use CW and have an RCC (Rag Chewers Certificate) for a continuous uninterrupted two way contact with a radio ham in the USA in morse code. (Minimum speed was 25 WPM) That was standard speed in the Navy. So you make the most out of what you have and can get and enjoy whatever results you get. I am happy still to be around with reasonable health and prospects.