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    My web pages tell it all --- The good, the bad and the ugly..... But basically I have spent nigh on 65 years in radio communications, operating, designing and building, servicing etc from very high power industrial transmitters to mini micro devices. I have held a ham licence G3UJS / VK6DX for almost 50 years, since June 1964. Became interested in Astronomy at the turn of the century and plunged in head first and built my first DOB, an 8", using a storm drain pipe for the tube and a couple of 2nd hand mirrors.
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    Just about everything
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    Life of leisure
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    8" home brew Dob 10" Dob
    EQ6Pro asstd Binos/scopes.
    Canon 350D, A520. Var film.

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  1. NGC 1365

    Where not to set up your scope in WA Perth Metro and Southwest. Image processed in "Paint.net" Tammin is where ASWA has its DEEP SKY observing paddock I believe. Along the Great Eastern Highway about 100km from Perth https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/#zoom=7&lat=-3843553&lon=12990439&layers=B0FFFFTFFFF Dave
  2. Prism 10

    Hi Shane: Got a bit of a shock this morning: Dr told me the latest Scan also showed a "lesion" on my right kidney. So have Injections for spine this Weds and then an Ultrasound on the 17th. Here's hoping its benign !! Fingers X'd. Yeah single airfare from St P to Perth is $1250AU Dave
  3. Prism 10

    I also checked out SkyXPro. Like other programs of the same ilk, I found that a lot of its features are sold as add-ons etc. so you often end up paying well over $500US. Some of the software is being priced way beyond the average guy's purse these days. I have settled down on Stellarium, a quite old but still reliable bit of free software and of course the price is right Dave
  4. Prism 10

    Interesting, but the local State Government deleted that interest by sending me a renewal Bill for my car rego of $550 (and that's concession rate) plus Valentina needs a return air fare from RU back to AU in the no so distant future. So its "Non Spending Mode" for quite some time yet. ! Have also had another load of back issues again and limited to my bifocals to observe the Heavens. Dave
  5. Orion Nebula in 3D

    https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/03/galaxies-space-animals-astronomy-cosmos/ This has a number of visual presentations, but the Orion Nebula is really mind blowing. Please enjoy Dave.
  6. The amazon Rain forests have been described as the lungs of the world. As I have said Man is his own worst enemy. In WA in the gold fields they stripped the land bare of every vestige of forestation, they even built a railway to harvest surrounding timber for the goldmines. The Industrial Revolution saw trillions of tons of atmospheric pollution by burning fossil fuels. No I do not have Netflix. The Media does not help much either, whenever they bring up a subject of pollution, they invariably show a film clip of the large Power Station Cooling Towers. In actual fact the so called "smoke" is not smoke, but steam ! heated H2O!! However these can also cause environmental damage, destroying Marine Life and Aquatic systems, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooling_tower Yeah one could go on ad infinitum. Iits a never ending story of the ever decreasing circle. Ultimately the world will disappear up its own orifice. In conclusion, I am almost happy my tenure on earth is coming to an end. But I feel greatly for the future generations. "Life is not going to be easy" Nor, "....even delightful at times!" Dave
  7. Some how I do not believe the powers that be would allow the deaths of 100s of thousands of unskilled labourers to go around the world building flood walls! As you mentioned, it would not work anyway as the water table would also proportionately rise resulting in huge swimming pools. Not in our lifetime but in future generations the world will have become an uninhabitable planet. Ultimately there will be insufficient landmass left uncovered to support human life. The polar caps will melt and the ozone layer will be depleted. One only has to look into space to see what has happened in the past astrological history, stars, planets, galaxies, everything has gone through a process of self destruction and continues to continue that journey. Earth is mere insignificant pin prick in space and is no exception. In galactic time, earth is a relatively young planet, its occupants are its own worst enemy. Polluting its land area, its oceans and now its space. The ever increasing garbage being thrown into orbit around the earth is going to also have a huge effect on the environment in more ways than we understand at the moment. With the polar caps gone, the oceans will heat up, the marine life will die. The temperatures will rise to a point no longer tolerated by human beings. Life will cease to exist. ---------------tamam shud ------<finished - the end>
  8. Jeepers.. Blinkin' cloud, cloud cloud, not that I want the garden to be totally roasted, but all this cloud we are having is getting beyond a joke. The thing is there is absolutely no rain in it, ex cyclone Marcus produced nothing, rain was so minimal that it did not even join the moistened dots on the patio. This sort of brings our total rainfall since last November to 1 day only of any significance. Traditionally Easter sees the end of hot and sweltering days and the coming of the Autumnal rains and yet last week the temp hit the scales at 38C again. Latest News from Australian Antarctica: Seimic tests show that a huge glacial field of ice is now known to be floating mostly on water and not bedrock as once believed and that it is danger of breaking up and could raise ocean levels by up to 3 metres. That will see inundation of the Maldives and cities like Venice which will vanish under water, similarly much of the coastal plain of Western Australia will be inundated. Perth Metro area is only a metre above max high tide levels along the Swan river. A 3M rise would be devastation to road and rail infrastructure and many populated areas. Not to mention the Low Lands of Europe like Holland!! To plagaurise a famous Ozzie Labor leader; "Well may they say we have Global Warming, but nothing the will save this Planet of ours" Prepare to meet thy doom the end is nigh !
  9. With severe Tropical Cyclone Marcus coming down the West Coast, it could become a bit breezy in local back yards. Fortunately this one is well out to sea and should not affect Perth Metro too much. Cyclones this late in the season have the propensity to come south down the coast. Picture from WA BOM Met. Dave
  10. Had a call from NBNCo saying they will be calling round to my place on Monday 29th Mar to install NBN. That will be great to see the speed meter move a bit further round the dial from 3.6KB/s !! Our 50 year old copper is so slow it runs backwards. It sucks. All I need now is Telstra to replace the wire from the pit to the house which only has 2 wires left which are cross-patched and the cable has surfaced above the ground, the pipe coming apart. Been like this for 2 years, even a complaint to the ITO didn't cause them to do anything other than wrap a bit of insulating tape round the pipe breakage. TPG have sent a an el cheapo TP-Link modem, but will be using my AC68U Asus Router which is NBN compatible and a Cisco VOIP phone router box. Far more reliable setup. Dave.
  11. It's snowing!!

    When I was in the Norfolk County Constabulary, (1957 - 1968) standing outside the Norwich Gates at Sandringham House for 4 hours at a time and within the grounds, surrounded by 6ft drifts of snow it was not amusing, especially when the Superintendent in Charge of Sandringham Division (Lt Col R B Mitchell) drove up in his heated car, winding the window down and saying ..."But think of the honour chap!" I spent 9 Christmases and many other occasions at Sandringham House being one of the "honoured" chosen few. Dave
  12. Scope Cams

    Remember these beasties that one always had hanging around one's neck in the days of film !! Still got mine. Dave
  13. Especially when you do it twice !! My eldest is 56 and my youngest is 35 5 sons: 6 grandchildren 3 girls 3 boys (at last count) Val and I do not have any plans ) I was 26 when my first was born. Dave
  14. IC2944 Palmers Cosmic Clumps

    I am doomed never to see such things. Every time I even think about setting up the scope, leaden clouds roll in and obliterate the heavens ! But yeah, great shot
  15. Orion's Belt 200mm

    Magnifique Mon ami ! Dave