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    My web pages tell it all --- The good, the bad and the ugly..... But basically I have spent nigh on 65 years in radio communications, operating, designing and building, servicing etc from very high power industrial transmitters to mini micro devices. I have held a ham licence G3UJS / VK6DX for almost 50 years, since June 1964. Became interested in Astronomy at the turn of the century and plunged in head first and built my first DOB, an 8", using a storm drain pipe for the tube and a couple of 2nd hand mirrors.
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    Just about everything
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    Life of leisure
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    8" home brew Dob 10" Dob
    EQ6Pro asstd Binos/scopes.
    Canon 350D, A520. Var film.

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  1. T7 Astronomical Camera

    FWIW... Here is a sample of the txt file that accompanies each frame of photos taken. [ZWO ASI120MC] Auto Exp Max Exp = 30ms Auto Exp Max Gain = 50 Auto Exp Target Brightness = 100 Bin = 1 Brightness = 0 Capture Area Size = 1280 * 960 Colour Format = RAW8 Debayer Preview = ON Exposure = 193us Flip = None Gain = 44 Hardware Bin = OFF High Speed Mode = OFF Mono Bin = OFF Output Format = *.PNG OverClock = % Raw Foramt = OFF StartX = 0 StartY = 0 Temperature = 29.0 C Timestamp Frames = OFF Turbo USB = 40 White Balance (B) = 95 White Balance (R) = 52 Spot the spelling mistake ?? RAW Foramt (Format?) Dave PS. 0400WAST 23/02 WX 95% cloud. Will it never end.
  2. T7 Astronomical Camera

    On 19th Feb (Full Super Moon) I set up the 10" SW dob on the EQ6Pro and plugged in the S7 camera. Using Stellarium for guiding the scope and Asicap for the camera. Skies were clear with no cloud, but there was a lot of atmospheric heat aberration. Very common here during the summer months causing rippling of image. Previously I had driven the cam on test around the kitchen using the stand alone lens. On this occasion I used it in prime focus with the 70% aperture ring. As the image shows it has ginormous magnification. Focusing was somewhat difficult as it appears the Dell 1500 laptop was having memory issues and lagging, so focusing was a hit/miss issue. The S7 is quite complex in setting up using the ZWO software, and on the first run I failed to limit the number of frames and it banged off 5G worth of images and files!! Each image is also accompanied by a text file which gives the parameters of the shot. Eventually I got things setup and reasonably stable and set the frame batch rate at 10 frames per run 16bit RAW. The 2 images below are #1 single unprocessed image as taken by the camera. #2 is 10 images, stacked in Registax and touched up in Photo Shop Not the best of my attempts, but does show the potential of the device. I have a spare Dell 790 (SFF) which has a better video card and RAM I will later check it out and dig deeper into the intricacies of the beast. At least I scored a break in the cloud cover that rolls in regularly every night...... Last night (20th) very cloudy by 3am blocking the moon and everything else. I have since cleaned the mirrors of the 10", they were not the best having been in storage for over a year. Dave
  3. T7 Astronomical Camera

    Probby PS light room ! Dave
  4. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    BTW. British Airways are Celebrating 100 years of service by painting one of their aircraft with the old B O A C logo. Aircraft Images from Flight Radar24 Dave In honour of the airline's Centennial year British Airways Boeing 747 G-YGC will be the first aircraft to receive a special livery celebrating BA's past
  5. Greetings

    Happy Australia Day Dave
  6. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Here ya go I will look for the internal picki later Magnificent machinery Argonaut 1957
  7. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    I am sure I have a picture taken inside the Argonaut showing the right wing and propeller on a trip back to the UK from Cyprus after my time there during the EOKA campaign. I was stationed at Combined HQ in Nicosia. Dave
  8. T7 Astronomical Camera

    This is an image by manufacturer of what the camera is capable of. Does not give any further detail but does look quite good. When our Clouds with meatballs and gravy disappear I will try it out. Dave
  9. T7 Astronomical Camera

    I have found a set of images of the Cloned T7 Astrocam (ZWO ASI120c) I purchased. I will save a few thousand words with the images which are self explanatory. As you can see its very versatile and can be used as a stand alone cam, as a prime focus cam or a guiding camera. It also has a guiding feature with supported mounts. Prices vary on EBay but around $100 - $128 AUD. Software and drivers available from ZWO web. You need to download all to work. The "Asicap" software contain a full rundown on setup and use in a Help PDF file. Dave
  10. I RSVP'd to this from my MediaTek Tablet but looks like it never made it! Yeah, real crazy Ray. Meatballs with gravy! But I must apologise for it because I believe I am the cause! I just received a neat T7 Scope camera. Its Chinese clone of the Chinese "ZWO ASI" range on cameras which are very expensive. It came with no instructions/software and looking at Forums found that it works using the ZWO drivers/software. The unit cost me $AU109. USB/Network compliant. Got it from Ali Baba site. in fact it identifies as the ZWO ASI120C architecture which is a simpler unit. Mine has the wide angle lens and different sized apertures. I have tried it out on the Dell in the kitchen and with the Wide angle lens can take pictures straight from the cam alone down to a metre or so. Will have to wait for this weather to clear B4 aiming upwards. We have had a fair amount of moisture the past 48 hours - enough to revitalise the sick looking shrubs in the garden. Its an ill wind ....etc BTW Saw the Oncologist last week and given the all clear on the Cancer situation. 100% under control and the spine is now regenerating the damage done by the now neutralised cancer cells. Will now monitor me every 4 months. Same with the Kidney, no issues, no cancer and monitor every 9 months. That's a load off my mind. Dave
  11. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Ha ha try working on an Oil Rig (Big John) in the Timor Sea with those sort of temperatures accompanied by 90 to 100% humidity for 2 weeks at a time. Water literally ran down the bulkheads (walls) of the rig It was hell for those on the drill floor and not much better in the so called airconditioned offices and messrooms etc. I also spent 2 years in Bahrein back in '54 It can get well up in the high 40's in summer especially daunting for newcomers when coming in on a plane, when they open the doors the heat rushes in like when you open an oven. That's when BOAC Argonaut's and DC3's regularly flew the skies. Had those long whirly things on the wings! At least the money was good on the oil rigs Dave
  12. Orion Nebula

    That is nice. well done. I would like to have a shot at that on film with my Canon EOS 1n. I must dig out my 'round tuit' !
  13. Hi all and each. Well 2019 is here all fresh and new. So hopefully this will be a much better year than the one ended - Next week I have to have a full CT Scan again and then following that a week later I have an appointment with the Oncologist - Pretty sure he is going to be satisfied with the results. - So will post info from the visit later. Meanwhile have been dusting down the Scope gear, driving the EQ6Pro around the kitchen from the Dell laptop. That seems to be functioning well. I also have bought some eyepieces, barlows and filters. Was quite surprised at the price of the latest EQ6Pro well over $2k (AU) Of course the latest ones are now belt driven. But glad I do not have to buy that again. plus the prices of the 8 and 10" scopes seem to have gone up considerably - All we need now is a few clear nights without all that cloud moving in from the Indian Ocean. Basically I am in good nick, medically, so that's a bonus and something to enjoy. May all your skies be cloudless and your health strong in 2019 Dave
  14. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Australia under a massive combination trough. My Wx station recorded 41.5C today WA had very high fire warning for entire State. Some of those Hail stones measured up to 80mm in diameter in Sydney. !! Dave
  15. Comet Wirtanen 46P

    Nice capture. As usual Perth and West Coast is plagued with cloud cover every night. The Met Office are forecasting a more than average hot Christmas this year for 6 years. Dave