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    My web pages tell it all --- The good, the bad and the ugly..... But basically I have spent nigh on 65 years in radio communications, operating, designing and building, servicing etc from very high power industrial transmitters to mini micro devices. I have held a ham licence G3UJS / VK6DX for almost 50 years, since June 1964. Became interested in Astronomy at the turn of the century and plunged in head first and built my first DOB, an 8", using a storm drain pipe for the tube and a couple of 2nd hand mirrors.
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    8" home brew Dob 10" Dob
    EQ6Pro asstd Binos/scopes.
    Canon 350D, A520. Var film.

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  1. Christmas 2017

    This weather is crazy. To top things off, my back eased the past 2 days. At 2.30 am I awoke and in severe pain. Took me 30 mins to get up and access my PK fortes in the kitchen. Now I am stuck horizontally polarised. Gee I need Val here that's for sure. May have to call Silver Chain support in. Why do these things always happen on weekend! Being on my own not funny and Heidi the cat is no help ! All she wants is food.. Managed that ☺ Dave From my MediaTek tablet.
  2. Christmas 2017

    I am going to start the ball rolling for this Christmas with a photo from my good friend Kerryn Murphy, a very keen photographer and Astronomer. Kerryn holds all rights to this photo. Having said that may I wish everyone on the Forum a very happy Christmas and Great New year from Perth Dave, Valentina and Mark. Image of Fir tree topped out by Venus. Great Stuff Kerryn
  3. Thanks for comment Shane, I was 27 when I first had a PID at L4 and L5 and has plagued me all my life. I am 6ft 4" tall and now at 83 there is considerable degeneration and Osteo Arthritis in residence. Fusion was considered some years ago, but I decided against it after a friend of mine with the same issues ended up in a wheelchair. (Modern procedures are a lot more advanced and safer) The Bilateral Facet Joint injections in October worked great, until ... I put those 20 Litre cans of nutrient on the workbench. In the 80's I was working on a Bertram 50 Boat in the bilges in a confined space when L5 popped and got crushed. I was stuck in there for 3 hours before my work place decided to investigate why I was not back at the workshop. I was wiring a Radio Earth plate on the hull at the time, a simple job if the owner had removed a carpet to access a particular hatch, he refused and had to crawl past the engine installation to reach the plate terminals. Owners of those floating "Gin Palaces" were more concerned about their precious boats than for servicemen working on them. He wasn't at all concerned about me in hospital, but about when his radio would be connected ! Will have the bi-lateral FJI's on 18/12 meanwhile living on whoopee pills and Prunes C'est la vie ! Dave
  4. PS. Ray, Dr confirmed L5 S1 shot again in the back, given referral for further shots into the spine. Dave High concentrate Nutrient. 5 to 10 ml of mix A and B to 1 litre of water - ie 1.9lITRE PER 190 Litre tank of water. That should last 2 months. At 20 Kg per tank I should not have lifted them !!
  5. MEAT --- That is something that causes too much illness among humans, their liking for the flesh of animals, especially processed meats. However this really has nothing to do with space, (The Skies!) guess it fills a gap in dull, misere and cloudy skies Takes up very little room (The other space) Ray. Initial set up can be expensive, but once you have the gear its just a case of buying nutrient and seeds. That middle tank has what is known as "expanded clay balls" A volcanic substance, I plan Celery and Pok Choy in that shortly. -- 190 litre tanks of nutrient circulated for 10 minutes every hour in day time by a garden pond pump with 6ft lift. Very simple. By the way all the plastic used in troughs trays, tanks and containers are all certified "Food Grade" This is extremely essential with hydroponics. I will be writing a new page for my Web Site on hydroponics soon. Dave
  6. Yeah Ray. We had about a cupful of rain for all that cloud and 24 hours later still thick cover. Nothing in it. Doesn't make any difference anyway, my back went out again yesterday and really creased again. Have an appointment with the Dr tomorrow morning. probably another bilateral Facet Joint Injection at Bentley. I think I did it lifting 20 litres Hydroponic nutrient storage containers, have 24 plants on second leaf. Dave
  7. For several week Perth has seen clear skies (within reason) and above normal temperatures. So decided to set up the 10" on the EQ6Pro and capture the Super Moon on Sunday Dec 3rd. So, what happens, early in the day it was forecast to be 38C, then, the clouds rolled in and by midday the blue of the sky had vanished beneath a heavy cloud cover and the forecast modified to 36C Late afternoon large rain bearing area appeared on the BOM Radar, but even that failed. despite pretty colours covering my part SE of the City of Perth, suggesting minor to light rain. I found that by walking around I could completely miss having a single drop land on me ! Ah well, maybe next time. It would have been nice to have had a decent shower to compensate for no moon, but even that failed and the rain appeared to evaporate before reaching my suburb. Ray you did well to leave town !! ya haven't missed anything Dave
  8. These links are now obsolete... They are defined by the their propensity to revolve in ever decreasing circles to whence they came :(( Guess that happens after 10 years. ! Dave
  9. It's a BIGGY!!!

    Certainly quite a project !! I looked up Menger Sponge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menger_sponge and appears to be similar to the theory of the ever decreasing circle. Not sure what you could use it for though. Then again I had issues with my 1X table as kid. Mathmatically I am brain dead Notice that these 3D machines are beginning to drop in price - But don't think I have a use for one myself. Well done anyway Dave
  10. So It Begins!

    Smarter? More reliable? I don't know. I have a Chuwi Lap Book. basically it works well until.... You try to install the latest "Fall" windows 10 upgrade and upmteen hours it's failed 7 times to do just that. I also have a Yepo Lap book (The Chuwi belongs to Val was a birthday present to replace her old MSI) The Upgrade went into the Yepo no problems until.. Now try and inhibit that large Touch Pad when you plug in a mouse -- Now that feature doesn't work. Makes you wonder whether it is actually a good idea updated/upgrading. New is not always Better. My son has a full version of the "Fall" 1709 release on a flash drive so next week will hit the Chuwi on boot and dump the "modified Chinese version" Win10 home, which by the way is a 32bit OS on a 64bit processor ! That's China for you. Don't have a smart phone, just simple device that makes a telephone call and receives and sends an SMS (Cheap and OK for what I need) Dave ....
  11. September update: Val is still waiting for her appointment, but she is also getting treatment for some back issues but basically she is OK. At the other end of the scale I have been punished for my sins, at the local Dental Clinic at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, They call for a Specialist investigation as to why my palette was soft and swollen. Saw the Surgeon on Wednesday last and he decided to take a biopsy, now that is something would not wish upon my worst enemy. Severe pain and discomfort and Panadol/Codiene 500/30 are only just stopping me from going totally mad. Having to put everything through the blender to "drink" my meals after they have cooled down. Prognosis? I have not a clue, I see my Dentist next week and the Surgeon in October. So far with these sessions I have lost 3 fangs. Was looking at the clear moon the other night, but the effort of setting up one of the scopes was just a bit too much for me. Dave (and Heidi the Cat who turns 15 on 18/09)
  12. My Latest Image - Satellite

    As far as I understand it, there is a severe storm warning for the South West tonight/tomorrow (The real SW in WA) According to Pamela on ABC this evening possibly the worst weather so far this winter. We have already had 4 occasions of snow falling on the Stirling Ranges this winter. I understand this is Global Warming !! ?? Even the Pawnbrokers have taken in their signs its so cold FROM B.O.M. For people in the Lower West, South West, South Coastal, Great Southern and parts of the Central West, South East Coastal and Central Wheat Belt districts. Issued at 4:17 pm Sunday, 13 August 2017. Weather Situation: A strong cold front will move across the southwest parts of the State tonight and Monday. The weather system is likely to cause WIDESPREAD DAMAGING WINDS to 100 kilometres per hour southwest of a line from Jurien Bay to Narrogin to Albany from 5pm WST this evening, extending east over the remainder of the warning area by early Monday morning. These winds could result in DAMAGE TO HOMES AND PROPERTY. In isolated areas DANGEROUS GUSTS in excess of 125 kilometres per hour are possible and could cause SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE OR DESTRUCTION TO HOMES AND PROPERTY. The worst of these conditions are most likely southwest of a line from Bunbury to Bremer Bay between 11pm WST tonight and 5am WST Monday. Severe winds are possible in the Perth Metropolitan area from around 6pm WST this evening. These conditions are more likely from midnight tonight and are expected to continue to around midday Monday. Damaging surf conditions are likely which could cause beach erosion between Geraldton and Albany on Monday. Conditions will ease from the west from midday Monday, though gusty showers will continue for the remainder of the day. Moderate to heavy falls are possible with showers and thunderstorms as the system moves through. A Flood Watch has also been issued for the South West and Lower West districts, for further details please refer to http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/warnings/. Dave
  13. It appears that the operations on both cataracts will not occur until Sept/Oct at the earliest, then there will will be post op care and recovery. So I would imagine that probably mid to late November Val will be able to return. I have told her not to try and rush things and to accept what is recommended by her health team. And assured her that if she needs anything she only needs to ask me. Guess that is about all I can do to re-assure and support her. Would be great if I had the cash spare to go and see her, but that is out of the question, unless my numbers come up on Lotto !!. It will be financially better for her to remain in Russia for as long as they need to treat her as the issue of her Permanent Visa looks like it will not occur until around April/May 2018 allowing her to claim a pension and health card. (Val qualified in Nov 2016 but DIABP have issued a statement that the waiting time is now around 15 months to process the paperwork.) Dave
  14. They say that every cloud has a silver lining and I have some great news regarding Val, following an eye scan, it has been disclosed that the retinal issues were a misdiagnoses and that they are OK. However Val does have a cataract in each eye and has now been seen by a specialist who will remove them later. Its a case of waiting for a vacancy in the theatre for "free" procedures, Val is entitled to free medical care under her Russian pension, but the wait is somewhat long and may not be seen until September or October. Needless to say she is much happier in her mind although still very apprehensive about having the surgery. She is certainly missed by myself and Mark and Heidi the cat has made regular vocal refrains on not finding Val in her room etc We all wish her a successful outcome and for her safe return to Perth. Dave
  15. Thanks Shane, its been somewhat devastating to handle. Not knowing the full details does not help the issue. She is such a wonderful person.