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  1. I got a PM too, in early Sept. Just deleted it. :nothingtoadd:
  2. Large Hadron Collider Explosion!!!

    OK lads. Fair 'nuff. :peace2: Reading other posts I'm sure there were plenty in on it though. :smiley-laughing001: Must admit that when I first saw it I was concerned. But grey-matter saved the day. :smiley-dance017:
  3. Large Hadron Collider Explosion!!!

    Hey! Who removed my post of April 1st, suggesting folk look at the date?? Yers didna fool me!
  4. Which Camera?

    Thanks for you welcome Ray. I am rather a newbie to practical astronomy although have always had an interest. Also have along standing interest and experience in photography and videography. I've just had a quick look at the QY camera prices and feel that its a bit beyond my wallet. I have considered the DMK 41AU02.AS 1/2-inch Monochrome CCD Camera or the Meade DSI III Pro, both of which are more within my range. As a video alternative, the GStar looks very good. What I like about the CCD cameras is the higher resolution available. The video camera though can take many pictures to stack very quickly. The software can do wonderful things with this data which would be collected under sky conditions which capparently can change very quickly. As I asked to Patrick just a moment ago, won't filters reduce snesitivity? Any further "light" you can shine on the subject will be gratefully accepted. I should add that I have a Nexstar 6SE which I am sure is in itself somewhat limiting. Cheers Robert
  5. Which Camera?

    Wouldn't a filter reduce overall sensitivity which would make longer exposure times necessary? Robert
  6. Which Camera?

    Thanks Bob, great point. I'm in suburban Melbourne where naked eye limit is around magnitude 4. I guess my next question is "Which camera?" Still Robert
  7. Which Camera?

    Hi, I want to get into astroimaging and I'm trying to decide on a camera. DSOs are my prime target, although planets would also be interesting - for a while . I'm caught between a single shot CCD camera, eg Nikon, Canon or Meade DSI III Pro and the movie cameras eg GSTAR, DMK 41AU02.AS. I would welcome any advice please. http://www.myastrospace.com/forums/images/smilies/confused.gif Robert
  8. Meade DSI-3 color camera for sale

    Is the camera compete as sold with all software, cables etc. included? Robert