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    Electronics Engineer. Moved from Silicon Valley to Northern Calif.
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    Astrophotography, Solar grid tie
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    Meade LX90, QHY8 color camera with MPCC, Guiding: Losmandy G11,
  1. Tarantula

    Beautiful color. Stars look sharp. If that's first light after an imaging drought you have done very well. Happy New Year buddy! Brent.
  2. Canon EOS & 3rd Party Lens

    I got to get one of these me thinks. I would probably aim for eBay listings as well. Manfrotto head for $7.50 is a nice catch. Brent.
  3. Pretty interesting to watch at that magnification mate. Brent
  4. New photos from Mak90/1250

    Full moon looks good. Good detail on the edges. Can you put some more ram in the ASUS? Stick of ram would only cost you 10 bucks for a laptop like that. Brent
  5. Algol & Rho Perseii

    One word, beautiful. Brent
  6. Refractor Scopes

    Not bad for first light. If the moon is bright, the glare makes it hard to focus. Brent
  7. Refractor Scopes

    Have you tried Astromart.com? They have a lot of doovalackies being sold. Not sure if it costs a few bucks to register though, it used to be free. Brent
  8. Wow, beautiful flower and color Dave. Brent.
  9. Refractor Scopes

    I had one of those. As long as the camera isn't too heavy it can be doable for moon and planets. The focuser is not very solid, but again, useable for basic solar system work. How heavy are your cameras and adapters? Brent
  10. Topsy Turvy Galaxy

    Looks amazing from this end. Brent.
  11. Tarantula Nebula C14

    Lots of detail mate. I agree, needs more processing. It looks like it has a light cast over it. Brent
  12. Topsy Turvy Galaxy

    Wow, does look like two galaxies crashing into each other. Amazing Brent
  13. Wow, also some very faint blue nebula at the bottom of the second one. Brent
  14. M45 AT72ED / AT2FF 11-05-2016

    Very cool on my screen mate. Brent
  15. Horsehead Nebula

    I agree, some rings around the stars but otherwise looks like a cracker. Brent