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  1. worm holes and time

    wow thanks! Hi Saj, On the very off chance that my local library would have it--I went there and couldn't believe that they had it! just reserved it. a million thanks! will try to find that article--if possible the one about multiverses. you're very kind and I'm grateful¬!
  2. worm holes and time

    you did help! Hi Saj, can't wait to read the book! btw would black holes and worm holes be considered physics? i'm thinking now astronomy isn't really the area--don't want to ask things on a forum if it's not supposed to be the science covered-- I'll see about the story-- it's being published by Mythica Publishing in a sci fi anthology, MAYBE TOMORROW. will see about showing you. again many thanks! now the thing after worm holes will be string theory (think that's what I'll use to cover my interdimensional travel). goodness, hope I get something right. I'm no Arthur Clark, but I want some hard science in my story--so that it isn't pure fantasy! I make up things enough!!
  3. worm holes and time

    also-- saj, just wrote so much, don't know where it went. the books sound very good. going with the Fabric of the Cosmos one for now--anyone who can write about complex theories using the Simpsons as a point of reference, I have to read! this is for me. Also, possibly I'll understand it better if there are those kinds of references! just ordered it. I do thank you very much! all the best cheers.
  4. worm holes and time

    Thank you! It does help me just about 100%! thanks so much for your reply, I really am grateful. sincerely,
  5. I write sci fi and horror-- am hugely interested in worm holes and theories that relate. I know Einstein's theory of Relativity was full of worm holes. Any views out there? Would love to hear from you!