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  1. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    Apologies for the belated reply Greg, Dave & Tim - thanks!
  2. Much harder than I imagined, mainly due to my disgraceful filing...or rather things getting out of hand over time. I'll just load what I found although I think that there are only 1 or 2 missing at most from the ones I originally posted...
  3. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    Thanks fellas...I don't know what it is about me but the passwords keep on getting "lost" after sometimes only a single re-visit - happens here & on CN also & I have to re-load/save them...& it might hold it for a while, but then it happens again... Enough whining...Ray, we were very satisfied with the cloud definition last year in our Mars images - we're really hoping with next year's "super-Mars" at 24 arc-secs that some special nights might pop up: atm trying to do a few jobs around the house so we can leave straight after the Grand Final this Saturday (C'arn the Crows!!! :lol:) because there "might" be a couple of nice nights after that... We'll head off for some fishing R&R also after any imaging we manage to get, because a by-product of not having many decent imaging opportunities in the last few months means we don't get to be out in the van as much as we like...& we get a bit toey staying at home too much!
  4. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    What - no Mars animation..!
  5. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    Looks like everything went ok except I didn't bother too much about the order...
  6. Well, this is kinda hard 'cos even though this year has presented poor seeing for a lot of the time we still have oodles of images since I last posted something here...which were 2015 images. Neptune & Uranus were the subjects I posted images of on MAS back then & we had only just commenced imaging Neptune...since then we have been in a couple of pro-am collaborations for Neptune & our (Pat & my) work was presented at the international Planetary Scientists conventions as part of this, one Neptune night's work capturing several storm spots including one that only the Hubble had imaged & which our image accorded with "point by point except for one small artefact" as Prof. Ricardo noted at the time. This year the Keck only recently made a fanfare news release about a very large storm on Neptune's EQ where the winds rage at around 1000km/hr making the storm that was imaged there very unusual: in actual fact Pat & I had discovered this storm first quite a while earlier & our images on June 10th & July 14th were the first & last time it was imaged...this period being quite amazing for such a large storm to stay together in those conditions where they are "normally" never found. Here's the BAA link to our feat as well as the link there to the Keck release: https://britastro.org/node/10860 But I'll kick off with a few Jovian images from 2016/7 then some Saturns of the same vintage & Mars from last year also if I can fit them...apologies for the haphazard array but I have drives coming out of my ears half the time..!
  7. ...funny you should mention that Ray - it is actually "half-correct!" In fact, every time I drag my sorry arse here it seems to play up...most likely my end! (to extend the pun!) Sometimes I've got to re-enter my password for some reason or another (usually when I can't remember/find it of course) & I remember several times last year where no matter what I tried I couldn't get any images to load... Me & Murphy most likely... Anyway, I'll stay on until I get those images loaded today...I'll use the filenames to pull them into a temporary folder & repost the images in a "reload" thread: we'll see how it goes, fingers crossed.
  8. Thanks Shane & Ray..."were..!" :rofl: The filenames are still here so I'll hunt around to put them back in again tomorrow - I have just about every port on the home pc plugged with 2 to 5Tb external drives atm...a veritable bloody crow's nest! Time for some file compressing! Still with the ol' C14...& just our usual 2 main haunts of Sedan in the Murray Mallee about 180kms from home & Carrieton about 400kms away...but for the 2nd half of this year it has been either clouds, jet-streams or both!
  9. Ooops - maybe this is worthwhile if it fits/works...I haven't loaded the 2017 image yet but it gives another spin to the ring tilt as opposed to the set of still images above. (which do include 2017!)
  10. Mars is coming up again later next year but I haven't posted any from the 2016 apparition here on MAS afaik...next year Mars will be a whopping 24 arcses as opposed to the 18 arcsecs this year...really hoping I can image then..!!! Ok - apologies for doing this, especially like this: I must remember to log in a bit more often in the future 'cos I still think fondly of folks here. My only real excuse is abject laziness but I did have some trouble at one stage trying to post images here & getting nowhere even though Ray & Tim tried their best to assist with whatever the problem was...but no sucj bad luck this time whatsoever..!
  11. Thought I'd post the Joves first to see if everything was working... The ring tilt series is included along with a few Saturns over the last couple of years...just a few of them out of many tbh.
  12. Last Saturn this apparation.

    Yeah Ray, I have to watch what I eat very carefully although it seems like my blood/sugar levels rose very markedly with little explanation whilst I stopped monitoring it for sometime this year...sometimes you get so sick & tired of stabbing yourself every morning to check it but it was hopefully a good kick up the backsides...just had my eyes checked & they seem to be fine - diabetes can really %$#! your eyesight - & I really wouldn't want that!
  13. Last Saturn this apparation.

    "Time flies" for sure Ray - I reckon it might've been your #2 who was very young who I referred to above... I've been a bit slack about my diabetes so hopefully the kick up my pants can help me get it back under control...can do funny things unfortunately. Hi Shane! I'll put a "compendium" together of our images & post 'em in the next day or so...
  14. Last Saturn this apparation.

    Hi Ray - I've been a bit under the weather for quite a while now but seem to be on the mend: of course it hasn't stopped us from imaging the planets but tbh the weather this year has generally been atrocious & probably nowhere near the number of times we'd normally go out... The good side of that is I suppose I've not run myself down as much as I would've if there'd been lots of consecutive nights of good imaging chances...I'll try & pull a selection of the year's results together sometime soon & post 'em. I hope you & your family are all well - I'm probably off-beam but I seem to remember it was only a couple of years ago you had the sound of little feet pattering around on the horizon...even twins possibly..?
  15. Last Saturn this apparation.

    Hey - not bad at all Tim! I've looked in a couple of times over the last year or so but never had my password whenever I did - "Hi!" to anyone here who still recognises me!
  16. Ultimate Mount - What Model?

    ...sounds like you fellas might be needing one of these soon - you can blame Ray if you like Shane...but the end-results will still be the same. Have a speedy recovery!
  17. Polar Alignment Software

    ...I have been contacted by 2 (separate) females via my website "Contact me" tab...the gist of these messages were "you are both in really serious trouble!!!"
  18. Avalon Instruments Uno Mount

    Wixey = digital inclinometer. (ie, "level") Designed for accurately setting the angle on saw blades etc & were claimed to be accurate within 0.1° so very good for quickly setting...just looked them up & now it says 0.2° accuracy with 0.1° repeatability...price has dropped & they are now backlit with an AAA battery which is good as the CR3020 cells mine uses probably would go flat quicker, for $50 almost an essential for an AA'er: http://www.woodworksupplies.com.au/wixey-(2) You stick 'em on anywhere on the polar arm that is convenient (they have a magnetic base which may or may not help) & with the EQ6 I sat it on top of the mount saddle to set the latitude...with the EQ8 I could sit it on the flat section of the polar arm but I plonked it right on top of the C14's OTA with the lip of the back-casting stopping it from sliding off, then set the angle. It is pretty good & really gets this latitude adjustment good enough for planetary imaging - or certainly right in the home zone for proper PA'ing if that's the intention!
  19. Avalon Instruments Uno Mount

    ...we used the "little brother" of the EQ8, the EQ6 which although not supposed to handle a C14 has done so for nearly 4 years now! The "secret" was an extended counterweight shaft & making sure everything was very well balanced - you can tell if a mount is stressed by the sound of the motors in fast slew & also any whining in the gears... That said this new mount is pretty impressive...just did a "first light" yesterday morning/the night before: we couldn't align N-S accurately but guesstimated the azimuth orientation & had very little h/controller correction keeping a Jupiter that nearly filled the 512X400 ROI of the camera in that small screen box...also noticed almost no "shivering" at all when tweaking collimation etc...all in all a very robust mount with a reputed "easy" 50kgm scope payload... We use an old surveyor's compass to get N-S, mounted on a "sighting stick" (compass one end, sight the other) but as it was only 600mm long it was affected by the fairly large amount of steel in the tripod/pier. The EQ6 was just about all stainless & aluminium so magnetic interference wasn't an issue - but it was using this on the EQ8... Today I made up a new 1.8 metre sighting stick from 25X25mm box section ally extrusion, got all my holes accurately drilled & this has the compass about 1.4 metres from the mount...no interference now & discovered we were only just over 1° out with the N-S the other morning...meaning we can get a more accurate PA with even less drift than we noticed "out of the box & plonked down" as we were then... Evidently a 1-star align after compass orientation & the Wixey for latitude will give us very accurate go-to...very handy for Neptune btw: I anticipate using the fine alt/az adjusters instead of the slew buttons to centre the star in the 1-star alignment procedure - which should give us a very good PA... Although there are always little things you can see that could be better we're very impressed already...if we do get that super-planetary scope this blighter should handle it very easily...& we see no problems carting it around the countryside as we did with the EQ6...
  20. Avalon Instruments Uno Mount

    ...spent all the money I'm ever likely to on a mount again with the EQ8 about 2 weeks ago Ray, but our interest is really only planets & this "baby" should sling a new "super-scope" around for what we want, whenever that might come: surprisingly I still consider it portable...well, lifting the head on & off at home...we haven't taken it anywhere yet with the current weather conditions!
  21. Like the New Look!

    Looking good Ray & Tim! I'll give it a whirl with some image uploads later today...good to see MAS back on air!
  22. Maintenance and Updating!

    ...I honestly thought MAS had died Tim - you couldn't log in to post or message etc & the only thing I could discern was that others had tried messaging without success...
  23. Neptune storms...

    Pleased to get some reasonable seeing for both Neptune & Uranus last Friday: there are several storms on Neptune atm & we picked up a couple more that hadn't been documented previously... I'll see if I can post the animated gifs of the mono & false colour renderings here... [ATTACH=CONFIG]n63152[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]n63151[/ATTACH]