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  1. Super Albireo pair

    Bloody lovely, nice work.
  2. Not a very good photo but it was beautiful to view.
  3. M8 - @ Tammin Dark Sky site

    Lovely object and beautiful image well done Bill.
  4. MAS gets a makeover!

    Yeah it looks good...
  5. 24th April 2011

    Hi Greg, Funny you say UFO, I've had quite a few friends ask me what the flashing lights in the sky are all were amazed they were in fact man made satellites. I haven't had a chance to take photos in the last couple of years as work and weather gets in the way. If your interested I have got some photos of satellites on my site from years past. :peace2: http://www.freewebs.com/estronomy/astroimages.htm http://www.freewebs.com/estronomy/moreastroimages.htm
  6. 24th April 2011

    Nice work, you have some other nice photos there as well I like the ISS from the 25Th.:cool!: Have you got any Iridium photos?
  7. Happy Birthday Ray...:welldone:
  8. The weather on East Coast has been shocking no chance for using a telescope, but I have been spotting satellites when I can. Hoping for better weather this winter hey. There has been lots of new ideas and theories lately which IMHO are not worth debating and I don't. Most of it is :spam: that is detracting from this very good ASTRONOMY FORUM.
  9. All good things must come to an end unfortunately. The technology that we enjoy today did make it very easy to watch Discovery take it's last ride to the sky today, very different to the first flight of Columbia STS-1 on April 12 1981. http://www.freewebs.com/estronomy/blastfromthepast.htm
  10. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Sux to be in the tropics at the moment but at least it's cool.
  11. WOW only just seen this post that is amazing, top choice of location. :ta_clap5:
  12. Beautiful image, congratulations a lot of work has gone into this one.
  13. Max Eclipse at 9:30PM east coast of Australia. Photo from 8:40
  14. I had to charge the batteries up for this one Ray it's been a long break for me, but using the dob made setting up easy. Thanks fellas.
  15. It's better than OK it's awesome...
  16. Fun Video

    Hey nice video Shane, you gotta love little dogs...
  17. X-37b

    I've been waiting for a chance to observe this, we have a high pass early next week :smiley-dance017: From reports it is nice and bright, anyone else seen it yet?
  18. X-37b

    Hi all, Nice and cool this morning but I Just had to have a look for this new space plane. X-37b burst into the sunlight at around 5:09am this morning very close to the morning moon which was almost straight over head. I was able to view it from then until it went below the horizon at 5:13am. Heavens above predicted it's brightness to be 4.8 mag which was just about right. It was bright but with the Moon light it was not so easy to catch with a camera. Attached is a photo that I managed to get, but I had to adjust the contrast to see X-37b in frame. Mick...:peace2:
  19. an image at last

    Nice work Pat :smiley-dance017:
  20. Don't know how I missed The Fountain it looks good! Sunshine was awesome. "Moon" like swatting flies for me, I loved it...
  21. You don't want another Diesel Fitter do you Ray? Although my boss is not bad, he is very understanding and generous when I need time off or equipment for my hobbies...
  22. You will love the weather up here Matt, the monsoon has been with us for weeks now