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    live in the country,enjoy good optics
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    run small catering/tourism business
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    Vixer ED 103mm and 81mm refractors,Vixen GP mount,EQ 6 mount,vixen porta altaz mount,canon 300D,vixen 15*80 binos on tripod,all gear in roll off roof
  1. 'Kangaroo Moon'

    I took this image from my observatory on the Blackbutt Range,S.E QLD Australia. using a Vixen 103 ED refractor on a Vixen GP mount and a Canon 450D,cable release. I have watched this plane pass near a first quarter moon many times,and sometimes pass in front of it.The plane always fly's over our property every day at 5.30 pm,So I have waited a long time to get this image. Its a Qantas airways Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 flying from Brisbane to Emerald (QLD).The image was taken at 5.24.37 pm on the 16-9-10 Flight #2406,registration VH-QOV. The image made it to APOD :smiley-dance017:on the 29-9-10 and is now up for the APOM vote Here is the link http://bb.nightskylive.net/asterisk/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=21562 Hope this is of interest,cheers Chris
  2. re rocket Wow! sounds great Duffy!,I hope we can get a chance to see the 19th October one. May be the mods here could let us know in advane if its going to be visable,and where to look. Cheers H
  3. Evening Folks. I might be buying a Vixen GPD 2 mount shortly,is anyone here using one?if so,what is it like? Are they made in Japan??.I heard they may be now made in China-not sure if this true,if it is, may as well buy a HEQ 5. Its a fairly expensive item at $1300 AUD,so just doing some homework. Also possibly could be buying a WO 72 megrez for a guide scope-where is a place I can buy one?I here all many of the top imageres use these for guide scope. Thanks for any pointers and info,Cheers H
  4. 16 bit files,how??

    re bit files Yeah,thanks Patrick I thought it was something like that.I should be right now Ray,I use a 50d and 450d canon thanks for help-I need as much as I can get! Chris
  5. Hi Folks I have started taking photos in RAW and I have CS 5 and trying to learn how to improve photos,(this is a very steep learning curve!) I notice that some instructions I have found mention 16 bit files as opposed to 8 bit files.When I import to CS5 it come up saying I have a 8 bit file. How do I make it a 16 bit file,is there a setting in camera I have to turn on,or is it something in CS5 I have to activate:anyone: Anyone,with any help,thank you! Cheers Chris
  6. M56 in Lyra

    re m56 Great image!-well done Cheers
  7. Rosewood Observing Chairs

    HI Folks. My friend and I have made a small batch of very high quality observing chairs. Made from New Genuia Rosewood,and stainless steel and aluminum fittings. They are height adjustable,take up little room when folded up and not in use. Very comfortable with two inch thick foam set,available in burgandy or 'London mist green' colour. Only 3 available,when these are sold,no more to be built. If not sold prior,will be available from Queensland Astrofest. PRICE $ 190 plus postage PM me if interested,or phone Geoff Johnston 0405 612 945
  8. Camera Gadget Garage SALE!!

    re sale CAM CORDER SOLD 50mm F 1.8 SOLD
  9. Camera Gadget Garage SALE!!

    Hi Folks Cleaning out cupboards in observatory yesterday_found some kit I really just do not use here is a list 1 Samsung camcorder,12 months old,little use ,34 times zoom,two batteries,cords,charger,drivers etc in box,still smells 'new' Takes SD cards,easy to get images on to lap top,also has U tube software. I paid $350 for,selling for $200 includes postage 2.Logitic quick cam for note books,I paid $55 selling $35 includes postage,nine months old,used once. 3 Canon EOS RC 1 remote fire button in box,never used $30 includes postage 4 Canon 'Niffty Fiffty" 50 mm prime lens F 1.8,a great way to get into lower F number lenses,I purchased late last year-still under warranty,used twice. its surplus to requirements after purchasing a 17-55 F 2.8 selling for $90 includes postage All prices include postage to AUSTRALIAN destinations only. All items boxed,with instructions,and everything that came in the box,and really have had very little use. See pics ( I have'nt got 50 mm F 1.8 in photo,I found it after,but happy tp send a photo to your email if you are interested. PM if interested,thanks Chris
  10. HI folks. I have been pondering buying some camera gear for a while.I took the plunge. and ordered a Canon 50D body,and also bought a second hand 17-55 F 2.8 IS lens,(its a very expensive lens,but I was able to meet the owner and test it before purchase),it came with Hoya UV filter and circular polarizer filter and origianal canon hood,all for $900.along with a EX 430 flash I picked up in near new condition,I now have some good kit,I can use the body with scopes and longer lenses for asto work, One question if anyone using 50D,what sort of cable release do I need,the plug size is different to 450D,any pointers would be good,I had a chap make the one for the 450D,I am sure he could make on for 50D,just need size specs of parts etc. Thanks Chris
  11. ISS pass over S.E QLD

    HI I was up early this morning to try and capture the pass over of ISS,it was -2.9 mag.I had camera on scope,piggy backed.tracking. There was a bright moon and cloud about,it made it difficult,was'nt sure exactly where it would appear from. It was cold and wet.but great to see with eye. cheers Chris
  12. Canon 70-200 L F2.8 USM Lens

    Withdrawing lens for sale HI Just a note that the lens has been withdrawn,reason- I have a job with local football club,and used this lens the other day at their football match,they were so impressed with photos,they want to do more,with some small return for me,for my efforts!:smiley-dance017: thanks
  13. Icelandic eruption images.....

    re volcano Yes-well I am glad you posted them,I just have not had time to sit down and watch news or go looking for pics and details,Its nice just to relax and browse on the internet,and see sometimes,things that are special. Some great photo work there by the person who took them. thanks again for posting,really interesting to see. Cheers
  14. Icelandic eruption images.....

    re volcano NO,I had not seen them,or very much of it.I do not know what to say-how can you put words to something like that.the hair on the back of my neck,has got that 'goose bumpy feeling; just looking at these. Thank you for posting,the second image in first set looks a little like something out of 'Independence Day'. I can't help but wonder what the feeling the photographer had that took these. Amazing,thank you. Chris
  15. Canon 70-200 L F2.8 USM Lens

    Canon 70-200 F 2.8 L series lens (non IS) purchased 17th December 2009,very little use,I have original receipt (paid $1650) Its is in pristine condition,(still has new smell ),all original box and wrapping.comes with tripod ring,hood,caps Amazing quality photos,very sharp,fantastic IQ. Reason for sale- I do not use this focal length a great deal,so it tends to stay at home. PRICE $1350, firm,considering this is basically as new I will not accept anything less. Prefer to sell in Australia.Buyer to pay postage/insurance.