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  1. Title says pretty much everything. - You need this for larger sized CCD's and DSLR imaging if you want to check what you are looking at before taking the image. - Complete with all adaptors - Original packaging - As new condition - Only a few months old Sells for $320 + shipping through Bintel and probably with a wait. Asking $250 and I'll cover up to $20 in shipping. Selling due to a change in plans and need the cash...
  2. NOW SOLD. Thanks Need to move this scope so the price just dropped $500 to $2000, thats 30%+ discount on retail. No Further discount. - OTA is as new. - 50mm Finder. - 2" LET eyepiece, 2" Diagonal. - Aluminium case. (Foam insert modified to accept mounting system below). - Guan Sheng tube rings (same as W.O. $100+ value) - Mounted on Losmandy universal dovetal plate ($120+ value). - (Original Skywatcher rings included, if you want them). - Original packaging Currently retails for $3000 at Andrews without the rings or Losmandy plate. Selling due to configuration change. Buyer pays shipping Thanks folks, Rom
  3. Dovetail and Rings

    Greetings, What kind of dovetail plate is it? I have a spare gold one off a C11 OTA if you are interested.
  4. Counterweights

    Nice looking counterweights. Can you provide some kind of price list for Losmandy? Ta
  5. G'day mate, Not sure my last attempt at a post left my P.C. so if this repeats, please forgive. I have checked around numerous retailers and Andrews seems to be the cheapest supplier at the moment, at $2000. The rest got up from there. I bought this unit in February and it has only been used a couple of times with a low OTA weight on it. Because its effectively pristine, I would be really happy to get $1600 for it, which is well below the price Lee is advertising. If anyone can find a lower price for the same unit, I'll try to maintain the $400 difference, otherwise its make an offer and see how desperate I get ;} May be able to offer it sooner than August/September if the need is urgent, or the price is right; seems I am in for a "real" Tassie Winter this year and don't expect to see the sun for another 3 months.... Thanks for the interest
  6. ALL ITEMS NOW SOLD Thanks folks Greetings, I have just done something extremely courageous, (or stupid :itsme!, and spent more than I planned so now I have to speed up the process of selling some gear. No longer E.O.I., but actual sale: 1/ EQ 6 pro with Goto ($1500) (SOLD) 3/ PRO ED80mm ED refractor (in case with finder, eyepiece diagonal etc) ($550) (SOLD) 4/ Battery Charger SOLD Decided to keep the B.D. 127mm.. All items are in AS NEW condition with original packaging. Items offered as a package, or individually, effective immediately. Plenty of pictures online to show whats on offer. Thanks folks.
  7. Need Advice on Guide Scope

    G'day Saj, I teach design tech. The most stable way of making anything out of wood is to use a laminate. I've done it a couple of times with small scopes with good results. Moisture is the enmy so make sure its sealed well Good luck
  8. I had not heard of Hyperstar until now but I checked out his link: http://starizona.com/acb/hyperstar/meade.aspx and there is a picture of the secondary housings tht can be modified. The image on this posting indicated that the Meade LX200 12inch is NOT compatible in its current form. Further reading indicates that there is a kit available for some meade LX scope (10 and 14 inch) but not yet for the 12 inch. A significant rebuild is required in any event. Rom
  9. Not a problem. There are a number of possibilities for this setup.
  10. Sure thing. Regret selling it, but such is life. Been having fantasies about cutting down the tripod, fixing the drives and mounting a widefield camera on the mount... I need a life...:crazy
  11. Thanks Patrick. I've modified the notice accordingly. Rom
  12. Thanks for your help folks. This scope is now sold and the proceeds have gone towards and EQ6 with a 120mm ED refractor OTA. Can't wait! Rom