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  1. Wanted EQ6 GOTO mount or similar

    G'day Pete, I have an EQ6 Pro with a 10" Meade ACF . Would you be interested in buying both? Regards Vince
  2. meade ls200gps

    G'day Wayne, I've sent your email. Vincent
  3. meade ls200gps

    G'day Wayne, I already owned a 12" LX200GPS, and still have it. The stupid fellow said his was 14", so I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see it first. I live at Coffs Harbour. A little too far for you to have a look at it too. It has a 2" diagonal prism, 50mm viewfinder, and the large tripod. No wedge. I bought a wireless handbox for it. It works pretty well. I've used it on my polar pier while my 'scope was away getting repaired from lightning strike. It's back now though. Regards Vincent
  4. meade ls200gps

    re:meade ls200gps G'day, Yes, the 'scope is for sale, I have it, but, here is some unfortunate information regarding the 'scope, and the person that had possession of it. His size information was incorrect. The Meade LX200GPS is a 12" model, NOT 14". The arrogant person has refused to send equipment such as the handbox, power leads, manual etc. I've had to buy them myself. I've also updated the software. He will shortly receive action against him.
  5. meade ls200gps

    G'day Tom, I sent you a PM Chances are, if you haven't sold it yet, then perhaps you have :-) Vincent
  6. meade ls200gps

    Tom, PM sent Vincent