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  1. :smiley-dance017:cool!
  2. Apple Iphone Planetarium App

    the planetarium programs work best on iphone 3G S on earlier IPhones and ITouch the planetarium programs work... but dont expect it to tell you what you are looking at..these earlier devices dont have GPS and Distant Suns is only one of many available apps
  3. Bubble Nebula and friends in HST palette

    wow this post could well have been titled, the bubble as you have never seen it before....
  4. Venus 17th Aug. 2010

    fine work as usual
  5. Jupiter 31st July 2010

    always in awe of the fine results you planetary imagers are able to produce as evidence of your mastery of the black arts...
  6. Not a pretty sight!

    OMG. How terrible Hope everything works out fine in the end
  7. looking really good. are you going to give some longer focal length images a go as well?
  8. "Rough and ready" Veil Nebula in Ha

    looking really good
  9. New data - Lagoon 6th Aug. 2010

    image not found?
  10. The Cats Paw Nebula

    Had today off so was able to take advantage of what started off as a fine evening last night in Sydney..cloud came over unfortunately, so I could only collect just under two hours of data-I was hoping for much more as the object was well placed with no meridian flip to worry about-them's the breaks, just happy to get any imaging done at all ED127 WO 0.8 reducer QHY8 EQ6 location: my backyard (suburban) larger image at http://www.flickr.com/photos/91784720@N00/4878815866/sizes/l/in/photostream/ comments and feedback welcome Narayan
  11. The NGC 6872 galaxy cluster

    what I particularly like about this image is that there are not one , not two but three ! colliding/interacting galaxies in the same field of view wow-how cool is that I am going to have a look next time I am in a dark sky to see what s visible through a small telescope I personally love these amateur images of interacting galaxies-and galaxy cluster keep 'em coming please
  12. sadly Ray I dont have photos of the milky way over Mt Yasur-I will need to make another trip one of these days to get such an image..I do have a few images of the volcano doing its thing but nothing remotely astronomical about that :)
  13. First guided shot - ETA carinae

    very nice result, that too for your first guided image
  14. RC6 for $299 US

    I got an email from Astronomics saying that they have the Astro Tech RC 6 for an amazing $299 US this scope was launched at over a $1000US and still retails at over $1000 AUD, so since I can't imagine freight being ridiculously expensive , this could be an awesome deal I have no idea how good the scope is and am not really in the market for one myself but passing it on in case anyone wants to follow through I have seen some decent reviews- but frankly at that price point price- a RC ! obviously not for visual its optimised for imagers I believe..does anyone actually look through an RC anyway? Narayan