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  1. Kepler Passing Saturn

    It's on an Earth-trailing (heliocentric) orbit, which means it's moving away from the Earth into it's own orbit around the sun. Diagram here: http://kepler.nasa.gov/sci/design/orbit.html Here's a great video on Kepler if you are interested: http://www.livescience.com/common/media/video/player.php?videoRef=SP_090226_Kepler_launch
  2. Kepler Passing Saturn

    Thanks. Yeah, I have some decent skies here. There are a couple towns near by though, so I get a bit of light pollution in the south west and a bit in the north west but it's nothing like living in the city. We just moved here specifically to get away from the city lights. My wife says the stars look fake, because she's used to seeing them from the city.
  3. Captured Kepler on the 18th of this month, before it got too far from earth, from the mountains of North Georgia. I was lucky enough to capture it going right past Saturn. Click on images for large version (best viewing). 20 second exposure (one dark frame), 6" reflector and Nikon D60 at prime focus: Inverted: [stephen]
  4. No official source? Strange I can't find any news posts on this. Anyone have a link?
  5. Hello all. After browsing this site for a few days, I finally decided to join. Looks like an awesome site for amateur astronomy and astrophotography. Anyway, I would really appreciate some suggestions regarding the next door neighbor's security lights. They have four massive security lights which they leave on every night, all night long. I am guessing they are trying to prevent anyone from messing with their boat, but I am not sure as I have never meet them. Here's a couple photos I took to illustrate how bad the situation is. Neighbor's back yard: Back of my house (taken from fence area in photo above): As you can see, there's no way to get my eyes dark adapted in my own back yard. I have though about constructing some sort of blind or observatory to block the direct light from my eyes and telescope but even with that I really couldn't view the sky above in that direction. So, I am really interested to know your thoughts on how you would approach a neighbor, one you do not know or have ever talked to, who seems to love their security lights. Hopefully this is the proper forum for this post. Thanks!