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    A late starter in Astronomy, builder many years now own business restoring/repairing Pianolas/Pianos
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    Brisbane Southern Suburb
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    Astronomy & Music
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    Pianola/Piano restorer & tuner
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    Vixen VC200L scope on EQ6-Pro Mount.

    Building 22" "Obsession Clone" with Kennedy Optics primary.
  1. Fast 8" deep sky scope for sale

    Hi Pete, Yeah! but I do have a month or two to go before Steve Kennedy has my mirror figured and ready for coating, then comes the Auzzie Customs saga !!! A slight difference from the Southern Cross 8" f/4, but I will really miss the 8" when it sells as it is soooo easy to set up and gives such great images of deep sky stuff - even planets and moon OK too if one doesn't try and force it to do what an f/10 or greater is meant to do.
  2. [sorry but these EPs have all gone so am closing this ad.
  3. Fast 8" deep sky scope for sale

    Southern Cross 200mm f/4 Deep Sky Telescope and tripod with electronic control via paddle - both axis. SALE PRICE $450.00 PLUS SHIPPING.SORRY, ITEM SOLD.. Includes 25mm & 9mm super plossl EPs plus Orion Laser Colimator. Well-figured Pyrex Primary and Secondary optics and Stable Rack & Pinion focuser have been repositioned in tube to give excellent images when well colimated with only minor periferal coma compared to usual f/4 'scope. (A coma corrector is only necessary if wanting total clear field). AST&T review gave this deep sky scope a good thumbs up. Have enjoyed several years of great deep sky viewing with this scope and am only selling now because am building a 22" f/3.6. Will gladly answer any questions re this great 8" scope & email pics if requested