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  1. Belated Lunar Eclipse Image

    Hi All Haven't had time since I last posted here due to work and trying to re-organise my imaging gear plus just got the new ROR obs fitted out and been fiddling around with my Losmandy G11 with the new SiTech GoTo as well as learning how to PlateSolve etc However welcomed the break presented by the recent lunar eclipse so I grabbed the opportunity to join my fellow ASWA members at Kings Park, Perth, WA, to view the eclipse - just thought that I might just post this image as it was my first ever that I've taken in all my life and I'm no "spring chicken" now!:smiley-laughing025: So please enjoy! Cheers Bill
  2. Belated Lunar Eclipse Image

    Thanks Tim & Greg I appreciate that encouragement guys! I'm glad that I've done my first Lunar Eclipse (only because I had the camera gear) and this was shot not with an OTA but a prime lens from the Canon stable - the EF 400mm f2.8L lens which was used in conjunction with a 2X extender Yep, I noticed that we're were very lucky in Western Australia since there was a brief moment of clouds only during the whole course of the eclipse Cheers Bill
  3. Love Thy Neighbor!! M20 & M8

    Hi All Was testing to see if the Hotech FieldFlattener would work with the Equinox 80 - answer is No! - Image in my light-polluted backyard in the absence of the waning moon! With this shot I had to crop out all the four corners as there were elongated stars - there's still some left in there!! Wonder if anyone here knows what would be a suitable FieldFlattener for this size scope?? Any advice would be received gratefully See higher res version here Scope: SW Equinox 80mm OTA CCD: Orion SSDIPro v1 OSC Exp: 10 x 5mins, 10 x 4mins no darks, no Bias PP: Nebuslosity + PS CS4 C & C welcomed Thanks for looking Cheers Bill
  4. Love Thy Neighbor!! M20 & M8

    @Shane Thanks mate! Just beginning to pick up from where I left off early last year; got into a "rut" with work getting in the way but unfortunately if I don't work hard now I wouldn't be able to afford all the nice "astro-goodies" mate! Glad you liked the Picasaweb pixs - drop in there from time to time as I post new ones whenever available @Tim Cheers Tim - yep its still amazes me when I step down from the 120mm OTA to this 80mm OTA that everything is still great and the vista is astoundingly wide! For some reason I don't know of at the moment I seem to be getting worse results BUT it works a treat for the 120mm OTA; been told that perhaps I need to adjust the spacing of the last element of the FF to the CCD chip - will be testing it soon @Ray Cheers Ray; noticed that the link you provided seems to be the same piece of gear that I've got but it's branded HoTech instead; in fact the HoTech Self centring 2-inch Field Flattener with T-thread also claims to work with refractors f/5 to f/8 however I'm unsure of the focal length range that it will cover - eg: the 120mm OTA is 900mm and it works a treat whereas the 80mm OTA is just 500mm and perhaps because of this already much wider FOV that the FF would not cover the whole area corner-to-corner! Which means that I might have to look for one that actually is designed to work with an 80mm aro 500/600mm fl I've seen this one here and I'm sure it'll work! BTW Ray, which mono CCD imager have you on order mate? Thanks once again all Cheers Bill
  5. M20 & also the Jewel Box

    I like both the M20 & Jewel Box - good shots! Cheers Bill
  6. M8 - @ Tammin Dark Sky site

    Hi Had a good run with imaging M8 last weekend just before new moon at the ASWA's Tammin site and was trying out new astro-gears which I had sitting in the corner for quite a while - my first image after about 9 months since the last one!! I was pleasantly surprised that there was fine details (bok globs) picked up by this scope's aperture when compared to my previous shot with the 8" VC200L Scope: SW BD ED120mm OTA with Hotech FieldFlattener CCD: Orion SSDIPro v1 OSC Exp: 10 x 2mins,, 10 x 5mins, 10 x 8mins. no darks, just 10 x 10min Bias PP: Nebuslosity + PS CS4 Better res one here C & C welcomed Thanks for looking Cheers Bill
  7. MAS gets a makeover!

    My 2Cents - re: the new makeover for MyAstroSpace.com - well initially I was stunned to say the least with the gaudy color schemes and very "confusing" layout - though I can see that improvements have been made in regards to the boiler-plate notification area on the right hand side of the screen which gives you an idea of what's been posted newly. Seeing that this forum is run using VBulletin, perhaps (as a suggestion only) a range of their default schemes be also included in the list of choices rather than the ones that Ray would spend time creating Anyway I've chosen to use Skin 6 for the time being Best of luck to the continued improvements :yesplease: HTH Cheers Bill
  8. M8 - @ Tammin Dark Sky site

    @Tony - Thanks for your kind comments - I'm sure you'll get your day with M8 - Oops did I mean night? @Tim - Thanks mate! A bit surprised with POTW!! Indeed a pleaseant surprise Cheers Bill
  9. M8 - @ Tammin Dark Sky site

    Thanks Shane for your kind comments - been too busy with work; so much for my desire to get more photons!! Cheers Bill
  10. M8 - @ Tammin Dark Sky site

    Thanks Guys Appreciate the compliments Will keep on trying to get more photons during the rest of this year Cheers Bill
  11. A 4 months (near-new) Black Diamond Skywatcher 120ED F7.5 900mm OTA 2" Crayford 10:1 focuser with accessories - 9x50 Finderscope, 2" Dielectric diagonal w/1.25"/2" adaptor, 2" 28mm LE EP, 2 x OTA rings, 1 x Vixen-style dovetail bar and all housed in original aluminum carry case Specs can be found off the Skywatcher website here Used only twice - asking $1700 (plus freight if over east) - prefer Perth buyers initially, pickup OK as the scope is in Perth and willing to accept reasonable offers which is negotiable (ridiculous offers will be ignored) Please PM if interested Cheers Bill
  12. Black Diamond Skywatcher 120ED OTA Kit

    This has now been SOLD!!
  13. Pole Align Max

    Which browser are you using? I've just been there and it works; perhaps you do not have "Flashplayer" or whatever else that is required! Try going to the homepage itself ie http://www.andysshotglass.com/ as I remember that there is a warning about Flashplayer being required and that it is not suitable for dial-ups!! HTH Cheers Bill
  14. Pole Align Max

    Perhaps you could get more information about polar-aligning and collimation here: http://www.andysshotglass.com/articles.html HTH Cheers
  15. NEQ6 Pro Skywatcher GoTo Mount

    This latest heavy-duty GEM was purchased 4 months ago -(still under warranty) Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Goto Equatorial SynScan controlled mount for sale - includes whatever came with the mount ie SynScan Handcontroller, 2 x CW, Extension CW bar, Vixen-style & D-style saddles, SS tripod and cable to connect handcontroller to mount Asking $1400 - Perth buyers preferred initially as this mount is in Perth (Plus freight costs if interested buyers over east) - price negotiable (but ridiculous offers will be ignored) Well, specs are well-known but can be viewed here Please PM me Cheers Bil
  16. NEQ6 Pro Skywatcher GoTo Mount

    Sold!! This has now been sold! Thanks Bill
  17. Orion Steady Star Adaptive Optics

    AO guiding (used mostly in astrophotographical applications) has been around for quite a while, perhaps a look at these links might assist in getting a better idea: http://www.sbig.com/products/ao7_new.htm http://www.starlight-xpress.co.uk/SXV-AO.htm http://www.sbig.com/sbwhtmls/ao8.htm HTH Cheers Bill
  18. Celestron no longer selling parts!

    All about Celestron's Trading Policy Hi Yep it's terrible when a manufacturer start to put the customer over a barrel and screws the customer especially when the trust was given by said customer to purchase its product and one's expectation is to get reliable support Read here on another forum when the discussion (around July 2009!) of Celestron's global trading policy especially with regards to the Australian market's pricing structure: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=47352&page=2 When I asked the new Oz distributor last year for the pricing of the Edge HD OTAs when they were first released I laughed at them on the phone for at least 5 minutes when told the retail price - no more Celestron's for me as I believe in fair trading practices and not being robbed blind Regrettably I own a C11 and definitely their so-called distributor here in Oz and Celestron itself will never ever get my custom again unless the situation is changed - thankfully we do have other choices for OTAs and the moment something goes wrong with my C11 it will be binned or used as a flower pot for my rose bush!! My 2cents worth Cheers Bill
  19. Thanks Shane When I arrived at the dark site, it looked horrible for the nite's activity BUT all turned out good after I spent an hour or so taking photos of the evening sunset/crescent moon etc - very good nite viewing till 2.00am in the morning!! Cheers Bill
  20. I was @ Tammin that night and managed to squeeze this one!! (couldn't see M45 occultation here in WA) but was able to get Venus (a very tiny white dot off-centre to the left of the moon; definitely not a hickey!) Cheers Bill
  21. Mars 2nd time around!

    You're a champ!! Great rendition!:welldone: Cheers Bill
  22. Hi John I have the Orion SSAG and like you wanted to use it for other purposes than just autoguiding But to date my attempts to use it with many different drivers including Craterlet have been unsuccessful I believe the reason is that internally the electronics had been firmware rooted so that only the autoguiding part works - I understand that this camera is similar to the QHY5 mono camera which also can guide - I have also tried the native drivers for the QHY5 and the DLL file does not "link" to the Orion SSAG - in other words the video driver is not recognised for the Orion Used as an autoguider, its superb!! HTH Cheers Bill
  23. Eta's Homunculus

    Hi all Been awhile since last posted images early 2009 And since then not a shot fired in anger!! Had recently modded the 40D and was just able to give it first light under good dark skies (though the strong wind was gusting throughout the night @ Tammin) and had one good last attempt crack at "The Homunculus) of Eta Carinae Hope that this pix depicts the correct coloration of this object as I am unsure what the correct color should be! Vc200L w/FR 6.4, autoguided with PHD thru 80mm Equinox (SBS mounted on EQ6Pro) 9 x 3mins subs + 3 darks only DSS stacked & CS3 processed Hope to receive feedback and comments Cheers Bill
  24. bahtinov mask test image + DIY link added

    Yep - the way to go for those darned difficult to focus activity - especially for those like me with an eyesight problem! Been using one each for the 80mm and 200mm scopes - work a treat! Cheers Bill
  25. Eta's Homunculus

    Hi Trevor Yeah you now know - red is my favorite color! But joking aside, without UV/IR filter, isn't it supposed to allow more IR+UV in?? So would be more red isn't it? BTW how do you reduce the clipping of the histogram towards the left (which I understand is the darker/blacker bits) especially in the green channel - I noticed that before processing it has a large rectangular block that goes right to the top of the left hand side of the histogram? Tips/poimters appreciated Cheers Bill