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  1. Thanks Tony & Kokatha for your replies
  2. I will but am not sure when, I am hoping to try 200mm and 400mm when I'm out sometime. But to be honest it's hard finding the time when I'm enjoying the wide field so much. There's so many shots on my list to take wide field and each shot takes so long of course that it's hard to push them asside to test the longer focal length which I'm not so interested in. But, I should just try it to see how it goes. The issue will be how accurate my polar alignment is and how easy it is to fine tune that. I'm 100% confident the RA tracking accuracy won't present any issues. Roger.
  3. Had a great time out in the Wheatbelt last weekend, really enjoyed the trip. My new equipment was working very nicely. Here's some pic from the night: http://www.rogergroom.com/items/kokerbin_rock_astrophotography_August2010 Roger.
  4. Frozen solid!!

    Good on ya for being out there in the clear conditions Shane I haven't built up the enthusiasm myself I have to admit .. been busy like usual too. I'm tired of waking up to find the birdbath's frozen over though ... lost count of how many mornings lately it's been sub zero. Roger.
  5. European Space Agency

    Neat pic Looks like a long focal length.... somewhere in the 400mm range?
  6. Thanks Tim Yes, believe it or not I had a second camera going with a 400mm lens, so have a sequence of the moon its self to process
  7. G'day all, I've finally got one of my lunar eclipse images to the point where it's ready for public viewing, still not sure it's finished... http://www.rogergroom.com/items/lunar_eclipse_26th_june_2010 Took quite a lot of preparation .. to be in the right place to get the pic I wanted, have the right FOV to capture the sequence I wanted, etc. I'm reasonably happy with the result, but might keep tweaking it. Other eclipse shots to come in the coming days hopefully. Roger.
  8. I think the 1st and 3rd pics are great. Quite smooth with sharp detail, and such a nice "flying over the surface" perspective.
  9. Lagoon In Season

    nice now it's made the other 3 corners look like they need a little of the same
  10. a couple of recent images

    I like that snake... stands out very well. Looks like a lock of hair to me.
  11. Bushranger Observatory

    Looks like you've got some fun ahead of you there I enjoyed building my obs. Enjoy using it just as much .... when time permits Look forward to updates as they come.
  12. Lagoon In Season

    Nice lagoon Shane. Nice colour balance and soft result. The only detractor is the distortion bottom left. Titan .... pretty big mount to be portable! But will sure help with your stability & working with the conditions, no doubt about that.
  13. Tammin 12th June

    Hey Shane, what software do you use to convert the series of CR2 files in to a video? Thanks, Roger.
  14. I agree that using an inverter is a waste - my inverter that I power my laptop from uses 500mA just running its self! I bought a 12v supply for my 350D from Hutech. Maybe they do ones for Nikon too, I don't know.