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  1. Large Hadron Collider Explosion!!!

    Just saw the news. Media are being kept out in case of radiation. I bet there is more they are hiding. Never trusted this machine to be honest. Pete
  2. bahtinov mask test image + DIY link added

    Never really knew what they were until I saw that video. Thanks for posting. Peter
  3. How cool. This is the type of setup I think I want to go with. I think it is cost effective and not to difficult to setup. Peter
  4. Old versus New

    I've been looking at ebay as well. I don't think some of the modern expensive lenses have that much over the old ones. Peter
  5. Building an astro photo.

    Great looking picture mate. Peter
  6. Wow mate, that is a great photo. The alignment stick is also very clever. Peter
  7. M34 in Perseus plus Abell 4

    nice photo mate. even better that you got that nova. Merry Xmas to all. Peter
  8. re Vixen SS2K

    I have seen two of these in my travels and they seem to work well. Shame they discontinued them. Peter
  9. First big spider with the RC

    Wow, amazing detail in the core. Amazing object really. :bow::bow::bow: Pete
  10. Can it be a widefield image? Peter
  11. The mini-WASP is go!!

    Does the system automatically stich the images together? What cameras will be on the telescopes? Peter
  12. M45 Pushed to the Max, A Joint Effort!

    Brilliant photo mate. It looks like a blizzard. Peter
  13. Superb prominence

    That sure is one amazing prominence. Well done. Peter
  14. 8 Hour Data Set on Tarantula

    Brilliant detail in that object. I looked at this through a friends telescope about a year ago from dark skies. Great picture. Peter
  15. Nice to see film stuff still going mate. Nice shots as well. Peter