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  1. if you check the cloudy nights link he sold it Gerry
  2. did this ever finish? its been a year and a half
  3. NGC3372 taken with a 127ed refractor, a cooled canon 40D at iso800 on Losmandy G11 guided by an ed80 with a DMK21 camera. The image is made up of 1s, 5s, 15s, 30s, 60s, 120s, 300s, and 605s shots totalling around 5.5hrs of exposure through a CLS light pollution filter. The raw files were stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and then the fits file was processed in Pixinsight with the final tweak in Photoshop.
  4. NGC3372 from the doghouse

    thanks - I officially feel chuffed:biggrin:
  5. NGC3372 from the doghouse

    thanks - its quite a challenge in the city skies
  6. For Sale - Meade giant tripod

    do you still have this?
  7. NGC3372 from the doghouse

    thanks Tim, glad you liked it
  8. i managed to image last friday night for the first real time in 3 months. I got 17 x 10 min shots of the area of the flame and horsehead. Stacked in DSS and processed in Pixinsight1.6.1 . Its a pretty ordinary shot but i am happy to have captured the photons. 127ED canon40D with cls filter, on g11 - UNBELIEVEABLE - the rms was .25 all night (for me thats good normally is higher) - just a pity the moon and light pollution was around. taken from my Doghouse Observatory. its a little dark but that is due to the filter methinks?
  9. :hmm:wow forgot i shot this - thanks:thumbsupmate:
  10. MC_Quantz_Concerto_For_Flute_In_G_Major_First_Movement
  11. I managed to get this shot from last nights eclipse - a HDr of 26 images from 2.5 sec to 1/2000 sec - stacked in Photomatix and processed in Pixinsight and resized in photoshop. Taken with cooled Canon40D and 127ED on the G11
  12. Two more images – one sequence for 9.28pm and another for 8.46pm made up of 32 and 31 shots respectively. Stacked in Photomatix, processed in Pixinsight for DBE, ACDNR reduction and mask moon to lift background, then into Photoshop for colour correction and detail enhancement – quite a simple process really…..
  13. thanks - you should see the rejects LOL
  14. thanks Ray - I have been busy reproing it - hope its better
  15. all i got was this shot - just as twighlight was kicking in - but it was setting behind the next door neighbours house. from the Doghouse observatory
  16. wild weather in Perth

    it would have been a shock and awe situation, hope recovery is Ok with everyone over there
  17. Over Christmas i bought a small but very important piece of equipment -a huge Christmas gift, which my lovely wife allowed me to get. I bought a sirius 2.3m dome!!! the trip to go and get it was a interesting journey, with a mate along for the ride. Al's help and support was brilliant and i cannot thank him enough for his friendship and company. thanks Al. here are some happy snaps. I covered just over 3000km from wallsend to rockhampton and back with a stopover in kallangur, in 3 days from NYeve through to 8pm Friday night. it is now safe in the garage until i can clean up and buff up the panels and get the garden organised before construction of the pier base and platform for the dome. i hope to commission this during the year - a great IYOA 2009 project
  18. i have the computers in the observatory now - hooked up with internet. Still havent drift aligned yet LOL