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  1. Ep's

    More EP's Time to find new homes for my unused EP's. QHY8 has won out over failing eyesight All are in as new condition, 1.25", and around 18 months old, bought new. Pickup Brisbane west or will mail in Oz at your cost. If you buy the lot in one go, deduct 10% 1. Long Pern 3x 8-24mm zoom $95 ($149 at Andrews) 2. Sold - Orion-clone high quality ED14mm $65 (See Orion USA ad here: http://www.telescope.com/control/acc...scope-eyepiece) 3. Generic (GSO) 10mm super Plossl. $15 ($29 at Andrews) 4. York optical 3x Barlow ED, FMC, long tube. $30. ($49 for short tube equiv at Andrews) Everyone knows longer is better 5. Sold: Orion-clone 12.5mm Illuminated-reticle Plossl. $50 (Edited $79 at Andrews) Mike
  2. Fast 90mm Achro refractor OTA

    Thanks Ray, I'll contact Steve and organise things. Sounds like your choice of astro shops there is very easy to choose Just FYI, and my apologies for teaching grandma to suck eggs, but make sure you check the Skywatcher. I have a very good SW BD ED100 refractor, and it's quite good for a rank amateur like me. I also bought an el cheapo SW 70/500 refractor for $99 to use as a guide scope. While it's not too bad, the rack and pinion focuser lets it down, even with an electric drive. There's too much image shift when fine focussing and despite some TLC on the focuser, it just won't go away. That's the reason for the change to a Crayford-equipped one, plus the extra 20mm aperture should make it a bit more sensitive with the QHY5. Anyway, thanks for the reply Ray, and good luck with your scope search too. Mike
  3. Fast 90mm Achro refractor OTA

    Steve, Since I would need to have it sent by courier as well, I'll give Ray first option, but if not, I'll take it. Cheers, Mike
  4. Fast 90mm Achro refractor OTA

    Hi Ray, Thanks for the info and offer. I'll wait for a reply from steve and see how we go. Cheers, Mike
  5. Fast 90mm Achro refractor OTA

    Steve, If Ray doesn't take it, I would be interested. I'm in Brisbane, where are you? Mike
  6. .5x focal reducer placement?

    Thanks for the inputs Bill, I've admired the Hotech adaptor for some time and will also probably end up with one. I've decided to do some more research into FR's suitability to various scopes and cameras, but it seems there's not a lot of info on the forums. A good scope dealer is probably where I'll go. I've sort of gotten around the problem to some extent by starting to use my Canon with some old but good Pentax Takumar lenses I had kept from my photo days, a 50, 135 and a generic 400mm. All fixed, no zooms and the camera to lens adaptor is easy to find on Ebay. They produce nice wide field shots when piggybacked on the EQ6. I still want to try a good FR on the C8, perhaps the original Celestron 6.3 is the best answer. Lots of questions, fewer answers! Cheers, Mike
  7. .5x focal reducer placement?

    Hi Brett, Yes, in theory that's it's purpose. As part of the same effect, it also halves the focal length, so for example, if you have a 1000mm focal length f10 Newt, it will act as a 500mm f5 newt, which is better for doing DSO type activity as it will give a brighter picture and cover twice as much of the DSO, which are often quite large. It also requires a small amount of extra in-focus, so check that before proceeding. They are a bit problematic setting up, both from an "optical placement" point of view and a mechanical standpoint in getting the correct thread or diameter to fit your setup (SCT, 1.25, 2", T thread, etc, etc.) They also seem to be designed for various focal length/ratio scopes, so I believe (not knowing enough about the subject myself) that some are designed for refractors, and some for SCT's, Newts, etc. I'm not really satisfied with the GSO one I bought, it seems to not give good images in either of my scopes or cameras, lots of coma. I bought it on an impulse, so can't really complain, it came with no documentation and I've abused it so much it's probably past the "return to vendor" stage. It could also be my setup that's unsuitable. Unfortunately the mail order dealer here I bought the GSO from seems to know even less than me. My advice would be to ask a reputable dealer who was familiar with your type of equipment setup which one was most suitable for you. I still want to get a good one, as DSO's are the area I would most like to play in with my scopes. Steve Mogg at Webcaddy.com.au has a areasonably priced one if you take a look there. I'm going to ask him for some advice and may buy one. Williams Optics also have one, Meade and Celestron also sell one for their scopes. Choice comes down to spare money I suppose. Good luck. Mike
  8. .5x focal reducer placement?

    Hi Tim, Just a quick update to advise that the GSO .5FR worked with my EOS 1000d, but with some minor vignetting in the corners. I tried it on both the C8 and the ED100 f9 refractor, pretty much the same amount of vignetting, which I guess says it either is still a bit too far from the camera sensor, or that the sensor is just too big for it Anyway, it now reaches focus and appears to give about .5 FR. I just used a local tree as a subject, as clouds here. I then tried it with my Meade DSI III OSC, using a 1.25 to 2" adaptor on the front of the standard 1.25 nose, which has a T thread to the DSI sensor opening. I screwed the FR on the front of the 2" adaptor. It worked perfectly, with no vignetting. As this will probably be my main mode of operation with it, and using the 1000d more in piggyback widefield with camera lenses, I may try and get a direct T to 2" adaptor so that I don't need the 1.25 nose in the Meade. More for cosmetics and reliability than performance I guess. Anyway, lookin' good! Mike
  9. .5x focal reducer placement?

    Thanks for the tip, Tim. It had never occurred to me that you could remove the T-threaded insert from the bayonet-mount EOS adaptor ring. There are three little grubscrews that when loosened, allow the round T-threaded section to come out, leaving a larger hole, into which the GSO .5 FR fits quite nicely, and can be locked in place with the grubscrews, leaving about 1cm protruding to use as a very short 2" barrel. Be aware that some EOS to Tthread adaptors don't seem to have the removable T thread portion, I have one of each type, all bought on Ebay from HKG. The key to identifying the correct one is the three grubscrew holes around the periphery of the knurled front section of the EOS adaptor. The other (unsuitable) one doesn't need or have these grubscrews. I now use it for my 1.25" nose adaptor. In doing all this, one stands a good chance of marking the exterior of the FR body with the grubscrews, but hey, small price if it works. I plan on trying it tonight with both the C8 SCT and ED100 crayfords. I'll pass along any results. If it does work, I plan on buying a 2" barrel adaptor, 1" long, from Scopestuffs or such, to screw into the filter thread on the front of the FR, so you can get a bigger "2 nose" after the FR, for a more solid insertion into the focuser. More news at 11
  10. .5x focal reducer placement?

    I'm in the same boat as you, Tim. I've been trying with a GSO .5 reducer on my Canon 1000d, with both my C8 and a Skywatcher ED100 refractor, in side by side mount. Neither will focus using the reducer. Same results as you and same opinion of the solution. Just FYI, I emailed Steve Mogg at webcaddy.com.au a couple of days ago to see if he has/makes an EOS T to removable 2" threaded nosepiece, so that the reducer can be mounted right next to the T thread, with the 2" nosepice then threaded onto the front female threads of the reducer, giving enough nose out the front to allow a sturdy connection to a 2" focuser. I'll let you know if and when I get a reply.
  11. Meade DSI-3 color camera for sale

    Hi Brent, Is this still for sale? Mike