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  1. "This will be the 39th flight for Discovery, set to become the first of the three surviving space shuttles to be retired this year and sent to a museum. It has since logged 143 million miles since its first flight in 1984." :cya: WoW ! who's still driving around in a 1984 car....? :woot: with heaps less milage
  2. Ray nice peltier cooling Job. Well the 12" is going to be pulled of its throne this w.e. removed from arms, arms removed, machined exact, HD bearings put in,mount re-greased For the tube, :smiley-think004: tackle 2 x 4Amp switchmode peltier jobs as well. Looks like the stars will have 2 wait a few weeks now
  3. 12 volt power

    Ah Tim.... Tut Tut Tut...... Not Pretty at all. That figure 8 cable is good for about 8Amps Max. Can & Will run warm and sticky under full load! looks a little messy in the dark well ! Accidents DO happen! get yourself another enclosure and panal mount everything inside with main take off cable runs (6 AWG = 37A to a distribution bus inside from Car Audio bits) and individual lead off cable runs (12 AWG = 10A i.e. power extention lead cable is good stuff and insulated). some nice panel leds. and rocker switches nice PS though.
  4. Observatory roof design

    Tim Nice scissor truss design 4 sure. I went with 2mt. height walls with fold down wallt to 1.5mt. on E/N/W walls. Will be fixing the West wall permenant as I'ts newer used in the fold down position.
  5. Moon - The Movie

    Loved "Kevin Spacey" as the robot by the way very COOL robot able to move around with a mean arm! 100% improvment over "HAL" controlled voice very similar & Radar definately great on 90" screen !wow! Oh! Trevorw nothing predictable we had a feirce debate @ our place over reds as to why humans were being farmed for this project outcome = C H E A P E R than sending ships up and down Loved it! as would IMO - Asimov, Sagan, Roddenberry, Clarke
  6. re Vixen SS2K

    hey FB! I have one with the mobile GPDX mount with WO ZS80 works extremely well no problems
  7. Lunar duos

    Moon declination G'day Pierpaolo this is OT sorta how can I predict when the moon is furthest declination North on my horizon ? Is there some software about for this?
  8. G'day Y'all Enjoying the Wet are we While were getting plenty of the stuff (66mls June) out in the west Might as well do some mods. Anyone know where to get the V groved wheels from in Melbourne? I'm looking for 4 of 75mm V grooved castors.
  9. Gso 8" rc

    Thanks for the review "Trevor" IMO will make a good fit for the Vixen GPDX at my suburban digs (heading out to install a pier) in the backyard
  10. Gso 8" rc

    GSO-RC 200 ? any one have specs ? weight really is what I need
  11. Well as I see it with cheap non scientific calculator power it got em to the moon (yeah right ) so today's super computers will need until 2014 (go figure) :weird: smells fishy :hmm:
  12. G'day Y'all Here's a list of Those pesky reds (stars not wine ) which make for difficult viewing for me anyway with protanopic vision
  13. WoW what a difference in OZ we had +46.2 C (in the shade) out here yesterday its been only 2 years since the last extreme heat the maggies were standing in the shade of the red gums panting
  14. G'day there Patrick Say I'm investigating a dome structure for the roll off roof modification Some big winds on occasion here was the ply / masonite difficult to work with ? nice looking obs obs by the way