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  1. Mirror Recoating?

    bit late .. try this guy if you still need it done C Qin Pty Ltd Campsie NSW 2194 ph: (02) 9789 1047 Category: Optical Supplies
  2. Mirror Recoating?

    double post
  3. New Drive for Sampson

    Id like to see the photos of new and old
  4. Astro Optical Reflectors/Mounts or parts, rusty ,dusty and old bits wanted, this is a link to photos of parts wanted: http://s83.photobucket.com/albums/j291/torana68/Telescopes/parts%20wanted/ Whats there is a photo of the counterweight's, a 1.25" locking collar,the half moon shaped bit the OTA sits on, the strap that holds the OTA to the mount, will consider any bits from the mounts that you can see in the photos but specificall the bits mentioned. Not really after any more OTA's but will considerer old OTA's for parts, either Newtonian or Dall Kirkham. thanks Roger
  5. guys, I have a spherical 8" f4 mirror that needs refiguring, Im more looking for someone who has a need of my skills as a swap, the comercial price Ive been quoted seems fair but is outside my budget, so.... anyone need the services of a mechanic (qualified), hydraulics/pneumatics guru, spray painter (owned a shop for a while) or even house maintenance send me a message and Ill see if we can work something out (I have a second 8" mirror that can be had as part trade if its of use) Rogern:smile:
  6. WTB 1.25 Focuser for a 4.5" Reflector

    Ray, It uses the little 1' (or thereabout) ones, Roger gave up and bought one from BINTEL, paid yesterday here today... Welcome to the site mate. I know this may sound like a silly question, but what size eyepieces does your current focuser use? Cheers Ray
  7. Hi all, Looking to upgrade a 1" to a 1.25" focuser, something with fine gearing that will go on a 4.5" reflector, used prefered, anyone have something lying about? thanks Roger NSW