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  1. Not too bad. No street lights. No close neighbors. Wangaratta is about 15-20 km away where I do get a slight glow from in the SE. Must be Shane's neighbor's back light . I'm lucky because I'm quite elevated which reduces the amount of glow. Yarrawonga is much further away. I'm guessing 40-50 km in the North but I still get a slight glow from there as well. I do consider myself lucky up here. One very annoying thing is a bloody power line going through the property. This has made me set up my obs further down in the paddock. Less convenient as would rather have it closer to the house. Dan
  2. My Latest Image - Satellite

    Yep. Agree. Too may wannabe experts on this topic. If there is one good thing with high temps and elevated CO2.....plants like it. If humans can stop cutting them down though. Dan
  3. Look and weep!!!

    I attempted the soap film the other day. Hard to tell in the picture what is happening. The soap film managed to form. Bit like the path of least restistance I suppose. Not sure if this was what you meant so I also Youtubed it. Not much came up though. Still intersting though. Dan
  4. Look and weep!!!

    Very interesting. You made me look this up. I found it very intersting also the Mobius strip. This fact had me :" If an ant were to crawl along the length of this strip, it would return to its starting point having traversed the entire length of the strip (on both sides of the original paper) without ever crossing an edge". Basic but amazing. Dan.
  5. My Latest Image - Satellite

    I went to a seminar the other day for work. This was one of the presentations https://www.awri.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Milawa-wine-July-2017-Dale-Grey.pdf . A bit messy to read but some interesting contrast between the previous seasons and what lies ahead. Page 37 has a summary of the predictions from weather agencies across the world. Historically, the Norwegians seem to be the most accurate. Australia BOM will be investing a heap of money into monitoring the Indian ocean temps as this is what has the most influence on our weather. I was also surprised by how much Antarctica does too. Very compliacted this weather stuff. This one is far less compliacted https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_rock Dan
  6. In summer, yes. Hot and very dry. On average for the whole year approx 6 days/month with rain >1mm (71.8 days for whole year producing 634mm). 3.6 days/month for summer & 8.6 days/month for winter. Annoying as it is, I rely on the rain this time of year to fill the dam and tanks up to get through the drier times ahead. The amount of insects during summer would keep these little creatures busy. That's probably why I don't see them around during summer. Plus I'm too focused on looking out for the nasty snakes instead.
  7. I've got heaps of reptiles where I live. Mostly good ones. But every winter I have to save many of these marbled geckos in my firewood. My little daughter and I gathered quite a few on this occasion and relocated them to another old tree stump with lots of hides and moisture. They are slow and sleepy this time of year. They are so cute. But have to be careful as they drop their tail in defence. I was told their tail is the source that gets them through winter without the need to eat. Summer is a completely different story. So many jacky dragons, lace monitors, brown and black snakes and even turtles, yet, hardly see these geckos.
  8. SAO 76540

    Looks fantastic Greg. Would like to try dark neb one day myself. Hard finding good info about these though.
  9. NGC 6744

    Thanks gentlemen. Yep, agree more data would better. Happy with this one for now though.
  10. NGC 6744

    Been fumbling around trying to sort out a filter wheel issue over the last 2 weeks. Managed to piece together 3.5 hours of data from Saturday night to get this faint galaxy in Pavo. Apparently the surface brightness is around mag 12 but actual mag of 8 (well that's what stellarium says). Lucky it's fairly big at around 20'00'' x 19'54''. Shot at F6.3. Interesting Galaxy as it has another Galaxy near by (NGC 6744A) similar to our Magellanic clouds. In shot there is also IC4820 to the left and IC4823 below right of centre. Also something to the right the looks like a small edge on, but my software doesn't recognise it. Bloody filter wheel issue was annoying. Always something hey? Took all day today messing around to fix it (hopefully). It got that frustrating, I volunteered to go grocery shopping with the Mrs. Dan.
  11. Eagle Nebula @ 4000mm FL

    Impressive close-up Ray. Good object to be spending time on. The NB colours look good. You must have good guiding at that FL!
  12. Meathook Galaxy

    Top work mate. Good effort too given the conditions over the last month or so.
  13. Just another M42

    No worries. If I knew how to send you the original files, you are welcome to play around with them. You've done a good job bringing out more detail with just the JPEG, especially the brown dust. I would like to see what you could do with the original TIFF &/or FIT files. I would get more data but I am extremely flat out this time of year with my job, which really sucks as the weather here is ideal at the moment for imaging. I like the old ED120 too. It's been a great scope for my capabilities. Yes - how did you do this? Dan.
  14. Guide Camera Recommendation

    That's right. I remember now..you're using the QSI with Off axis guiding yeah? Can you do a recalibration in Maxim after the flip? I'm not familiar with Maxim as I use PHD. I like PHD as it's easy to use and basic. My SSAG is older than that. Probably around the 2011 I think or older? So hopefully I'm safe. Yes the SSAG is the QHY5 I'm pretty sure. Updates really drive me nuts. Everything requires an update it seems. Probably a way for manufactures to make things obsolete in an attempt to make us upgrade. I would not be happy either.....It's always the way, something crappy happens when you least expect it. Maybe one positive is an opportunity to repro some old data perhaps? Dan.
  15. Just another M42

    Thanks Guys, Still not professor quality, probably a bit over sharpened when I look at it again. I was a bit blurry eyed while processing which made me sharpen a bit too much. Using my old skywatcher ED120 (upgraded to moonlite focuser) with 0.85 Focal reducer and QHY9 mono. Using astronomik filters. 6x5min L and 5x1min L and RGB all 3x5min. Was lazy and used 10min dark frames as I forgot to do more darks for 5 min subs. Combined the 5 min subs with 1 min subs as Luminescence frame for the core and a few layer masks. I had to try the reducer to flatten the edges out. The old skywatcher is only a budget scope and the edges are a bit crappy when using the KAF8300 chip as it really shows up the imperfections/limitations of this scope. I think the reducer helps with flattening the edges. Dan