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    Wangandary Vic
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    Playstation 3 online gaming & Nitropowered remote control cars
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    SWProED120 with QHY9Mono(filterwheel) & StartShoot Autoguider/Finderscope on HEQ5 Pro on a pier. Rolloff shed. Also GSTAR EX & SW909 & 12inch Dob

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    Wangandary Victoria, Australia
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    Interesting things from microscopic to telescopic.
  1. Amazing image Greg. 40 min subs? Crazy! Great guiding and patience. Dan.
  2. That's giving the Mrs the universe (or part thereof)! Dan
  3. Well done. All great looking shots. You will have to show me PI one day. Looks like you're getting the hang of it. Dan
  4. That's the stuff. And a very handy website that I'll be adding to my favorites. Thanks Ray. Dan.
  5. Yeah Shane, pretty good. I found these tips for NB processing. No star removal tips but more of colour tips. The overall results can be subjective depending on what you like. Use SII for the red channel, Ha for the green and OII for the blue. Adjust R, G, B channels in the histogram so they all overlap. Duplicate the base layer and open "selective colour" and choose greens. Reduce cyan component to -100% and magenta to -25%. Next select yellows and reduce cyan to -100% and magenta to +25% select cyan and reduce yellow to -100% and click OK. Open "selective colour" again and select cyan and reduce yellow component to -100% and magenta to -25%. Click OK. Magenta may still need to be adjusted if required. Dan
  6. Good to hear Ray. By memory, it sounded complicated at first, but once you get stuck into it, it's not too bad. Easier if I drop a USB stick of some old data in for ya. I'll dig out some post Deep Sky Stacker data tonight. Or I can give you the subs. Dan
  7. Hey Ray (and everyone else too)....The person I saw is J-P Metsavainio. Here's a link to "Tone mapping". Only thing is, he uses PS. I only use PS as it's all I know and have. I do have Nebulosity but I only use that to capture. I am aware PS only does 16 bit, but my images don't warrant the time and money for PI as yet. I may look at PI later on when I get better data. But have a look at this blokes website. He's bloody good. I guess I am particularly interested in his stuff as he has the same camera as me, so something for me to aspire to. Plus it's in PDF so you can print out or save for later reference. I hate YouTube tutorials...I just want to fast forward but can't in fear of missing vital bits, but after watching them I realise what a waste of time and wish I did fast forward! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24702393/Tone Mapping_v2.pdf or if that link doesn't work https://astroanarchy.blogspot.com.au/2014/04/tone-mapping-v20-my-lecture-at-neaic.html and click on the picture Interesting website if nothing else. I hope this helps. Dan.
  8. Nice one Shane. Colour and detail look good. Definitely a keeper. Dan.
  9. Nice one Ray. Do you do star removal when doing narrowband? I came across a website somewhere once and it was quite interesting how he processed narrowband. I tried it out and seemed to workout really well. I saved his steps. Only problem, it's on my old computer somewhere. But your results look similar. Good one. Dan.
  10. Great object to image. So much going on. Doing a good job holding that beast of a scope on target. Looks good to me. Dan
  11. Yep Shane, I'll try it out first, but I probably should get it blackened. My mate at Cox's does it for me. Your brother reluctantly cut a piece to size for this reducer ages ago so I could get the correct spacing. It was like pulling his teeth out! I understand that though, especially when they are busy, which seems to be all the time. I know you can do this stuff. You should just jump on a lathe one arvo. My mate must do these things on the sly I reckon. I don't ask, he just does these thing as he thinks the astronomy thing is cool and I know his boss pretty well too. I keep throwing work their way with my job and am at the workshop frequently. I saw their water cutter the other month. Now I want to get an aluminium water cut bahtinov mask next, but just waiting for the right moment to ask. Might cost me some bottles of wine. But that is fine with me. And Ray - any type of metal and me don't get along. I can't weld at all. I've tried but I just make holes. I can grind. But machining, no way. I'll leave that for the talented metal workers. Definitely a skill. I can't even read callipers properly!
  12. Hi All, Thought I'd put these pics in the relevant section. Shane - here's a pic of the T2? adapter for my reducer, As you mentioned the moonlite only has a compression ring, so I had to get this made up. I am hopeful it will do the job. Also, thought I'd put my mount in here as well. Lucky I have friends to make this stuff for me. Way beyond my job description. Dan.
  13. Maaate....big congrats. And more on the way! Next Christmas will be big at your place. And noisy. Yep, it's frightening how fast they grow. But very enjoyable. I never thought I would say that. I agree with Ray about Sci Fi stimulating their young minds. I loved Sci Fi stuff as a kid. Still do now. Good work. Dan
  14. Thanks men. Guiding with my finderscope that has a 2x Barlow and starshoot autoguide cam. PHD software. Pretty happy how this works. Still using my old Ed120 and QHY9 mono. I'm getting a friend to machine an adapter for my reducer as I realised the moonlite focuser doesn't have a thread for it. My same friend rebuilt (over engineered) my pier for me. Trying to weed things out before the harvest in a few weeks. I won't be able to do anything for a couple of months once we start picking grapes. Dan
  15. Hi all, Thought I'd give this a go to try a few things as I rattle my brain trying to remember imaging. This planetary is way too small for my set-up. I know it's not centred and far from great, but I just wanted to check the edges of the image using a basic star field with a bonus small object. Plus I've never looked at this object either. I'm going to try my 0.85x focal reducer to see if it helps or makes the edges worse. At least the guiding seemed to be alright. Dan