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  1. NGC300 & an eagle too

    Nicely done
  2. HDR Rosette

    Unusual colour rendition Lon different to say the least
  3. Ngc5128

    Thanks Lon Thanks Tim
  4. NGC6281 in Scorpius

    1hr 50m data in 17 frames usual gear http://www.flickr.com/photos/mylotian/4737261197/lightbox/ Cheers
  5. Ngc5128

    Thanks Tony
  6. Ngc5128

    Thanks guys
  7. NGC 6231 area

    Very nice Steve
  8. Ngc5128

    Hope you like this one
  9. M101 Noel Carboni process

    Not really an issue Greg just my point of view. I'm viewing this on my monitor at home now and I can still notice a slight green tinge. I altered the RGB on the background so the green was a a few points less than the others I couldn't upload a larger image due to copyright Now this is only my opinion Cheers
  10. M101 Noel Carboni process

    A lot of other images viewed by me thru the guilty monitor in the majority of cases do not display a noticeable green tinge, however when I see what appears to be a green imbalance in an image I highlight it to the poster. Greg it's not the first time I've viewed your images on the same monitor in question, so I checked across two different computer monitors just to be sure. Although colour is often subjective in the eye of the beholder, and as our brains don't all decipher an image in exactly the same way, what I see may not be noticeable by others. IMO Tim it's a misnomer if you think you should balance green exactly the same as R & B in stellar images AFAIAC the green channel should be slightly less dominant than the others. Here is a reference regarding colour balance that may be of interest http://starizona.com/acb/ccd/advtheorycolor.aspx I doubt I need to calibrate my monitor but I will do so just in case. Cheers
  11. M101 Noel Carboni process

    Background appears to be a tad green but nice otherwise
  12. NGC 4038/9 (& 4027 I think)

    Not bad actually
  13. NGC 6025 and NGC 5460

    Thanks Shane cheers and clear skies
  14. Ngc 6231

    Really deep on the colours there Steve nice work
  15. The Eagle has landed

    One I did a while ago just reworked the data Cheers