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  1. Well put Dog Star. I myself have Buddhist faith background from my great grandfather who was from Sri Lanka and was of this following. I respect all faiths though and indeed, no matter who they be, this is no reason to hide behind to try and get away with spamming. Your friend is correct that this isn't the way of a true buddhist, and quite obviously any such person claiming to be one and does this sort of thing to others, isn't practicing thier faith correctly, or the way Buddha would have taught for his followers to be. Cheers back!:peace2:
  2. Ahhh..well that makes sense now to me. I just recieved a PM just a few days ago from this Serendipity as well. I didn't see this post until after I replied the PM though. I simply responded in a freindly manner thinking it was just a new member wanting to connect with likeminded astro enthusiasts. I didn't however visit the link in their PM, and had thought it strange there was a link there in the first place...(DUH).. Anyway, I have no problem either with anyone's faith. To each is thier own. I'm universal in spiritual matters.
  3. M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

    WOW!!! What a superb image of Andromeda Galaxy. Truly spectacular! I have always held an infinity with M31, and you captured it beautifully, with it's two dwarf satellites just glowing along side.:welldone::thumbsupmate: I'm no proficient in astro photography, but it's a wonderful picture.
  4. Welcome aboard wyldbill100, hope you enjoy the forums!
  5. Jovian moon on moon action.....

    Wish I had broadband to watch it.... I have been enjoying Jupiter's good viewing position lately, and watching three of the closer moons orbiting around the giant. I can even see two of the moons with the naked eye!
  6. Mars?

    LOL... Where do you wish to start, Astro Bob?
  7. Mars?

    LOL!!! Gentlemen...please, no need to fight over it...:lmao: Thank so much for your replies! This is very helpful! (curtsies gracefully...)
  8. Does anyone know where Mars is currently located in the month of August?
  9. The Moon

    Yeah...this show turned out to be one I've seen before....bit dissappointing.
  10. The Moon

    I'll be watching that one too tonight. Anyone watch "Myth Busters" last night about moon conspiracies??? Was quite good.What do you all think?
  11. My Half Moon Astropic

    Thanks guys! I love hearing your stories and advice too. I think i didn't hardly know if what I was doing would turn out to be not a bad first attempt either! But there it is! Good luck with your future images, Saj!
  12. Lagoon Nebula now in Hubble Palette

    Those are spectacular images Stevec!:bow: Truly wonderful, I think you have every hue of the rainbow in that ! I just love such images, makes one feel like they could step right into it.:welldone:
  13. My Half Moon Astropic

    Thank you very much Little legs!
  14. UFO Wind Turbine Report

    So long as it's not the alien who was piloting the ship in the hilarious Pixar short films called "Lifted".... If the head pilot asked the co-pilot to pull up, he'd probably be more likely to really smash into the windmill ....evidently, he did....well..he certainly clipped it good!:lmao:
  15. I was most dissappointed with our cloudy skies that night, anad didn't get to see it... anyone got any pics of it?