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  1. Jupiter in nice seeing

    Ten out of ten mate. :bow: Bob
  2. Barlows or Powermates?

    Congrats on the new addition Ray. Bob
  3. Proud to be the newest member

    Welcome cobber! I reckon you'd be alright with that setup on that mount. If not you can always downgrade to a refractor later. Those mounts are hard little work horses. All the best from Aus mate. Bob
  4. Ganymede on 9th September.....

    Well I think the meaning "lunar photography" just got a whole lot harder. Top image buddy. Definitely worth a shot at pick of the week. Or is it pic of the week? Bob
  5. NGC 346 now in colour

    10 out of 10 mate. That would be a hard object to shoot. Bob
  6. If you don't get sea sick the best place to see this eclipse is on the ocean. But I'm not sure how good the photo's will be if the ship is rocking back and forth all the time. I will more than likely make the trip over there. Bob
  7. The new sensor on Hubble is bringing in images. http://www.hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2009/25/image/ Would be good to compare the same object with the old hubble ccd sensor versus the new one. Bob
  8. NGC 346 H alpha

    Great work. Fine detail. Wouldn't mind one of those cameras. :bow::bow::bow::bow: Bob
  9. Very active image mate, well done. What telescope are you shooting through? Bob
  10. Astronomy coordinate systems

    Hi mate, You should be using Jnow. The J2000 system is for the year 2000, but things slowly creep out of sync because of precession. there is very little difference in the two systems. If you are getting coordinates from a book, check what the epoch is and use that system. Here is a cut and paste from starry night - Bob
  11. Jupiter 31st aug

    I like how the moon is on the very edge. It looks good. Bob
  12. NGC 224, or another M31, 32, 110

    Very nice mate.:woot::woot::woot: Bob
  13. That's no good. Did it get destroyed? Bob
  14. Andromeda revisited

    Yes mate, that is a good shot. There is a lot of very clear detail. Bob
  15. Jupiter 27/8/09

    Good shot and processing write up mate. Bob
  16. 29/8 - great eruptive prominence today

    What a whopper! How big do you think that thing is? Bob
  17. Jupiter 8 Inch SCT

    I agree, that warrants another processing attempt. There is a lot of data there. Bob
  18. Ngc 598

    Yes, that is good work mate. :bow: Bob
  19. NGC6960 in Ha - 1st stage

    Good work mate. Are you going to stitch all three shots together? Bob
  20. Which Camera?

    What is your light pollution like? One shot colour cameras won't work as well in light pollution unless you are shooting really bright objects like planets and moon. Bob
  21. Sounds like severe turbulance in the upper atmosphere mate. Have you got a scope to look at it with? bob
  22. Obs report 18/8/09

    Think I'll have to get myself an OIII filter. Thanks for the report. Bob
  23. New Iris Nebula

    Mysterious looking object mate. Great photo though. The dark nebula is very evident.:bow::bow::bow: Bob
  24. Jovian moon on moon action.....

    Mate that is a serious catch. That would have taken some planning. Good on him. :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow: Bob