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  1. NGC1333 - Work in progress

    Looks fine to me to mate. Well done. Bob
  2. M34 in Perseus plus Abell 4

    I had to look for that planetary neb mate. Then saw it. Very cool. Bob
  3. OK, home-made tripod

    I was reading somewhere that wooden tripods are better than the steel legs. I think expansion was one issue, weight being one of the others. There were a few pro's to using wood, no cons that I remember. Bob
  4. M17 The Swan Rework

    Nice work mate. Bob
  5. Observatory video

    Wish I had a decent telescope to put in an observatory. :crazy: Bob
  6. Eclipse 'goto star',anyone using one?

    I read an online tutorial for this controller but I've googled and can't find it. From what I read it was a good piece of equipment. Bob
  7. Building an astro photo.

    Wow. Great stuff mate. What are the black diamonds like? Bob
  8. M42 Redeaux with mask

    The dust lanes are amazing mate. It is really caught well. Bob
  9. M39 from Last Wed.

    Lovely work mate. Bob
  10. M42 from Wed night

    That is an interesting job you had there mate. 40 years? I imagine you would have seen a lot change in electronics over that time. Bob
  11. Welcome to the site mate. I would definitely say star trails and lunar work. I'm no astrophotographer though, the others here may be able to help more. Maybe a cheap mount on a wedge to do some widefield work to. Bob
  12. M42 from Wed night

    Great shot mate. Processing tips are over my head. Bob
  13. The mini-WASP is go!!

    Holy sh*t! Looks like some kind of military weapon. :woot: Well done on what must be a difficult project. :bow::bow::bow::bow: Bob
  14. Ngc 1841

    Very good job mate. Bob
  15. Jupiter 19th Oct Repro

    That has a nice 3d look about it. I don't know why, it just does. Bob
  16. FINALLY starting to upgrade gear

    I envy you mate. This is the scope I'm thinking about buying. I like the fact that it has no front corrector. Bob
  17. Space Station

    It looks hard mate. Well done. Bob
  18. Starsets!

    That is brilliant to watch mate. Thanks bob
  19. M81 Bodes Nebula/Galaxy

    Very nice mate. it even looks difficult. great galaxy though. Bob
  20. Registar Help

    yes mate, great images. Nice kit as well. :bow::bow::bow::bow::bow: Bob
  21. Windows 7 or vista..?

    I reckon stick with XP for now. Most of the astronomical programs people use are compatible with it, but only a few work with Vista or Windows 7. All kinds of things from mount control to guiding programs will need to be compatible. I'd stick with XP. Bob
  22. M44 and Mars

    I'm no expert but I'd say you'll need to do a composite mate. Mars could also glare out parts of the beehive depending on how close it is. Good idea though. Bob
  23. Sweet new bit of kit

    Very nice mate. Glad to hear about the colours. Bob
  24. What is wrong

    What is the extender for? Sounds like you'll need to buy another adapter to go in between the filter wheel and camera. Sometimes astro cameras come with a couple of different sizes. Bob