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  1. That curved rim down the bottom sets that photo right off. Love the colour as well mate. Bill
  2. Great colour. Lots going on in that area. I am on a mobile device, can't see any bad stars on my iPad. Bill
  3. Great photo. I love these objects. Bill
  4. That is an amazing photo mate. Bill
  5. Interesting object. Great work. Bill
  6. Great looking base. Looks very solid. If pins came down under those flat feet going straight into the ground would be very hard to nudge accidentally. Bill
  7. Amazing image of the heart nebula. Very interesting read about mosaics and variable light pollution. Thanks Bill
  8. Very cool mate. Bill
  9. Very neat editing. Would have took a long time. Bill
  10. I never used to notice clouds but now always like to watch them roll over. That formation looks like a front edge. Those types change shape quickly. Bill
  11. That is a pretty amazing setup, including the roof top observatory. Where is it? Bill