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  1. Pier for sale

    Pier for sale 1M tall by 220mm dia. 10mm thick top and bottom plates and gussetting. Top plate choice of plain undrilled, or drilled for Meade SuperWedge (as shown in pic). $570 pickup from Sutherland, Sydney. (~50KG) Pictures: www.aussiesky.net/Pier/Pier_Aug09_1.jpg www.aussiesky.net/Pier/Pier_Aug09_2.jpg PM me for more details, or greg@aussiesky.net Greg
  2. Pier for sale

    Brett, Yes, there is a threaded plug in the top of the tube (~20mm dia) that will allow it to be filled with sand. It will take about 30kg of sand. Greg
  3. Pier for sale

    Piers for sale 165mm dia x 1000 tall (approx 1060 to top of top plate). 300mm sq x 10mm gusseted bottom plate, 10mm thick adjustable top plate, 6mm tube wall thickness. Has threaded plug in top of tube so you can fill it with sand etc. Full length welds. Very solid. Painted in your colour choice. Drilled and tapped for Meade SuperWedge, top plate 200 x 250 $640 + shipping from Kirrawee Sydney. With plain undrilled top plate 200 x 200 x 10mm $599 + shipping from Kirrawee Sydney. Inquiries for custom builds welcome. Fair prices. Shipping weight 40kg PM for inquiries. Picture here: http://www.aussiesky.net/Pier/Pier_Meade_Top_Plate.jpg