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  1. advise for new obsv in yamba

    Hi hpcoolahan, I guess you are referring to the Red ( port - left ) navigation lights available for small boats. I have LED navigation lights fitted to my boat and they are very efficient, providing a bright light with low power usage. They should do the job very well as they spread the light in a defined 112 degree arc, so provided you mount them so the light beam is not on your telescope and work area I think they would be fine. Cheers, Space Dog.
  2. Thankyou Radar and Mick for your quick replies. I will go ahead and mount the Red Dot Reflex Finder when I obtain a Dovetail Base to attach to the Dobsonion Telescope. If I have a problem with the extra weight I will make a counter weight using a bag of lead shot and fridge magnets and attach it at the mirror end of the scope.
  3. I have recently purchased my first Telescope ( 200mm Dobsonion ) that came with a Right-Angle correct Image Finderscope, which works well except for the initial orientation of the scope on the target area. I plan to mount a Red Dot Reflex Finder beside the existing finder-scope to provide easier orientation of the main scope. Are there any pitfalls / problems that I should be aware of before I embark on this modification?