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  1. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    I've only ever owned one camera. A Canon 350d, and I still have it and still use it I'm not much of a photographer (Terrestrial that is). I have about 14 Astro cameras though.
  2. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Dave, I did a search online to see how good (or bad) the Canon 750d is when used for AStrophotography. Not all the Canon range are useful for AStro and it's worth checking for each model I found this, I hope it helps:
  3. SW Black Diamond 120mmx1000mm Refractor

    Dave, excellent result on the Moon for an Achromat Are you using any UHC or Yellow filters? or natural? I'm a huge fan of the Synscan WiFi unit too. It's so nice to simply turn on the power and GOTO an object. No more dealing with Date, Time, Location, Daylight Savings, 3 star alignment etc. every night
  4. Supernova

    Top pic Greg. Do you know, is it a foreground star or is it actually in NGC4568
  5. My Current gear April 2020

    Ray, I don't need to network with the obs. I never sit outside. It's more comfortable in the Obs Control Room than sitting at home via networking, especially with the heater running in the Obs in winter I also get to sit alone in the Obs, not have wifey chatting away to me in the house
  6. My Current gear April 2020

    LOL!!! Nothing Freudian Ray, I already have the same scope in 8 inch, but the longer focal length increases magnification giving me a slightly smaller FOV, which I don't want, and I can't use a Focal Reducer without adding a Coma Corrector. I've tried And it's too many dollars to fix it So it's the 6 inch or lose FOV. The dual monitors are a real blessing, It makes it easier to keep watching the capture window while doing other stuff. Also, having a totally separate computer for Guiding is soooooo much better. It's only an old 10 inch notebook. And I can also use it as another capture device if I want to view on two cameras simultaneously. But the best bit of gear I have is the Synscan WiFi setup. I do GoTo's using multiple planetarium softwares (Cartes du Ciel, Stellarium) wirelessly with a simple single mouse click, and I never have to do the old "Date, Time, Location, Daylight Saving, 3 star alignment" procedures any more. Just turn on the power and go to something
  7. Arp214 (NGC3718) and friends

    Well done Greg. I don't find the noise a problem (I can barely see it anyway). Those 3 very distant galaxies directly under Arp214 are interesting, 2 of them look like they might be colliding or gravitationally affecting each other.
  8. Ray was asking what gear I am currently using and I couldn't find a 'Members Equipment" section. so I stuck it in here Here ya go: NOTE: ignore where I labelled the large scope as an 8 inch. It is a 6 inch OOPS!
  9. Crikey..!!!

    G'day Ray, I will answer your question in another thread in Equipment discussion so we don't take Darryl's thread off track
  10. Crikey..!!!

    Hey Darryl, long time no speak!!! How are you mate. Been waiting for the knock on my front door Mate, that is stunning work! Sooooo much beautiful detail. It has been great watching your improvements over the last 10 or so years.
  11. CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) NOTIFICATION Due to the current Coronavirus situation we have closed our Snake Valley Clubsite/Observatory to all visitors. Club members may still enter the property and use their own equipment but not share Telescope eyepieces with other members, or allow other members to view through their equipment. ------------------------ We apologise for any inconvenience, and will inform of any changes in policy. ------------------------ Thank you Ken James - President SVAA Website: SVAA
  12. Latest Video Astronomy

    Ray, the Revolution RI2 (Analogue) up top is used as a super-widefield finderscope that goes to a small monitor separate from the computer monitors. It gives me approximately 10 degree FOV. The IMX224 in the Guidescope/finderscope is just used as a closer finderscope and also for guiding if I ever want to guide (which I rarely ever do). It is connected to a small laptop computer and runs in PHD2. The next IMX224 in the ED80 is for viewing/imaging/Live Video, and so is the IMX178 in the 6" Achromat. The IMX224's are used by some as guide cameras but they are excellent small light 1.2mp imaging cameras. That's their most popular use. They are quite good at imaging, and extremely sensitive for video work. The IMX178 is a lot slower than the 224's and is 6.4mp, so it is a great imaging camera. Both the 224 and the 178 are far more sensitive than usual astro imaging cameras. What normally takes minutes to capture takes only seconds in these cameras. They aren't really recommended for serious astrophotography. They are recommended for Live and Near-Live Video Astronomy or fast imaging. I use the 224 in the ED80 and the 178 in the 6" Achro as my main cameras. They are the ones I use for Viewing/Broadcasting/fast Imaging etc. In the software (RisingSky) I simply switch back and forth between the two cameras
  13. Latest Video Astronomy

    Nowhere near the limit Shane. Those huge 6" f/5 Achromats aren't as heavy as they look It is only 9kg. and ED80's are super light. The cameras weigh about the same as an eyepiece. The little ones weigh less than eyepieces!
  14. Latest Video Astronomy

    Here's the gear I am currently using. The pics above are done with the big blue scope on the bottom Cheers, Ken