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  1. Latest Video Astronomy

    Here's the gear I am currently using. The pics above are done with the big blue scope on the bottom Cheers, Ken
  2. Latest Video Astronomy

    Thanks Shane and Ray Here's 2 more from last night. These two were taken with the 6" f5 Achromat Focal reduced 0.7x Who says fast Achromats are crap? Cheers, Ken
  3. Yeah Yeah, I know! 5 years since my last post. Just call me Captain Slack OK, here's where I am up to currently with Video Astronomy, apart from running a Video Astronomy Forum with a bloke called Davy in Scotland: I now currently have 19 cameras I have advanced through the Camera range waaayyy past the Mallincams, and into the latest CMOS high resolution cameras that are pretty much as fast as the Mallincams (Xtreme & Xterminator) but in much higher resolution giving far superior results. Gone are the ugly giant Mallincam blocky square stars. The 4 cameras I use simultaneously now are a Revolution Imager RI2 Analogue as an all-sky finderscope, a RisingSky 224 CMOS in my 50mm Finder/Guidescope, a Revolution Touptek 224 CMOS in the ED80 which is piggybacked on top of my 6" f5 Achromat with a RisingSky 6.5mp G3 CMOS. My scopes and Mount haven't changed much over the last 15 years, only the cameras. I'm still using much the same gear as last time I posted 5 years ago, just better cameras. Here's a sample of what I now get with these better cameras, in seconds: (remember, in Video Astronomy these are all single screen grabs of Live views with absolutely NO post-processing. Straight off the camera) Enjoy! Cheers, Ken CARINA NEBULA OMEGA CENTAURI M4 GLOB
  4. A little solar from the 18th.

    G'day Tim, yes mate, it's Ken. Things are cold and wet and cloudy. Have been for months! I've been around lurking all the time, just not logging in. But been reading. :thumbsupmate:
  5. A little solar from the 18th.

    :welldone: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice Detail
  6. MAS gets a makeover!

    How about going back to the previous Layout and colours. :eartoear: You know the old saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". The previous Forum looked good and was easy to use. :thumbsupmate: Change for Change's sake doesn't always work. :duh:
  7. MAS gets a makeover!

    I just tried the selection of skins. Black, Black, Black, or this Blue with Black text! That's all it has. And I have to be honest, I don't like the new layout of the site. Sorry Ray, but there had to be one of us that didn't like it LOL! I opened the Forum home page and spent the next 5 minutes trying to work out where everything is, and I'm still not sure. It just seems more complicated and a big mess :duh: Oh well, others like it and they are here more often than me :emoticon-misc-003:
  8. Bushranger Observatory

    Come up a real treat, Shane. Good work mate :ta_clap5: :thumbsupmate:
  9. Not a pretty sight!

    Tony, I used to leave everything outside under a tarp, but after my crash I know bring the optics in but still leave the mount outside.
  10. Not a pretty sight!

    No good Tim. Sounds familiar though. My gear crashed to the ground during the massive storm we had here 2 weeks ago. It was too dangerous to save it during the storm so it all sat out there in the torrential rain all night! Mine was all fixed and dried within 2 days. Good to hear you fixed yours so fast :thumbsupmate:
  11. Here ya go, here's just one professionally made bracket and a home made bracket. Pro: (from Bintel Australia) https://www.bintelshop.com.au/Product.aspx?ID=8291 Home made: http://www.astronomyhints.com/digital_mount.html
  12. You can buy brackets for this exact purpose. They clamp onto an eyepiece somehow and hold the camera (almost any type of camera). I'll see if I can find a link for you.
  13. The title of this section of the Forum is 'Video Astrophotography', so it is the closest section to what this subject is about, so I hope I have put this in the right place. I haven't done any DSLR Deep Sky atrophotography for a couple of months now because I have headed in a new direction. I am now spending my 'scope' time doing 'live' video broadcasting. I have joined about 80 other broadcasters from around the world on the NightSkiesNetwork. There are only 2 of us in Australia and I think I am the only one doing it 100% of their 'scope' time. Like other areas of Astrophotography, live broadcasting comes with its own challenges, and equipment (more dollars :smiley-think001: ). To take a look at how this works, feel free to pop in and watch any of the broadcasters in action and talk with them (turn your speakers on to hear the person broadcasting). The channels in RED are live on air. HERE: http://www.nightskiesnetwork.com/ My channel name is: Snake Valley Australia The best part of all this is that people in the Nthn Hemisphere can see 'live' objects in the Sthn sky, and visa-versa. You can ask questions about the objects or equipment, even ask to see certain objects. To give you an idea of what you will see, here are some screenshots taken during one of my live broadcasts (Omega Centauri, Keyhole Neb, Trifid Neb) Drop in and watch some broadcasts some time. :thumbsupmate:
  14. Pushing a HEQpro5

    Oh dear, Houghy!!! You are a glutton for punishment :lmao:
  15. The Eye of God

    Gee Baz, you did a great job considering that rotten light! I have only 1 street light near my place so I painted it. It is 3 thick layers of black paint :itsme!: