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  1. Yes, awesome stuff indeed!
  2. New Forum Style Notice

    We had some great electrical storms over a few days just a week or so ago, something that used to happen often but has been missing from the wet season build-up for a while. Here, the storms mostly occurring in the late afternoon, and usually with drenching rain, so being out in it is often risky. Sometimes the build-up is quite spectacular, with great mountains of cumulonimbus building in a clear blue sky, but mostly it's a thick wall-to-wall blanket of low-level grey clouds. Lousy skies for star-gazing! Lots of good things in life though - for instance, we're not short of water and the landscapes around here are a beautiful sight. We're only 75 minutes from Cairns (if we can't find an item we need up here, or visit friends, etc.), and about the same travelling time west sees us in the outback. Add to this the fertile soils and abundant produce, the cool climate (we're at 850 masl) and friendly locals and you've got a great place to live. Yeah, not too much to bitch about!
  3. Smiley Face In The Sky

    All great images.
  4. That's 'out of the box' thinking Chris. Will you be taking orders for more? If so and you need help with preparation, I just may be available! ;-)
  5. Venus-Jupiter conjunction with crescent Moon Gidday all, I got to see the 'smiley', if only on and off for a while. I was at a break-up BBQ at the Herberton SES (Google Earth ref: lat -17.384931 lon 145.386643) where I'm a volunteer and the sky was simply spectacular. Of course, I didn't have my camera 'cause it was s'posed to be overcast, wasn't it. As we drove up over the Herberton Range the sun was setting behind a cumulonimbus cloud, one side of which was a lumpy vertical wall. Just above and beyond the top of this giant was a bright patch of nacreous cloud with a few others of lesser size and hue scattered about. A thin filmy layer of cloud (cirrostratus?) covered the whole sky but this was not noticeable until the sun's rays, partially blocked by the cumulonimbus, lit up half of the sky while the other appeared clear. Just coming into view at this time was Jupiter, completing the trio of points of the 'smiley face'. Amazing! And no camera to record this marvellous sight, except the mobile phone. The image doesn't do the vision justice, and the nacreous cloud is not visible, but perhaps from this poor quality photo you'll understand how wonderful it was. Ah, how lucky we are to have eyes and an on-board computer to be able to see and appreciate these glorious sights! Jim
  6. New Forum Style Notice

    Sleak Black Gidday Radar New style looks great to me, very readable and very sleek. It also goes very well with the Firefox NASA Night Launch theme I've had for the past several months. Have just finished a six-month stint of hard yakka (loving every minute of it) so may have more time now to visit the site, and maybe even contribute, although the skies around here make me quite depressed - and it's worse now that it's the wet season! Jim
  7. Jupiter and MilkyWay

    The obs pic is great Baz.
  8. Reasonable seeing tonight

    Terrific work Paul. Amazing detail you get from your efforts. Well done. Jim
  9. IC443 the Jellyfish nebula

    Ahh, oooo, mmmmmm.
  10. 99.4% full moon and belt of venus

    Yes, nice pic Dave, and thanks for the newly-acquired knowledge (the Belt of Venus). Had never heard of it before.
  11. My DIY Observatory

    Hey Ray, I s'pose any time you have baby-sitting duties young Ronnie will be getting very used to the inside of the obs! Or is the wife putting her foot down re the prospect of having two sky-obsessed males in the family? The obs is looking really good mate, and making me very jealous. I've discovered that here in Atherton if it's not raining the dew is almost as heavy! Quite depressing really, especially as I'd also have to clear a fair portion of the mini-rainforest in our yard to get a decent area of sky to look at. Beautiful part of the world to live though! Thinking seriously about moving house again to a more astronomer-friendly (and less mould and fungus friendly) area, but we won't be doing that for at least a year. Ah well, I'll just look at everyone else's terrific pics for the time being.
  12. Further adventures with the new DSLR

    Yes, good pics Ken. As well as the wide field, I particularly like the Lagoon neb. There's lots of good detail and the stars are pretty sharp too. Well done. Jim
  13. How cool is that! I'd sell my grandkids to get one of them. Then again, I'd probably need the grandkids to show me how to work the damn thing!
  14. 18 years and still going strong

    Yes, it's hard to believe that 18 years have passed since the Hubble launch. And what a change it has wrought, with so many more people being made aware of the beauty to be seen 'out there', of the enormity of the universe, and of just how important it is to become better stewards of this tiny speck of dust on which we live. Jim
  15. Well deserved recognition for a stunning image Paul. Jim