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  1. Omg!!! Im not able to come on as much and u guys give up on the conspiracies and theories!!!:crazy::crazy::crazy: Now wut am i supposed to rant about??? WAAHHH!!!:crying23::crying23:
  2. I completey agree Baz. ITs not like the pilots fly by sight anymore anyways, its all computerised. Except for military craft, and is they can stand an explosion right outside their cockpit, they can deffinately stand a flash from a grren dot.
  3. congrats Radar. Ps. Remember be one of the cool dads.
  4. A lot of history we havent been able to find pphysical evidence for, but we know it happened by piecing together the pieces. if you do that here, ou'll see, its almost impossible not to think that something existed.
  5. here is an articel from a site that talks about the egyptain plane model
  6. finallly some real arguments. well, no actual flying machines have been found. but there are hundreds of refrences to flying machines in ancient Indian texts. theyt call these ships vimenas. these reefrences tell how to build one of these aircraft, fly it, the propulsions systems and much more. also model aircraft have been found in South america and Egypt. these show great understanding of aerodynamics and fly almost as well as moden aircraft. there is also that egyptian temle roof, depicting helicopters, planes, etc., to consider even religious texts talk about flying machines, and the views that can only be seen from them, in great detail. wand what about those nazca lines that can oly be seen as shapes from the sky. the evidence is right in front of our faces, how can we not see it?
  7. sometimes i think, black and white s better than color
  8. i think that they may have had it, but older civilizations most certainly did
  9. finally, so do you think that the ancients had flight? Ps. ill start a tread on if there was an ancient nuclear war soon all, so be ready:biggrin:
  10. if were gonna talk about cloudsd, can we at least talk about people soaring in them a long time ago
  11. nice pic....... (this reply seems kinda short)
  12. why is this forum dead?!?!?!?!?! WHY!!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!!1
  13. lol, i think ill go there
  14. lol, thats kinda funny i be an alien, i fit is a tiny sphere
  15. OMFG!!! im not the smartest kid, but........ This world is in a pitfall, and the ones who can get us out, the kids, are all fricking retards!!!! Man, stuff like this ticks me off!!!! Winston Curchill, my god, wth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, i forgot about hitler, he traveled to frickin pluto!!!!!!!1 AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!