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  1. I have a FS-60CB, FS-128 etc and are looking at EM200 on Pier for the 5". Would love to meet up with anyone close by into APO's for planet and double busting. I'm in Claremont. Daniel.
  2. Takahashi P2Z and Sky 90 in Perth

    Thanks! Scope has been sold too. Daniel.
  3. Takahashi P2Z and Sky 90 in Perth

    Mount has been sold.. Scope still available but has multiple queries. Daniel.
  4. Hi, I've just bought a FS-128, and am looking at installing a pier and a bigger Alt-Az mount. I don't really do any astrophotography, so I'm thinking I will sell my 1.5 year old Takahashi P2Z mount. It would make sense for it to come with the Pelican case, as it all fits perfectly. This is in mint condition, not a mark, I wear cloth gloves when I setup the mount. Matching takahashi tripod is included too. I might be interested in selling the Sky 90, my heart says no, but I'm ending up with alot of scopes. Last of the real Fluorite before the emission restrictions forced cessation. Read this review; http://www.astrosurf.com/carreira/co...k_p2z_eng.html Takahashi have 5 years "officlal" warranty, but are renowned for helping people far past that. There has just been a 5% price rise on all Tak products, so the replacement cost for the Sky 90 is $3240. Claude at AEC suggested $2500 but I'm open for offers. If anyone has a EM400 for sale, happy to trade it. Daniel.
  5. 120 is the format, i.e. Medium Format. I have a Mamiya 645 on hold at a shop which I intend to buy to use with the Sky 90. Daniel.
  6. I bought some expired Tech Pan in 120 on ebay, which I'd like to try out with my Sky 90. I've been looking around for a 2nd hand Lumicon hypering setup, but if anyone in would hyper some for me.. I'll happily pay some $$$ in thanks. Daniel.
  7. WANTED: Takahashi FS60-C w/finder

    Seriously, the Yen is about as high as it will ever be again, buy one new.. you'll make a profit on it. Daniel.