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  1. Struck Down Again

    Good news on the cancer front my friend. Stay well. Congrats on the cam purchase. Shane
  2. Orion Nebula

    That would be awesome with some short exposure so core isn't blown out. Nah, it's still awesome. Shane
  3. Rosette nebula

    Nice mate. I'm having massive guide problems at the moment so no imaging for me. Shane
  4. playing with PixInsight

    The first video in the 12 part beginner series shows a way to have your work flow, named how you want it, every time you start. This info alone has helped me immensely. There is another piece of software out now called Astro Pixel Processor, I've had a quick play but prefer PI. Shane p.s. I'll give you a pm tomorrow regarding something I'd like to discuss with you mate.
  5. I have had a quick play with one of my olders images, all I can say is WOW I need to become proficient using PI if my playing around is any indication of the power of this software. Here is the result of running my first ever image with a ccd through PI and the obvious improvement. This is my original processing effort some time ago.
  6. playing with PixInsight

    Found some great youtube tutorials for PI. Although they are for total beginners there is lots of great info. I even learned some useful tips with keeping icons available on the desktop for ease of use. and one from Warren on the astro imaging channel page https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=pixinsight Shane
  7. NGC 1466

    Seems the only clear nights have the bloody moon imposing and I was itching to do some imaging so said stuff it and got this one. Object:NGC 1466 Object Info:from wikipedia NGC 1466 is the New General Catalogue designation for a globular cluster in the deep southern constellation of Hydrus. It is located in the outskirts of the Large Magellanic Cloud, which is a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. The object was discovered November 26, 1834 by English astronomer John Herschel. John Dreyer described it as "pF, pS, iR, glbM, *7 f", meaning "pretty faint, pretty small, irregular round, gradually a little brighter middle, with a 7th magnitude star nearby". When using a small telescope, this is a "faint, small, unresolved and difficult" target with an angular size of 1.9 arc minutes. It has an integrated visual magnitude of 11.4. This cluster has a reddening corrected distance modulus of 18.43±0.15, corresponding to a distance of 48.5 kpc. The cluster has a mass of about 140,000 times the mass of the Sun. It is an old cluster, having an estimated age of 13.1 billion years. In photographs, the cluster spans an apparent size of 3.50 arc minutes. The core radius has an angular size of 10.7±0.4 arc seconds, while the half-light radius is 24.3 arc seconds. There are a total of 49 known and one candidate RR Lyrae variable stars in the cluster, as of 2011. Eight are RRd, or double-mode RR Lyrae variables. The average periods are 0.591 days for RR Lyrae type ab and 0.335 days for RR Lyrae type c. These are consistent with a classification of Oosterhoff-intermediate for the cluster. Twelve other variables have been identified, including two long-period variables and a Cepheid variable. Number of Subs: L 20 , R 20 , G 19 , B 20 Sub Length: 60sec Total Integration Time: 79 minutes Date Captured: 24/12/2018 Imaging Camera: Moravian G2 2000 Imaging Telescope: GSO RC8 CF Reducer: no Focal Length: 1625 Image Scale: 0.94 arcsec/pixel Field of View: 19 x 25 arcmin Mount: SW NEQ6 Pro, Rowan belt modded Guide Scope: Orion ST80 Guide Camera: Prostar LP colour (toupcam) Capture Software: APT Astrophotography Tool Guide Software: PHD Guiding 2 Processing Software: PixInsight Shane
  8. M45 superdeep

    that looks much better than FB on my phone. Great job Prof. Shane
  9. Ioptron mounts

    Cheers for the info Tony. Perhaps one to keep in mind if I can ever afford to upgrade from my SW NEQ6. Shane
  10. SAO76540

    Lots of dust in there. Shane
  11. Eastern Veil

    Very nice indeed. I wish I could afford to upgrade the mount, maybe one day. Thoughts on the Ioptron? Shane
  12. M31

    spectacular Prof. Shane
  13. NGC 300 WIP

    Cheers Ray. Look forward to getting the colour data for it now. Shane
  14. NGC 300 WIP

    quick process of 8 hrs of Lum Shane
  15. Above Caph

    WOW that is a lot of stars. Shane
  16. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    30 images like that one would have been an amazing clean final image. Shane
  17. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Well here is my rusty effort done in PixInsight. I hope you approve Eric. Shane
  18. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    I have the file downloaded will have a crack at it in a while and post my result. Shane
  19. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    WOW just WOW Shane
  20. WOW. Ripper shot mate. Shane
  21. NGC7209

    Hi Greg, I have had 2 lamenectomies and a vertabrae fusion. I always have some pain but this time it was a lot worse than usual. I just have to deal with it as I have since it all started about 10 years ago. The way I look at it, even though I bitch at times, is there is always someone worse off than me. In other words "harden up princess" lol. Shane
  22. UPS for obs

    AP mount.......one of a few on my short list of dream mounts that I will probably never own. Others are 10 Micron and SB Paramount MX+. Shane
  23. UPS for obs

    Hi guys, I think its time to add a UPS to the obs and need some advice. Not sure what size I actually need but am considering the following ones. I have a pc, 2 monitors, camera, dew straps, mount, warm room heater(I could dispence with if necessary). https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/UPS/UPS/45712-VALUE2200ELCD https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/UPS/UPS/67796-CP1500EPFCLCDa-AU https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/UPS/UPS/44933-VALUE1500ELCD sugestions and reasons for choice would be appreciated. Cheers Shane
  24. NGC7209

    Beautiful Prof. Unfortunately my job trial ended in abject failure due to my back incapacitating me, so I have not been able to get out. Rather typical as I have had some nice clear skies and inabilty to take advantage. Shane