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  1. obs out of action

    Yep. If you have none or can't learn patience your in trouble in the AP game. Still waiting for the weather to play nice. Ah that's right, PATIENCE. lol Shane
  2. Well it has taken a week or so but I have sorted out the obs. We had a storm not long ago and I found the power had tripped in the shed, on investigation it was the power leading to the obs. The obs has had a good run as power was supplied by an extension lead which was only meant to be a temp fix but ended up nearly 10 years. So now I have proper power and have fixed the ethernet plug that I accidently cut off when burying power and internet. Now just need clouds to piss off. Shane
  3. My New Toys.

    they look cool in flower mate. I cant say ive seen the white one in flower before. Shane
  4. My New Toys.

    Bloody freezing here in Vic at the moment. This morning the wife and I venture out to the shed for our morning coffee and smoke while watching the morning news and I discovered the shed power had tripped. Upon investigation it appears the problem emanates from the observatory, so I will need to find what the issue is. We did have a rather large storm so perhaps water has got in somewhere and int one of the power leads. Shane
  5. My New Toys.

    Nice one Dave. Shane
  6. Voyager

    I think there is one called Cyclops Optics, found an address for you. Cyclops Optics Limited 4L, Wing Kin Industrial Building, 4-6, Wing Kin Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong. T: +852-3426-4668
  7. Voyager

    Hong Kong, did bring home any cheap astro goodies? Shane
  8. NGC 5128

    NGC 5128. I have overcooked the processing on this one, but I'll do a reprocess at some point. Luminance 30 x 5min, RGB 20 x 2 min of each filter. Total integration time of 4.5hrs. This was more a test run of the mount and software than a real crack at it. I may have some collimation issues to adjust. Shane
  9. Voyager

    WOW. Just to add some more info Ray, I can be up and running on target, focussed, and into an imaging sequence in around 10 minutes. Assuming my target is pre setup before starting or a continuation of a previous saved target. This is way less time than I used to take just to get my first sub of the night. This, coupled with the new mount and when I get clear skies, like right now , I am in heaven. Shane
  10. Voyager

    I'm really loving this aquisition/obs control software. Although I don't have an automated obs, hopefully in the future, I am super impressed with the way I can run a sequence, including moving to a focus star do auto focus then back on target and continue, focus can be done on filter change, time, or temp change, all platesolved. The relative ease a novice like me can set up a sequence is really unbelievable. Best of all "IT JUST WORKS". I will definately be staying with it and not going back to APT( which is great also). Highly reccommend at least trialling it to see if it is suitable for you. Shane
  11. pulled the trigger

    Hi mate, Voyager is aquisition and observatory control with fail safes to shut down and close obs if automated. There are a couple of aspects of Voyager that I like better, auto focus and plate solve seem to work better for me which is a big factor for my situation. As to what I were using, APT AstrophotographyTool, is it better or not? Tough choice but APT is cheaper and in many ways a lot easier to us, but I have had problems with auto focus and plate solving so tried Voyager and I believe it is a better all round performer for my needs. Even if it is more expensive and slightly more difficult to learn. When I say difficult to learn that is not to say it is hard to learn at all just different from APT. Hope that is clear as mud for you Ray. Voyager is well worth a look, it has a demo mode that never runs out but is limited to 1hr sessions, a 45 day free trial which reverts back to demo mode, or a full licence for ever with 12 month support/update and a renewal support/update option on a yearly subscription. Shane
  12. pulled the trigger

    My first test image using Voyager and the new mount, NGC 6559. GSO RC8 CF, Moravian G2 2000, CEM60. 2 hrs integration of L and R frames from last night before cloud rolled in. So far I am really liking Voyager, now to work on more than just a basic image session. This is with no calibration frames. Shane
  13. I have been meaning to have a tidy up of the obs for quite some time now, so today I finally got around to it. Rearranged the scope section and cleaned up my desks in the warm room. Job well done, and if(LMFAO) it stays clear tonight I intend on starting a mosaic run on the NGC 6559 area. Shane
  14. pulled the trigger

    I have now had a chance to polar align and have a short semi serious play with the mount. To say I’m pleased would be an understatement, the ease of use, from pa to star align and everything else is quite astonishing after the NEQ6. The hand control box is very intuitive unlike synscan hand control box. Works seamlessly with both control box and pc connection at same time. I am also trialling voyager acquisition software and the guiding results from the mount were awesome with phd2 sitting around 0.4rms error which is around 3-4 times better than I was used to getting with the hyper tuned NEQ6. I highly recommend a CEM60. I can only imagine how much better the CEM60EC would be. I’m sure after I fine tune pa and learn all the software things will improve even more. Absolutely zero complaints. I am aware this is not a premium mount, BUT, the way it behaves by disappearing into the background without issue makes it feel like I am using a premium mount that cost much more. Shane
  15. Voyager

    https://www.voyagerastro.com/ I have had a good play with this software in demo mode and was so impressed I bought the full licence without actually trying it under the stars in real world situation. I have finally recieved my rs232/usb cable and everything connected to the software without a hitch, now as soon as the weather clears up ill have an imaging run to see how well it does its job in the real world. Very imressed so far and not over expensive either at A$115 although that price is going to be almost double as of Aug 2019. Will post some results when able. Shane