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  1. Ioptron mounts

    Cheers for the info Tony. Perhaps one to keep in mind if I can ever afford to upgrade from my SW NEQ6. Shane
  2. SAO76540

    Lots of dust in there. Shane
  3. Eastern Veil

    Very nice indeed. I wish I could afford to upgrade the mount, maybe one day. Thoughts on the Ioptron? Shane
  4. M31

    spectacular Prof. Shane
  5. NGC 300 WIP

    Cheers Ray. Look forward to getting the colour data for it now. Shane
  6. NGC 300 WIP

    quick process of 8 hrs of Lum Shane
  7. Above Caph

    WOW that is a lot of stars. Shane
  8. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    30 images like that one would have been an amazing clean final image. Shane
  9. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    Well here is my rusty effort done in PixInsight. I hope you approve Eric. Shane
  10. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    I have the file downloaded will have a crack at it in a while and post my result. Shane
  11. 1 Frame Wonder M8, M20, & M21

    WOW just WOW Shane
  12. WOW. Ripper shot mate. Shane
  13. NGC7209

    Hi Greg, I have had 2 lamenectomies and a vertabrae fusion. I always have some pain but this time it was a lot worse than usual. I just have to deal with it as I have since it all started about 10 years ago. The way I look at it, even though I bitch at times, is there is always someone worse off than me. In other words "harden up princess" lol. Shane
  14. UPS for obs

    AP mount.......one of a few on my short list of dream mounts that I will probably never own. Others are 10 Micron and SB Paramount MX+. Shane
  15. NGC7209

    Beautiful Prof. Unfortunately my job trial ended in abject failure due to my back incapacitating me, so I have not been able to get out. Rather typical as I have had some nice clear skies and inabilty to take advantage. Shane