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    only actively involved in am astronomy since 2007.
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    Wangaratta,Victoria, Australia
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    8" GSO RC
    Moonlite CS focuser
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    Meade DSI
    Imaging Source DBK21AU618.AS
    tasco galaxsee 114500
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    fujifilm s96

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    Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
  1. Very nice buddy. Shane
  2. Someone has been a busy boy printing all that stuff. Nice one Prof. Shane
  3. nice work Gordon. Shane
  4. Very cool Greg. Shane
  5. Nicely organised Tim. Good luck, we are looking forward to some pics mate. Shane
  6. Well that is good news Dave, please wish Val good luck from us here on the forum. Shane
  7. Looks really cool when lit up Prof. Shane
  8. Once you get used to it Dave, it's great software. I am by no means an expert but I believe the results I get are so much better than previously. Shane
  9. LOL. Nice to see you're thinking of us Easterners, but honestly you keep the storms mate I wont mind. It is actually reasonably clear here but the moon is a pain, which is rather typical if the clouds hold off thee moon is around to annoy me or visa versa. Shane
  10. So generous of you mate lol. Shane
  11. Just checking in, so no one thinks I'm dead and starts fighting over who gets my kit or anything. Weather here is continually horrible so I have not done anything astro for some time. Shane
  12. Sounds like a good place for a remote obs Shane
  13. LOL I know how you feel mate, I get what you get a few days later in NE Victoria. It's been similar here for ages, even last night at work I looked up and it was clear, but by the time I got home, aound 7pm, clouded out and rain. I haven't bought anything as I can't afford it, but perhaps perusal, without purchase, of astro gear is enough these days. Shane
  14. Hi guys, with the weather the way it is(bloody horrendous) I have been scouring the net and planetarium programs trying to decide what my next few targets for imaging will be, which made me wonder how you lot decide what your next target/s will be? Shane
  15. It's been a while since I've seen the propeller, good one Greg. Shane