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  1. I definately preferred AutoStakkert to Registax when doing planetary, it always seemed to give better results. Having said that I also used the wavelets adjustment in Registax after stacking in AS2!. Shane
  2. Looking good mate. Shane
  3. My 2c worth, Moravian Instruments worth looking at as well for the imaging side. Shane
  4. I played with both a long time ago Tim, I believe they have changed conciderably since then. Sorry but I can't remember which I preferred, although, I ended up using the proprietary software that came with my IS camera. Perhaps that says I really didn't like either or maybe it was just easier to use the supplied software. Shane
  5. That is where one shot colour cameras rock with planetary , I should pull out my old 21au04 618 and have a crack. Too bad the weather isn't playing nice right now down here in Victoria. I hate to say it (not really) Prof Palmer but the IS camera is 640 x 480 not 640 x 640 Shane
  6. Cloud and life in general are tending to keep me not imaging at the moment Shane
  7. Great capture Greg, as Eddie said on FB very "sciencey" Shane
  8. All good Ray, it is actually rather common these days and relatively easy thing to repair. My youngest daughters boyfriend was born with 2 and 1 healed itself and the is no problem.
  9. It turns out they have discovered a hole in little Summers heart which will need surgery.
  10. Thanks mate. The girls are tiny, Harper (1500 grams), Summer (596grams), but both are doing well at the moment. They will have a long stay in the Mercy hospital in Melbourne before they come home, but it is the best place for them. That makes 3 grand children in 11 weeks Shane
  11. My gorgeous new twin grand daughters. Harper and Summer. Shane
  12. nice image scale, be great when you get good seeing mate.
  13. Cheers beren
  14. Are they taken with the Prostar LP mate? Shane
  15. Nice work stranger.