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    only actively involved in am astronomy since 2007.
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  1. Not sure but my camera may have died. It was fine the other night but tonight it wont even power up. I have emailed Steve at MyAstroShop and will ring him tomorrow to see what the go is with warranty repairs, as it should still be under warranty as I only purchased it last March. Shane
  2. I have one persistant mote on my sensor, it shows up in the same place regardless of filter but the flats get rid of it, until it isn't fixed by flats I intend to just leave it there. a mote that outsmarts flats is a very tricky mote, more commonly known as a cunning mote. Shane
  3. More data added to previous data for approx 11 hrs total, with a quick throw together (really not happy with it yet). I used a synthetic Luminance for this but I think I will aquire some proper Lum and more RGB as well. Shane
  4. LOL. I actually laughed out loud. After another look at the image I can see why she said that Prof. Shane
  5. Cheers mate, I wouldn't say I'm quite getting the hang of it, but I have got "some" of the basics. It is great software, even though a steep learning curve. IMHO well worth investing in. Just let me know when you want to take a look mate and we'll organise a get together. Shane
  6. Nice one Greg. You're all heart Shane
  7. Several reworks of this one, practicing different things in PI. Quite different results from all attempts, i am not sure which I prefer but it goes to show how much difference you can get from the same data. Enjoy and please give me some feedback if you have any (good or bad), it is most welcome. Approx 4.5 hrs total integration Shane Original process is first followed by PI process attempts.
  8. 42C here today, 10:30pm and still 30C.
  9. Nice job Dave. Shane
  10. Are you looking for a Don Bradman of EPOD Greg? Well done sir, congrats. Shane
  11. I forgot to add the subframe selector script weighting expressions doc so here it is. Shane SubframeSelector Weighting Expressions.xlsx
  12. After conversing with Jim via email he has given permission to share the crib sheet here directly. Enjoy. Also I have spent today reading "Inside Pixinsight" by Warren Keller, a very in depth and descriptive read on most processes in PI. Highly recommended. When I finish the book I believe I will take up the monthly subscription of AP4IP on Warrens webpage https://ip4ap.worldsecuresystems.com/index.htm Shane PI Cribsheet Rev 41.doc
  13. Found another great PI resource, Jim Morse (http://www.jimmorse-astronomy.com/), he is very active on the PI forum. If you go to his site, you can contact him via email requesting the latest version(now up to rev 41 and around 70 pages) which he will email directly to you you, in my case within 48 hrs, and put you on his mailing list for future revisions. A great, and very handy read alongside Warren Kellers book (Inside PixInsight) for those like me that are newbs. No doubt more experienced users will also get some good info and techniques. Shane
  14. WOW that pops Ray. Nice job. as far as C & C thats all I got Shane
  15. Here you go Ray, i'm not overly happy with this one. NB is a lot harder than BB processing. I'm not even sure what colour this should be for SHO. I really struggled with this data, I couldn't get ColorMask to work the way I thought it would, probably just me. Shane