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  1. That is quite spectacular Greg. Shane
  2. Love the wide galaxy shot Greg. Is that Markarians chain? Shane
  3. luck bugger you're just showing off Shane
  4. I found a similar need Ray. I am imaging at between roughly 1200mm and 1600mm and PA regularly, but not every session, I believe the reactive soil (clay) that my pier is set in is the culprit. I redo PA about once a month sometimes less, depending on how my guiding looks. It doesn't take long using the PA routine in PD2 Guiding software. Shane
  5. Nice one Tim, love the colours on the surface and definition in the Encke division Shane
  6. Nice one Dan, that would look great with some more data. Shame you had trouble with the filter wheel. Shane
  7. Very nice Prof Shane
  8. Thanks guys, I believe the result was worth the effort. Shane
  9. Finally got the last subs to finish this off, it only took 3 months under sometimes less than ideal conditions. Best 30 subs from 40 total subs of each filter @ 15 minutes each for a total integration time of 22.5 hrs. At some point I will get some L subs as a pseudo L didn't look better than the RGB. Captured with APT Astro Photography Tool Processed in PixInsight GSO RC8 Neq6 (belt modded) Moravian G2 2000 Orion ST80 guide scope LP guide camera Shane
  10. Very nice Greg, have you got any more info on Noels' software? Shane
  11. That's a ripper Ray, the only thing I can say is I, personally, would like to see RGB stars added to it just as a comparison. It looks like you have got both capture and processing well under control, was it processed in PI? Shane
  12. cool Eric, best of both worlds for fov. Shane
  13. Now that is an awesome idea Greg. Shane
  14. Thanks Eric great read on that link. Shane
  15. A good effort Eric, I agree it could use more time and FL. I hear you regarding the weather gods, between them and some crappy life moments lately it has been horrible for imaging. Shane