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  1. MiniWASP article

    Good read Greg, it was quite a trip getting the rig up and running to satisfaction but the results show it was worth it. Shane
  2. MiniWASP article

    I saw that on FB, but am yet to read it mate. Shane
  3. Some macro work

    Brilliant Greg. Shane
  4. Trifid Nebula

    Looks good so far mate, that is quite a small FoV hey. Finally got my kit running again, as of just this second. I think I will check collimation tonight and have a crack at Mars if the clouds stay away. It has been a very long time since I have done any planetary work. Shane
  5. First Light for 5 Months

    Not bad at all Ray. Congrats on getting something. If it's not cable probs it's the bloody weather here keeping me from getting anything, I'm having withdrawals lol. Shane
  6. dead mount cable?

    Not sure exactly Ray. I had a couple of power outs in the obs that were a tad strange. When I say strange I mean that I lost power to all gear in the obs but did not trip any overloads and power returned almost instantly (no power loss to garage or house), I "think" the usb extension was on the way out and may have caused the issue, possibly dew. I can't really complain about the lifespan of these usb entensions and eqdir cable as they are around 8-10 years old, and the fact they cop a pretty hard life with temp changes and dew, but it is still annoying when they go. Shane
  7. dead mount cable?

    Bugger, I got the new EQDIRECT cable but the USB extension cable is also fried. I tried to get one locally but no one has them so had to order one online so more waiting till the kit is back up and running. Shane
  8. Cocoon nebula region

    That is pretty cool showing the dark dust lanes surrounding the nebula Greg, well done mate. Shane
  9. more talent than I have. I like the first one best. Shane
  10. Moon

    Yep good job you got more than me mate. I'm still trying to find time to fix the mount cable failure. Shane
  11. dead mount cable?

    I have been thinking of eventually putting a UPS in, just haven't worked out what size I need. It might be time to upgrade my mount, if the minister of Finance and War will let me . A SB MyT or 10 Micron would be nice. Shane
  12. dead mount cable?

    It appears my mount connection cable (EQDIRECT) may have kicked the bucket after 10 years of faithful service. I was out imaging last night when I had a strange loss of power to the entire observatory, pc, warmroom light, camera , mount, everything suddenly off in an instant and then back on moments later. PC rebooted, start the software up and connect equipment and all seemed fine, I got a couple of hours in before clouds rolled in. So today I went out to fix up mount park position which was out after losing connection to pc and had another power drop, and now mount will not connect. I think the eqdir cable may have gotten fried so I am out of business till I can get a replacement to test if that is the problem or a more serious issue like a dead mount. I also have a strange looking issue with star shape which has only shown up after I installed a secondary mirror dew heater a while ago, I had forgotton about this as I haven't been able to get out for some time. I hope that if I remove the dew heater I'll get round stars again instead of awful multi flare like difraction spikes. Shane
  13. The NGC6914 region in Cygnus

    another ripper Greg. Shane
  14. Struck Down Again

    Stay strong mate, I would visit in person if I was able. Lucky for you we'll have to stick to forum posts. Shane
  15. Struck Down Again

    Mate, so sorry to hear the bad news. Shane