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  1. Is Luminance Overrated?

    Yep I have used the RGB data as a pseudo Luminance in the past, and as you say Ray, apart from fine detail there is no discernible difference that I could see. Having said that I still shoot Luminance to get the best possible detail in all my shots. Shane
  2. Hope you have a great day Eric and get lots of astro presents. Shane
  3. Dew Control

    All is good in the world once more, after a trim all looks good with round stars. I tried slightly different temperature settings as well and all still looks good, now I have to wait for our Lunar friend to bugger off so I can get back to imaging. Shane
  4. Dew Control

    Update: heater came off reasonably easy, so I thought I'd have a crack at trimming it while it was off. Took to the inside with a dremel and made the ID a bit bigger, now there is no overhanging fluffy edge. I will re do secondary collimation and try it yet again when the opportunity arrises. Kendrick state that these heaters are not able to be trimmed, with a knife or scissors I agree with a dremel it works and I have tested that it still operates. It's a pity that they couldn't get the sizing correct in the first place. fingers crossed. Shane
  5. Dew Control

    Well another fail. Not good enough for me so I will be removing the heater, which will be a chore as it is glued to the back of the secondary. Then I'll need to collimate again. Shane
  6. Dew Control

    Tried trimming today and no can do, next solution, black electrical tape so at least it is a sharp edge and not fluffy. Hopefully will be able to test tonight. Shane
  7. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    As a true "unstable" Victorian I will be going for the Tigers but I believe the crows will be way too good for them. We are heading off in the camper trailer tomorrow for a weekend away and will be watching the footy and downing a few (read lots) of beverages with some friends at the little town of Yackandandah. Shane
  8. (Nearly) all images reloaded...

    good work reloading mate
  9. Dew Control

    I had someone tell me that it is possible to have the dew heater too warm and distort the secondary, so tried with it turned down really low tonight and there was a small improvement, also checked secondary collimation which is good(might need a very slight tweak but I am happy that it is the same as before),clouds have now rolled in so that's it tonight. If I get time in the next day or so before going away for the weekend, I will try trimming the edges back. If that doesn't work I will most likely remove the heater and live with it as I have for the past. I am rather disappointed with the quality of this Kendrick secondary heater overall. Shane
  10. Glad I got to see them before they disappeared.
  11. Dew Control

    Yep the secondary does dew up pretty easily mate, I might have to look into a strap around the end of the main tube to see if that works. Shane
  12. Dew Control

    I think the main issue is the fact it is not a knife sharp edge like the secondary holder Ray. Sort of fluffy uneven edge. Will also check collimation tonight if weather plays nice. Shane
  13. Mega-Deep M45 image

    WOW that is eye popping Prof. Shane
  14. Dew Control

    Received the secondary heater for the RC today. Installed as per instruction and gave it a rip tonight to see what its like. It certainly keeps the dew off but the fit isnt so good and now my star shapes are horrendous. Examples are a 10 min shot from a while ago and varying length shots tonight. The original shot has nice round stars but tonights all have weird flaring, I believe it is because the outer edge of the secondary heater slightly protrudes into the light path. Not sure if I can trim it so there is no protrusion or not. These pics have only had a stretch. Shane
  15. Pavo Trio

    Thanks Dave. Shane