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  1. Christmas 2017

    That really sucks mate. Hope you feel better soon. On a brighter note I have a clear night and are capturing some images for the current project. Shane
  2. Christmas 2017

    Your weather sounds like ours although we didnt get thunderstorms Shane
  3. Christmas 2017

    Great shot, and Merry Xmas to you and your family Dave from Wangaratta Victoria. Shane
  4. Near Earth Object

    I would be surprised if it is not logged somewhere. Great catch regardless Ray. Shane
  5. Sorry to hear the back has gone again Dave. I can sympathize as I have had a crap back for years, after 2 lots of surgery, first a lamenectomy, followed a couple of years later with a lamenectomy and a fusion of L5 S1. Mine is sort of manegeable most of the time. Shane
  6. I could never go vegan, I like meat too much
  7. NGC 7424 Quick Lum Process

    I discarded 16 subs that weren't quite up to scratch as well. Shane
  8. NGC 7424 Quick Lum Process

    Just a quick process of the luminance data collected for current project. 30 x 15 min Shane
  9. Sattelites Galore

    Started processing the Luminance of the current imaging project and found this frame, I can't say I have come across a frame with this many sats/planes before. Must have been a busy night for them, I counted about 12 trails. Single 15 min sub with stretching applied and cosmetic correction. Shane
  10. Railway Viaduct Time Lapse

    Brilliant as usual Gordon. Shane
  11. The Pier Expansion

    Might explain your recent problems mate. Between movement when extended and changes with temp. I would ditch that pier for a more standard design. Shane
  12. First time lapse from new location

    Nice work Gordon. Shane
  13. The Impossible Image

    Radical thought perhaps Ray. Are you still using that adjustable guidescope holder? If so have you tried, once aligned on target, to adjust the guide scope to an area slightly away from target and then guide, if you follow what I mean? This may introduce field rotation so exposure time would need adjusting also. I have imaged the Tarantula with my RC on SW NEQ6 PRO which is way below the AP mount in every aspect and had no problem guiding. Daniel also has imaged it and he is not far from me in location. Shane