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  1. M83

    No mate, at this point in time I do a focus run before an imaging run for each filter. When I work things out properly it will, with scripting, perform a focus, either temp based or after a given number of subs. Small steps lol . Shane
  2. M83

    The new focusser is brilliant Ray, along with the auto focus routine in Prism. I may have found the culprit, it may be the image settings in Prism when capturing and saving calibration frames. At this point I haven't re tested the theory yet. Shane
  3. M83

    Been testing the new focusser and also Prism software. This is 24 5 min Lum exposures all taken with Prism10 including guiding. For some strange reason when I calibrate the images they become unusable like they are straight from the camera with no signal. So I stacked and post processed them in PI without calibrating and here is the result. I will have to investigate further to find out whats going on, most likely user error . Shane
  4. Prism 10

    Good luck with the scan mate. Crossed my fingers for you too. Shane
  5. My Bat Cave

    Hmm batcave eh, where do you hide the batsuit? Shane
  6. Prism 10

    Correct you are Dave, SkyX is one of the ones that want extra $ for add on features, SGP is cheaper but needs other software to do certain things like guiding and platesolving dome control etc, Maxim DL is similar to Prism but has a heftier price tag. The fact that Prism, although not exactly cheap, does everything in one package is what attracted me to it in the first place. Sad to hear your back is playing up again mate, hope it improves in short order. Although the cost of an air fare isn't cheap, I bet you're looking forward to Valentina returning home. Shane
  7. Auto focusser

    DC motor Bracket version 2. Not yet installed. Will need to get some longer screws to attach motor to bracket before trial installation. Shane
  8. Prism 10

    Well so far I am so impressed with this software that I bit the bullet and purchased the PRO version. They have a 15% discount until Friday so what the heck. Still a long way to go in learning all its capabilities but I am very impressed. Shane
  9. Auto focusser

    On the main topic of this thread the stepper is awesome, being able to repeatedly get good focus instead of manually with my old worn out eyes and a bahtinov mask is a real pleasure. Bracket for dc motor will be ready this week for trial. Shane
  10. Prism 10

    It incorporates a planetarium, as well as a lot of things that skyx and other packages wants to pay extra for, like dome/obs control, camera control, pointing model to name a few. I did have problem with my prostar guidecam but tried my imaging source planetary cam and that works for guiding and is much more sensitive. Not sure if problem was camera or software related, leaning towards camera framerate couldn't go high enough. I am definately going to change to Prism as soon as I can afford the Pro version. Shane
  11. Trialling this software and so far really impressed, controls all gear and guiding and platesolving, as well as a heap of other useful tools (depending on version). The trial is a very generous 80 days, during which all 3 versions, Lite, Pro, and Advanced are available as full featured. Also does image stacking, calibration and processing if you want to, but I like PixInsight for processing so not a feature I need. A link to the website if anyone is interested in having a look. https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/ Depending on which version price is a bit steep but I think worth it, so far for my personal needs the Pro version is the one for me. Shane
  12. Auto focusser

    too much flex so version 2 is being printed
  13. Auto focusser

    A couple of pics of DC motor bracket for the GSO focusser on the guide scope. Currently doing a reprint after small design adjustment after having too much flex. As for the new stepper(no pics yet) all is going well with testing. I am also testing new control software and are loving Prism 10 (https://www.hyperion-astronomy.com/store) for control of everything, a real pleasure only dealing with one software package for everything even if it is a bit of a learning curve. Shane
  14. M100 region from last night

    Very nice Greg. Shane
  15. Auto focusser

    Since the cloud seems to be never ending I thought about what to do with the old DC motor. Put it on the guide scope of coarse. Now I'm just waiting on my brother, (REALLY handy having family own an engineering business), to 3D print a bracket to suit the GSO focusser and MoonLite DC motor to attach. As soon as I can do some real world testing I'll let you lot know. Shane