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  1. I only shoot 1x1 binning Ray for RGB, I haven't actually taken any L for this image. I used the grayscale RGB (1x1 binned) as a "Synthetic L". Shane
  2. And the RGB version. No Luminance added, not sure which I actually prefer, although the LRGB version appears a lot smoother. Shane
  3. Here is the final, after collecting the remaining data last night. A total of 25 hrs integration time, 12.5 of the RGB, and 12.5 for Luminance, 25 x 10min each of R,G,B, with a synthetic Luminance made from the 75 raw RGB frames. Shane
  4. Another ripper mate. Shane
  5. Very nice indeed Greg. Shane
  6. Thanks Ray. Nice idea but too expensive at the moment, added to wishlist. The pc doesn't exactly lock up but does struggle a little during processing, so I am leaning toward the i7 and maybe some RAM and get OAG later, apart from some flexure I can't track down, my guiding is reasonably good. Shane
  7. which to get......... OAG for the scope or i7 cpu for the obs pc..............ideally it would be both but funds a tad tight.
  8. Nice work Dave, not sure why you had so much trouble. I had no problems connecting my EQ6, CdC, PHD2, & APT (imaging software) via ascom on my win 10 pc. I guess it could be something with the budget notebook not being installed but couldn't even guess what it could be. Shane
  9. Hi Dave, the Rowan Astronomy belt kit (http://www.rowanastronomy.com/productsa2.htm#neq6beltkit) simply replaces the spur gears with belt pulley and timing belt. This helps remove backlash and tracking errors in the EQ6, a by product is a mount that is a lot quieter when slewing. I did mine a while back now and are very impressed with the improvement to tracking and guiding. Here is the link to the thread following the mod, http://www.myastrospace.com/topic/5565-eq6-belt-mod/, I also did a hypertune while it was apart. Perhaps not really necessary if only doing visual, but a definate improvement for imaging. Shane
  10. Glad to hear you didn't strain yourself Dave. You certainly like to mod things don't you . Has the EQ6 been modded or is it still stock, I can highly recommend the Rowan belt mod. Shane
  11. So you finally got Warrens' book mate. Very handy for going back and forth to recall how things are done etc. The Master Dark option in Cosmetic Correction is great IMO, I use the option in conjunction with Auto Detect to good effect. I don't have a Defect List made, so I don't use that option nor do I feel a need to. You do have to be cautious with the sliders not to be too aggressive though. Shane
  12. Nice one Greg.
  13. Cheers Greg, I have to say that Moravian do make a great, sensitive camera. And the change of focusser definately made a huge difference in guiding. I guess star shape does indeed affect guiding to some degree. Me too Ray, it was still too long (lol) being over the new moon period though. Shane
  14. Had a test run tonight, after getting the drivers for the camera sorted and the focusser on the guide scope I tried a quick 45 min RGB of the Tarantula. The pic is 15 min each of R,G,and B, registered, stretched and minor saturation boost in PI and uploaded. Not too bad but maybe slightly pushed the guiding at 15 minute subs. Overall I'm a happy chappy, now to get the time to finish my current project before adding the reducer into the equation. Shane ps no darks, flats, or bias frames.
  15. Had a bloody heart attack today! I have rerouted all my cables now that the camera is back and thought I'd try her out for a test run, I have not even plugged her in since her return. So I connected her all up and .................................ZIP..........NADA...............NOTHING (hence the heart attack). I start thinking what the hell is this as Steve had her running and all was good, anyway, just as I start the diagnosing I get a call and had to go to work for a bit. Got home an hour later and a thought came to me, maybe the drivers, so I have downloaded the latest drivers from Moravian and I am happy to report that all is now well with the world. Now all I need is the moon to bugger off. Shane