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    Well?..I purchased a Meade RB-60, 700mm refractor at a Wal-mart back in May 2007. I was hooked.
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    Playing w/my little boy, learning about astronomy/photography.
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    Just read my signature...

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  1. I will be here! Right in amongst it!
  2. Love the color! I'm gonna have to try some DSO's when I get done playing around with Saturn. Very nice mate! Tim.
  3. By the image, I would have to agree with Stella. Low surface brightness, bright core. Some nice tight stars there Daniel. Tim.
  4. Captured a decent Saturn despite the high humidity we've been having. Used both of my cams, this time the ASI120MM won out over the Skyris. Tim.
  5. Nope, different mushroom... Tim
  6. Lookin good! Tim
  7. Dude! You captured some of the outer shell. Well done! Tim.
  8. It was very brilliant, if only a partial.
  9. I assume a cross section? Human, or Alien?
  10. Maybe you should think about giving planetary imaging a try. It can be a bit refreshing, and the object of focus changes quite frequently. Although there are eleventy-forty-seven astronomers doing it, it is a challenge, every time you go out. And by todays standards cheap, if you have the scope. (A C11 should do nicely.) You do also have a horizon handicap, but I think the guys over at that other group? Have a handle on it. (A little stuffy for my tastes.) Just a thought... Tim.
  11. You are correct Shane. The DMK21AU618 (which I had before) has the same chip as the Skyris. The AU618 will only capture at a 60fps frame rate (640x480) whereas the Skyris has no problem at 120fps (640x480.) The ASI120MM is a neat little cam. You can 'crop' the sensor imaging area, which is supposed to allow for much higher frame rates. Sensor at full res is 1280x960. But for Jupe I use 480x320. ASIlink Tim
  12. Those are some cool shots Greg. Tim
  13. Just a couple of quick images. The first using the Celestron Skyris, the second with a ZWO ASI120MM. I cant seem to get the frame rate up on the ASI. With the Skyris, I could get about 3500-4000 frames in 40sec (640x480.) With the ASI, only about 1500-2000 frames (480x320.) Still searching as to why? Anyhoo... Cheers, Tim.
  14. I posted this in the forum a few years back. http://www.astrotarp.com/image pages/Crepuscular_Rays_Page.html Some cool shots btw! Tim