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    Well?..I purchased a Meade RB-60, 700mm refractor at a Wal-mart back in May 2007. I was hooked.
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    Playing w/my little boy, learning about astronomy/photography.
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  1. The images above are using Firecapture, Registax and Photoshop. The images below are using Firecapture, Autostakkert (AS!2) for aligning and stacking, Registax. (wavelets) and Photoshop. I think the latter turned out better.
  2. Thanks Shane. Hope I can figure this capture software out before attempting Saturn. And one more from the lot...
  3. Well, I'm not quite sure what to think yet. So far, I don't like the fact I can't manually change the fps. Seeing was very shaky, transparency was so-so, but I did get an image or two. No cropping or upsizing just basic processing... Tim.
  4. No you didn't...Bwahahaha! The DMKau618 is no slouch. It has the same sensor as the Celesron Skyris. Basically the only real difference is the 618 will only run at 60fps, whereas the Skyris will do 120fps, (depending on ones exposure time.) Also 640x480...LOL! Kinda wish I had hung on to the au04 and the au618. Both are good planetary cams. Tim.
  5. Appreciate the input Shane. I did a little googling and read that most seem to prefer using Firecapture . Found an older video tut, but as you said, the program seems to have changed quite a bit, but the basic functions are still the same. Did a dry run sitting inside with the cam hooked up. Think I've got'er figured out pretty much. It'll take using it in the field to get the rest, actual capture settings, exposure, etc, etc, etc. And how changing the resolution works. Interested to see the comparison between the ASI120mm vs. the Celestron Skyris vs. the DMK21au618 vs. the DMK21au04... Tim.
  6. I typically run 40sec per channel on Jupe with the 9.25. With that big gun of yours I would suggest 30sec. That may be part of your blurring issue. Rotation is definitely noticeable between my first channel and my last when I go to merge them in PS. Nice capture none the less, Tim.
  7. Any who has given these two a fiddle....Just received my new ASI120mm, so I'm fiddling with all the installation beforehand so I don't get frustrated at first light. I assume these are both capture programs? Is one better than the other? Just interested in anyone's feedback at this point. Tim.
  8. Congrat's Pee-Paw! Tim.
  9. Great catch Greg. Seems you're getting more clear skies there, than I am over here across the pond. Enjoy "your day!" Tim.
  10. Just PS... Tim.
  11. The seeing was getting close for this day after opposition image. Cheers, Tim.
  12. Muchos Gracias fellers. Tim
  13. See if I remember how to post a .gif...
  14. Wew, that's a relief. I thought it was the Borg... Tim.