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    Well?..I purchased a Meade RB-60, 700mm refractor at a Wal-mart back in May 2007. I was hooked.
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  1. Composite Rosette nebula

    Both are simply gorgeous! This one is still on my bucket list along with the California Nebula. I just can't do deep sky and work too. Very nice, Tim.
  2. Mars 2022

    My last still images of Mars. A New Years Mars, captured 01/01/23, about 8:45pm (-6 UT). We're steadily pulling away, as I noticed my capture settings have slightly increased. I was lucky to have had this one window of opportunity. Weather. Currently 70F and rain. One week ago, -5F with a 20F degree wind chill and snow. Anyhoo... RGB 742nm bandwidth. Cheers, Tim.
  3. Mars 2022

    Still chipping away. Here is a couple from 12/28 or 28/12 depending on one's preference. Same set up, a little better seeing me thinks. RGB 685nm bandwidth. RGB 742nm bandwidth. Cheers, Tim.
  4. Mars 2022

    Well, last night was my first clear night since Nov. 23rd. So I damn sure took advantage of it. Mars from last nights session. I use a Celestron C9.25 SCT. Baader LRGB filters. 2.5x Telvue Powermate For this image I used the Celestron Skyris cam, (I have several different cams.) Aligned and stacked in ASi!2, sharpened in Registax V6, very minimal processing in PS CS2. I really feel I have done all I can do with this aperture. At least from my locale. I need a lottery upgrade sometime in my future. Tim.
  5. ISS pass

    I saw this image when you posted it of FB. I couldn't even see the trail. Thank goodness we still have this site to share our images. Great capture, Tim.
  6. Star reduced Horsehead and Belt Stars of Orion

    Extremely flat. Lacking depth. Lot of info there to experiment with. Just sayin... Tim.
  7. The whole of Delphinus

    2D vs. 3D Noel rocked this one! Great data! Tim
  8. Star reduced California nebula

    Well done. That one is still on my bucket list. Tim
  9. M33 - the Full Monty

    I think you got it... Tim
  10. Processing DSS images

    Quite awesome on that one! Tim
  11. StarXTerminator as a processing tool

    In this particular image, a definite improvement to enhance/bring more focus to the nebula. I am sure this is more 'automatic' in it's execution. Using a DSLR when I was doing deep sky imaging, I didn't have this problem However, I did create my own 'star reduction' tool in my very old PS CS3, which theoretically, could be altered to a degree, depending on how much 'reduction' one wanted. How to remove stars from an image using Photoshop CS3 (lockhartobservatory.com) Tim
  12. The 2012 transit of Venus

    Job well done on that animation Greg. Why is it that event doesn't seem so long ago? Tim
  13. Some Recent Solar Work

    Great shots Ray. Solar, (at a higher level than my solar filter) is also something I would like to get into. Another HUGE expense. Tim
  14. Last Jupes for this season

    And from 10/10. Had to stack using ole Registax to get the moons in there.