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  1. 4" refractor experiment

    Nice shots, Tony .... gotta LUV those SV102's, huh. Mine came with a dual speed Feathertouch focuser and wouldn't trade it for Gold. I also use a Vixen R200S, but with the clear dark skies here in NM, I've pretty much gone to the SV for ease of transport, focusing, no collimation, and tack sharp contrast images. Lon
  2. Venus Transit from Deming, NM

    Kewl Beans!!! Not bad at all I must say! Lon
  3. HDR Rosette

    Thanx, Trev, that seems to be an added benefit of HDR - more colors/better contrast/more detail. Lon
  4. Venus Transit from Deming, NM

    Thanx Tony - we had quite a few people holding cell phones up to the eyepiece .... Lon
  5. HDR Rosette

    Thank you so much Tony, much appreciated!! Lon
  6. Venus transit 2012 montage

    Very very nice, Greg. Not bad at all considering you had your eyes closed. Lon
  7. Hi all, Another amateur astronomer and I held a little viewing party at Rockhound State Park outside of Deming, NM. About 30 people showed up to enjoy the view. http://www.flickr.com/photos/astro_desert_rat/7161064879/in/photostream Cheers, Lon
  8. HDR Rosette

    Thanx Clayton, much appreciated. It doesn't look so bad on my laptop - smaller screen - not 1080p HD - and not calibrated LOL .... and looks pretty good on the 19" calibrated CRT hooked up to the laptop - sheesh - monitors can make such a difference! Lon
  9. Deneb region - mini-WASP camera 2

    Me thinks Me likes Alots! Lon
  10. HDR Rosette

    Thanx Kasey, much appreciated. As I look again at the images posted - I think they look kind of "crunchy" - I sized the original image to enable printing a 16.55 x 20 inch tif print @ 400 DPI (to fit on 17 x 22 paper)- I forgot to lower the DPI for the much smaller bmp shown here .... ...... Lon
  11. Ngc5128

    Nice shot, Trev, I havn't gotten up the "guts" to try this one yet LoL ..... Lon
  12. Annular Eclipse 5.20.2012 @ Sunset

    Thanx Tim and Shane - much appreciated (left the "doc" a binder full of 8.5 x 11 pics as samples to choose from - we'll see what happens next week) ... Lon
  13. HDR Rosette

    Hello all, Smoke from fires up north putting a serious crimp on my imaging lately, so decided to try and learn a little bit more of PhotoShop CS6. I found the HDR toning screen and started playing with settings using my combined (Ha and visual) image from a couple of years ago with the following result: A larger version can be viewed here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/astro_desert_rat/7328329608/sizes/l/in/photostream/ All C & C's welcomed and appreciated. Cheers, Lon
  14. Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom

    They don't stay long, but sure are beautiful for as long as they are here. I took 12 images with a wide angle lens from about 1.5 feet away (set up on a tripod). I started at an "outside focus" and manually adjusted focus inwards (in small increments). Photoshop CS5/6 has a "stacking routine" that works very well on this type of image - allowing for a focus of the main target in the frame. Normally one would have to make a choice of the stamin being a little out of focus, and/or the petals towards the bottom of the blossom ... now all are in focus. The deep background (sand) in of course out of focus due to the distance from the flower. I actually could have brought the sand into focus, but the flowers are the subject, and having the sand in focus would have detracted from them. Cheers, Lon
  15. M101 Noel Carboni process

    I just purchased a brand new HP computer with 23inch 1080p monitor, PhotoshopCS6, and Epson Pro3880 wide format (17x22) printer - what I see on the monitor needs to be what I see on the printer, so calibration a MUST. Monitor was pretty close out of the factory, but was a 'tad' off in contrast, and a smaller 'tad' leaning towards the Red according to a Pantone Spyder4. Long story short (I know ... too late) .... image looks great here with no 'tint' at all .......... Lon