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  1. So frustrating that , nice work though mate
  2. Nice first light Ray, was that without a barlow? Been awhile since I have done planetary except solar, but have used Autostakkert ...worth a try ......didn't know about PIPP thanks Tim
  3. Nice images Ray
  4. Nice work mate, imaged Jup myself few days back been quite a while to for me ;]
  5. Very nice Shane well done
  6. Lol just like my wife look forward to seeing this one....had some great ones recently eh: Interstellar and The Martian
  7. lol going to be a hard mission , but I will try
  8. Thanks Ray, Shane.........yes Ray you can save the image but I found I had to experiment with stack and exposure length to avoid alignment problems with the saved image. The live stacking seemed to have no worries and looked great. Think the image attached is 15x10 sec frames combined
  9. On March 10 a Type la supernova was discovered in NGC5643 in the constellation Lupus. Back then it was at magnitude 16 but has brightened to around mag 11 now , might be worth a look :]. I was hoping to have a decent crack at imaging the galaxy and supernova on Sunday night but suspect cloud and wind deterred me but managed to use a planetary cam in Sharpcaps live stack to check it. The live image was pretty impressive with the SN easily seen, attached a pic although the live view was a lot smoother.
  10. Great work Ray, quite a sight and nicely captured....impressed with that camera capturing surface detail and prominences at the same time {sony imx224 chip I think}. Thanks again for having us over it was a real treat to see your Ob and setup, very impressive....the wife's vegie patch is in danger now :}