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  1. Gomeisa

    Very nice Greg , sharp and colourful
  2. quick n dirty ngc 1365

    Great work Shane , with your RC8?
  3. New Laptop

    Best of luck with the new laptop Dave , hope it works out ok. Shame you cant utilise a scope trolly for your backyard, I have a JMI one that I use to roll out my setup from the backyard shed onto a concrete pad.
  4. QHY168c test images

    Thanks Ray....I was stoked in the last couple of weeks of stringing some nights together, couple of hot nights with the coolers struggling to get the temp down to -10. I finally brought a sub to Pixinsight, I really like it , besides the overblown module names a basic processing workflow is easy to follow . A LMC pic ..... https://www.astrobin.com/full/328325/0/
  5. QHY168c test images

    Thanks Shane and Greg
  6. QHY168c test images

    Hi couple of images of the Horsehead and Eta Carinae nebula using a QHY168c OSC cmos camera. Second night out with the camera with a clear night but full moon, but still happy with the end result. Shot through a little 70mm triplet refractor at F/4.8 using the dedicated flattner/reducer. Astrobin pages https://www.astrobin.com/full/328131/0/ https://www.astrobin.com/full/328130/0/
  7. The Pier Expansion

    Ray coming in late but here's a local option .....Pegasus piers https://www.facebook.com/pegasuspiers/ {in Queensland} talked to the owner {Phil} on options for myself and he seems like a great option at a decent cost
  8. IC348

    Greg that is awesome....if possible could you describe how you get the brighter stars to look the way they do with the actions. Beats me how it's done, the before image is basically how my stars look in your second image they look spectacular
  9. Jupiter 04-04-17

    So frustrating that , nice work though mate
  10. Nice first light Ray, was that without a barlow? Been awhile since I have done planetary except solar, but have used Autostakkert ...worth a try ......didn't know about PIPP thanks Tim
  11. Proms from April 2nd

    Nice images Ray
  12. All Fools Day Jupiter

    Nice work mate, imaged Jup myself few days back been quite a while to for me ;]
  13. Pencil Nebula

    Very nice Shane well done
  14. Lol just like my wife look forward to seeing this one....had some great ones recently eh: Interstellar and The Martian
  15. lol going to be a hard mission , but I will try